5 Passive Incomes To Make Money with Instagram

5 Passive Incomes To Make $2500/Month with Instagram
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Very good cool, hey everyone, John Crestani here and i am going to be showing you how to make 2500 in a single day or sorry in a month using instagram dms, and this is passive, recurring income and i’m going to show you this method, a to z, Right here on my computer, we’re going to go over it in just a second now, if you’re wondering this works in any country. Okay, this works. If you have no experience this works, and this doesn’t cost you anything to implement. This is a very easy way to create a business that creates recurring passive income, and it will only take you about 30 minutes to an hour a day to implement this training. If you actually go out and do this now, i know the statistics.

Only two percent of you actually implement um. What i go over so be one of those one or two percent. Now, of course, it’s gon na be about a lot of money, and i’m gon na show you exactly how you can get this now. What you’ll need to make this all happen is you will need instagram and instagram’s free? You will need paypal again.

You can sign up for paypal for free. This is so that people can pay you and you will need marketing tech again. This is software that my team has created and it’s free okay, so you can get a sign up, link i’ll, be showing you all of that when i go on my computer now, the agenda for today is that we’re going to go over i’m going to give You free software access right when i get down and sit at my computer, i’m going to show you the step-by-step method, as we go on my computer of how you can create these recurring passive income streams of 2500 per month, and also i’m going to be giving Away some amazon gift cards at the end um and taking some questions just to uh. I don’t know just to give some stuff away. So let’s go over to my computer and let me show you how everything go and if you are stoked, if you are ready, if you want to just get going type in, let’s go in the chat type in.

Let’S go and let’s get to this money right here, let’s go okay! Here we are hey everyone. We uh. This is my new, my new streaming setup and i’m gon na go right over to my computer and we’re going to give you access. Okay, so right here, as you see, this is my marketing software.

It’S called marketing tech and if you want to sign up for a free account, all you need to do is type in sign up below or i’m just gon na spam. Some links in my own chat so that you can sign up okay, so i spam some links in my own chat. The chat will be available if you’re, watching this on replay uh. The chat should be available over on the side of the screen or below the screen, depending on, if you’re, watching from a desktop or a mobile device. Now, marketing tech is let’s let’s go in here and let’s create an account so john test and we’ll just type in some random email testing at aol.

om and we’ll just click create account. So let me go in here and, as you see you, just click create account. I’M gon na i’m gon na be using the little my little on-screen pen to help you understand where to go so here we go, it will create your account as we see and we are. We are in okay, okay, here we are perfect. So, as you see um, we are adding to this over time um, but what we’ll need to do we’ll be using this software to market the small businesses?

Okay, so um, as you see on the screen here, we’re going to come back to this software in a second and where we’re going to go is we are going to go right over here to promote the small businesses when we sign up a client i’ll show You how to use this software at towards the end of this training, and it’s very simple to use. It’S very easy. I think you’ll love it okay. So next thing is: we have the step-by-step method and what i encourage you to do we’re going to go through this. We just did.

If you followed along, you did the first step, which is sign up for marketing tech. Next, we’re going to be going over how to choose your niche pimp, your profile prospect potential clients. Do outreach, set up your payment link, close the sale, get the money get the money, and then we are going to go. How do you how to set up your clients ads? Okay, so if you’re excited uh to see everything step by step, i’m gon na try to make things really quick, and so i have a lot of time for questions at the end.

Okay, so first within marketing tech, you want to figure out what your niche is. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to sign up right here and click get started now. Next, we have to create a small business, so we want to select you just click, this button very simple and we are going to select our type now. This is where you get to choose what sort of business you want to focus on. Okay, so pick something that you enjoy pick a type of business that you enjoy or because these are going to be your clients.

These are going to be people. You are collecting money from to perform a service for them that costs 10 of what they’re paying. Currently. Okay, so i’m just gon na pick, restaurants! Okay, if you see right here, i’m just gon na pick.

Restaurants and i’m gon na choose mexican restaurants, because i really like mexican food and mexican food is just my favorite food ever okay. So that’s going to be my niche and or maybe just all, restaurants, i’m just going to message all restaurants, but these are restaurants we can talk to. So this is very important because we can set up ads for all of these different sorts of restaurants, with just a few clicks of the button. Again, you don’t need any marketing, expertise or knowledge to do this, so this is how we’re starting our marketing agency, okay. So we selected restaurants now the next step we need to do to set up our money machine is.

We need to go to our instagram profile, because that’s how we’re going to be creating these streams of income? Okay, we’re going to be creating five streams of 500 per month income. Now here i am on instagram and i’m using it on my desktop and what we want to do is we want to select this. We want to click this little button up here. Okay, this is our profile and right now this is a new account.

I don’t have any people uh, i don’t have a photo. I don’t have any posts, i don’t have anything so we’re gon na go up there and as we see we have this, so i’m going to select a profile picture and i’m just going to select what i suggest you do. Is you just select your own face again you’re going to be talking to these people? You are starting your very own local marketing agency right now, okay and you’re, going to be the face of it, but you’re going to create a lot of money. Doing so just follow the steps, so we set up profile picture now.

The next step is we want to actually edit our profile. Okay, we want to make it so that when people arrive on our profile that they say whoa, this guy knows marketing. I want to work with him. Okay, that’s the effect we’re going for so we’re going to pimp our profile right here and we are in the edit profile area so for website. What i suggest you do is you can just use marketing tech.

You can use my my website as your website on instagram. We just website marketingtech bio um. Now this is where the resource file really comes in handy, because i have a lot of examples here for you of what you can write or what you can literally just copy paste in your profile to make you look like a well-developed marketing agency. Let’S just go here and again the chat i’m going to spam the chat with this resource link so that you don’t have to find it yourself. This is also in the description feel free to follow along okay.

I just spammed the chat. You can look there for the resource link, so you can follow along and if you’re following along, you will want to go to the instagram client getting method. Okay, this is my newest method, as you see for getting real money from people on the internet, instagram client getting method. Okay. Now here it says, pimp your profile and we have some examples.

What’S our headline um, we have okay, so we’re just gon na say: full service marketing, digital marketing agency specializing in a niche. So, let’s go here: full service marketing agencies specializing in restaurants in in the nejo valley, okay, so that’s the local area we’re going to be targeting. We could – or we could say – in agora, hills, west lake village, malibu again simple, simple, simple! Okay! Is this making sense?

So far, okay, we’re spicing everything up. Okay, let me fill out this information here, my personal information and we click submit okay. Now we can go back to our profile and we can see. We can see that now it looks a little bit better. Okay, accidentally types up, these are hot keys.

I use, but, as you see, it looks a lot more professional and we have a website and it looks a bit more professional but there’s still no post. So when somebody goes to our profile, they don’t see any posts and people are going to look at your profile after you message them they’re going to want to know who you are and how long you’ve been doing marketing or what you’ve been doing or how much You know about marketing, so what we’re going to do is we are going to put up some posts. Okay. Now, in my case, i can’t put up uh anything since i’m using a computer. I can’t put up anything other than videos, so i’m just gon na put up some random videos that i downloaded online local bit, uh they’re from local business.

Again, if you need sample uh posts, they are in the resource file. I’Ve already created them for you. We hear a lot about large here’s, a video that i just downloaded from the internet and i’m going to use the resource file to use a headline on this video. Let us help your business, get more customers, okay and then here’s a sample description, okay, and we have description you’re, doing all the hard work of running your business. Let us have you help you find more people about it.

We will post ads for you in your local area: 2, 5, 10 mile radius on google, facebook, youtube and instagram packages, starting at 250 per month. Now, if you’re wondering how to create the paypal link or the link to get the money, i’m going to show you how to do that in just a second okay. So we have this and we just click post, and this will be posted on our. This will be posted shortly, it’s just uploaded, so we could go through this. I could post a couple videos, and i could do this a number of times um.

You know and we just copy and paste the same description each time just because i’m lazy, post, okay and it’s uploading and we will just click post on another one that i had uh set up for you again. We are just creating posts here, okay and look at that. We have we’ve started pimping, our profile, so that it looks like we’re actually running a marketing agency, we’re actually marketers ourselves. Okay, um. Let me go to comments so far.

Comments. Great everything making sense typing makes sense in the chat if everything makes sense so far or if you’re completely lost. Let me know – and i will try to address it – i have the chat open. So i can see some of the stuff um great great makes sense makes sense thanks the sheaths thanks, wolf warrior, thanks, sip rodriguez. Thank you, everyone watching.

Okay, let’s move on so now we have the next step and we have to actually prospect potential clients so now, roughly 1 in 20 businesses um will want to talk to you about this, or at least sign up um. So we have to actually message people now. The great thing about the internet is that messaging is free and social media is the easiest way to talk to people anywhere in the world. You don’t have to be located physically, where they are. You could start your local marketing agency anywhere and focus in some area.

In germany or in america, or wherever so prospect, the local clients, we want to find local restaurants because we’re going to focus on restaurants. So i just opened this up here and i looked at yellow pages and i’m looking at restaurants. As you see, i’m here on yellow pages and i’m looking for i’m going to specialize in restaurants in agora, hills, california, okay, so this is just to bring up some restaurants and we just click restaurants, and we have a bunch of restaurants that we can message here. So, let’s start so i’m just going to go in here and we’re going to type in we’re going to go to google we’re going to type in the restaurant name plus instagram, okay, and we’re going to go back here and we’re just going to keep doing this Until we get a number of different restaurants up here, willie’s barbecue and ice house great – and then we keep doing this until we get you know we could do this for ages um, but i’m only going to do a couple just to show you how this works. Okay old place, restaurant and then we just keep going again.

This doesn’t take too long, and all of these are potential clients for five hundred dollars per month. Okay, now, where were we? Okay boom got ta, go kid. We got and we have the latigo kid. Okay, cool perfect, so we’ve got a number of businesses.

Uh instagram set up. As you see, there’s you know we have. We have a couple different local businesses that have instagrams. Okay, look at all these local businesses that have instagrams every single one we popped up has an instagram which is fantastic. This gives us a direct route to message every one of these now.

The way i would go about this is, i would actually add, put up like 50 on my computer and i just slam through it, but i’ll show you how to do this. So so we have our different restaurants and we’re just going to follow. Follow, follow, follow. Follow, okay, so we’re just following all these restaurants and then we’re gon na start doing outreach. So now we are on step five, i’m already 20 minutes in so i’m taking a little while here i’m going to try to go faster on these next videos, but i’m just going to say, love your stuff, we’re going to up our packages to 500 bucks a Month so we only have to get five clients, okay and i’m gon na message.

Each one of these message love you, okay, so we just copied and pasted if you’re looking, i just copied and pasted the sample from the outreach. Now, in our case, i’m going to delete location notice that this is a placeholder okay. This is a placeholder right here, where i put in location, so we’re actually going to type in the location in the conejo valley. Okay, we’re gon na localize this on instagram youtube. Facebook, google and then i’m just going to copy and paste this message and i’m going to boom we’re in we’re in folks we’re in let’s keep doing messages.

Okay, boom we’re gon na message and we’re gon na send boom we’re gon na message, oopsies and we’re gon na send okay, and we just keep doing this over and over and over. Again, you see all these different businesses, i’m just messaging and sending messaging and sending messaging and sending okay. So we have a bunch of messages and cents right there, not too hard right. Okay, this is your funnel now. The great thing about this uh and about this sort of funnel, which is a dm funnel, is that it’s free okay, if you’re looking to start a business, it’s very i mean you’re, probably looking to not spend any money here right.

You probably click this like if i was like, and by the way you have to sign up for like 10 million dollar program. No, this is completely free method, again hit the like button, if you like – 100 free methods and type in money. If i am bringing you the money here, because this is my goal, my goal is to make all of you guys making money. Okay, but you have to follow these steps and there’s a lot of information here, there’s much more hours of work that went into figuring this out. This is the distilled version.

So it’s about you taking action. Okay, all of these business ideas and stuff work, but you have to take action to actually make it work you have to put in the legwork. So let’s go on to the next step and then i’ll start going over questions and doing the amazon gift card giveaway. Okay, so we did outreach, preferably you should be sending a lot of messages. Okay, send a lot of messages, because you want the more you cast your net.

The more people will come back and be responding to you for you to actually close clients. So again, this is the work. This is where you’ll be spending 30 minutes to an hour of your day for the next five for the next two weeks: okay, messaging people and doing out you know messaging people and following up messaging people and following them. This is the big part of the legwork okay and then you have less and less work to do as it gets further along now, let’s set up now, the next step is you’re going to have to close the sale. So, actually, let me let me change these steps around there we go so when someone responds you want to set up a call with them on zoom or uh, on whatever messaging platform that it is.

You use okay and just explain to them what you’re going to do is you’re going to show them the ads. You will set up for them and you will explain to them that they can cancel any time and you can literally just show them the ads. You’Ll set up for them, so we’ll show i’ll show you how to set up those ads in just a second here. Okay, but that’s all you need to do is show them the ads that you will set up for them. Now, let’s set up your payment link when somebody accepts to be a client you’ll need a way to collect money from them.

You’Ll need a way to get that so we’re going to use paypal to do this so to set up your paypal link, you want to go to your paypal, account, okay, and let me bring that up right here: okay, bringing it up, and here we go. Okay. Okay, so here we are in paypal and where we want to go, is you actually we want to follow along these steps step by step here, once login go to pay and get paid under the accept payments area? Okay, so let’s do that pay and get paid? Okay and then we want to go to subscriptions right here.

You see this subscriptions now, once you’ll need to sign up for a paypal business account, i believe, but that is again it’s free. So here we are in paypal, and this is how we get paid a recurring income, so we’ll want to create a plan right right here: okay, create a plan, social media marketing. Again, i’m just following the steps in the sheet product type service industry, category advertising and we don’t need to enter in anything else. Then we just click. Next, okay created a plan.

Now we have social media marketing. We click next, okay. So now what we want to do is we want to offer just a fixed pricing, um fixed pricing plan. It gives us all these options. Let me know if it’s helpful for me walking through things in this amount of detail, just type in helpful or type in too long um.

If it is too long, so we have social media marketing, we’re going to do we’re just going to copy and paste this into. Here. Click next charge a one-time setup fee. If you want to charge a setup fee, you can. I don’t and we’re just going to say: 500 a month: okay, every month we want 500 a month every month and you can calculate tax if you want, i don’t and turn on auto billing.

Now this is the most important, because if we want recurring income, we want auto billing. This means that our customers will be charged the clients you are doing marketing for, or should i say, my software is doing marketing, for you want them to be their payments. To be automatic every single month, so you don’t have to ask people where their money is. Okay, just you want that passive income, it’s recurring, okay! I think we all get that and then we just click next.

Okay, now we have our plan and we click. We go down here to turn plan on turn plan on okay. Then we go to this and we click do this later. Okay, we don’t need any website code and we should have our link here. So to get your link, you then need there’s one more step.

You need to go down right here to these three circles, it’s kind of hard to find. Okay, these three circles – and you have copy link right here. Okay, see right, there we copy link and then we just click copy link. Okay or you could highlight, and click copy now, this link, if we open a uh incognito browser. Let me uh, let me see if i can open a incognito browser file new private window, so we’ll see this link if we paste it in goes to a page where you know we can check out his guest continue as a guest.

Where folks can pay us recurring monthly income? Okay, we have a link to actually get that recurring monthly money right here. You see that 500 a month will be charged automatically to folks until they want to cancel okay. So that is how you get the payment. That is how you start your local marketing agency.

Now, let me show you how to do the work and how how to actually service the clients and how to actually get find the get post the ads? Okay, if this seems easy so far, type in easy. If you have questions, i’m going to be going over questions in just a second here, so hang tight. Okay, so whatever link make sure i have this saved, i just save it in a little notepad. Now we have a client and we want to use marketing tech to set them up.

So we are going to go right here when you’re logged into marketing tech create a new business, and let’s say that we had the latigo kid sign up: okay, the latigo kid and look i mean you can even contact these people personally. Look how easy this is. They they put all their contact information right there, so you don’t even need to dm them. You could just call them if you wanted to okay. Let’S do this!

Okay, actually we we can go back to marketing tech and we say business type. Restaurant select, subtype mexican business name latigo kid and we can just search and we see okay, so the restaurants already show up, as you see, there’s already restaurants in here um and they show up so we will select this one. This is the one we’re looking for. Okay, as you see it, pre-populates all the information, we don’t need to do anything and you could choose to add a logo or some other image, but let’s just skip that for now and click create. Then we go down here and we click promote or manage okay.

This is how we’re going to be setting up ads for this site, so we’re going to click promote. You confirm all the information here then we’re going to click, promote latigo kid, okay, and for this we can. We can create ads for them on facebook uh or we could create ads for them on google, either way, it’s very easy. So we just select this now the website, the latico kid, the restaurants that you advertise don’t even need their own restaurant. In fact, you will be creating their own website for them if you’d like um – and in this case the latigo kit does not look like it – has a a actual webpage.

So we’re going to create a landing page for them. Okay and we’re just going to say: okay, i’m just going to create a random page check, processing, use this domain and processing, and this will set up a domain for us right away. So, even if the restaurant doesn’t have a website, we can set it up for them best. Mexican restaurant select who’s this what’s going on here, oh the domain records are being transferred. That’S why okay, so we’re just going to use a random domain then allow to go kid we’re going to use their yelp page since i just want to do this live okay!

Here we go use this url. We have to connect a google account connect a google account, i’m going to get off my screen. While i connect my google account. Okay, now then we’ll select the radius that we want the business to be advertised. In now, most businesses can be advertised in a five mile radius.

That’S where they’ll get most of their customers and if we want to actually look at how many people are within a five mile radius um. I can show that i mean i can show that to you in a second, but it’s you can estimate it, but generally speaking in a city there’s usually about sixty thousand people within a five mile radius. So, if you’re, targeting that with a five hundred dollar budget, everyone will see the ad five hundred dollars a month will allow everyone in a five mile radius to see the advertisement for a local business, which is a great selling point. So we’re, if we’re getting 500 from the customer, we only want to spend half that per day or half of that per month, so take 500 divided by 30, divided by two, which is eight dollars and 33 cents. So we would set our daily budget eight dollars and 33 cents and we’d select my ad account.

Okay and then we click create google ad great. Our ads are already posted and made for this restaurant and we can actually look at our ads if we wanted to um and let’s just look at them right now, to see what we posted on google. So i’m bringing up my google ads account and i just want to show you how easy this is. This works for facebook. This works for google and soon enough.

This will work for instagram and youtube too, which are huge selling points for anybody. Looking to uh. Looking to actually do marketing for their business, so here we are in google and we can look at our campaigns and we can see right here. We have posted an ad for the latigo kid right here: okay and as you see it’s eight dollars and 33 cents per day, again zero marketing knowledge, and we can actually check to see our ads in action. Okay.

Now here we are, and we see the targeting is set up as well as the ads are set up the best mexican restaurant in your area. We have our ads targeting landing pages. Everything has been set up for for the business with five minutes of work, with five clicks of a button, we have done what marketing experts charge a thousand plus dollars for, in addition to more monthly fees. In your case, you are taking what marketing consultants charge a thousand or more dollars to set up, and you are doing that in less than five minutes with zero marketing knowledge with free software, that you don’t have to pay anything for. It’S unbelievable!

It’S insane! And this software and we’re continuing to improve it again. We have youtube, as we have facebook and google functionality we’re adding instagram and youtube. This will allow anybody to start their own local marketing business and help out local businesses at a fraction of the price that it actually takes to hire a real marketing consultant to set up ads. Okay, local businesses on average spend one to two thousand dollars per month on marketing, whether it’s coupons for discounts or sign, spinners or ads, or outdoor marketing, like billboards, etc, meetings, whatever they spend one to two thousand dollars per month and most local businesses are not advertising On google, facebook instagram and youtube, why?

Because it’s too expensive to hire a marketing consultant, we’ve gotten rid of all of that, and what this software allows you to do. Is it takes it’s going to take a lot of people’s jobs and just cut them out, and it’s going to give the opportunity to you? That’S what we’ve been working on for the last months and it’s accelerating to become. We now have a full-featured product that is able to be used for you to start your own business and we don’t even take any money from okay, it’s completely free. Now, after you set up your first business it we are, we will charge money.

Ninety seven dollars a month for the software, but at that price you can sign up as many businesses as you want and frankly, if you’re earning an additional five hundred dollars per client, then you are you’ll, be making your money back within one client. I think that’s fair and i think that also aligns our incentives so that the only way i make money from this is when you make money as well, but again we’ll see how you guys use it. You have to go out and start this yourselves um, i’m going to take some questions now, i’m also going to uh. Do my amazon gift card giveaway? If i can, i will find them.

I will find them somewhere um, but let’s i’m going to take some questions. Real, quick, okay, okay, so questions, questions, questions, latigo kid got a free promotion, sign up. Here’S, the okay questions, questions, questions, um and the way to make five to twenty five hundred. Is you sign up five clients at that amount? Okay, again, you do this.

For two weeks, you get a couple hundred messages and that’s five clients at this amount. Okay, and we look at this – and we say 20, if you’re sending out 25 messages a day, and you do this for two weeks – that’s 250 messages. Okay, that’s about 12 conversations, and that should be about five clients, four or five clients. That would give you the twenty five hundred dollars a month: passive income, recurring income that you are looking for, questions! Okay, i live in the u in the caribbean.

Can how can i get local uh, u.s clients um? You can get caribbean clients. I i don’t see why you need to get us clients you you just message: people in the us again, you just you just type in the city. You would just type in mexican restaurants in los angeles or italian restaurants, in vancouver it doesn’t matter what area you’re in.

I don’t understand how that’s even relevant. Okay, you can communicate with anybody in the world through the amendment um. What is the average amount of messages per day to obtain a solid amount of clients? 25 a day is a very good number. Okay, 25 per day is um, it’s easy.

It’S doable. It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes of your day and i’m assuming most of you your day, is already filled in by everything else. You do. You know maybe spend an hour a day on instagram an hour on facebook, an hour watching tv, a couple hours with the wife and kids. You know eight hours at work, whatever you’re doing you, you don’t want to mess that up.

For me, you know for some random guy in the internet. I i understand 30 minutes a day is a good place to start 25 messages consistently will start getting you some some people inbounding and you getting you into some conversations. It just eases you in to this business model um, but again you need to do it consistently and start having conversations and just like any business find out if, if that fits your flow, okay, um, okay, so you don’t necessarily need businesses to be in your local Area, no, you can message people anywhere. Why would you need people businesses to be in your local area, you that that has nothing to do with this? Okay, you don’t need them in your local area, but the point is that local business that that brick and mortar businesses they want somebody who’s focused on an area again.

That is a marketing tactic. If you say i help all you know, restaurant or all businesses everywhere. It doesn’t really differentiate differentiate you from the rest of like marketers, okay, i’m what the reason you’re niched down is because that’s what resonates with people if i’m a restaurant owner in the conejo valley – and i get a message from somebody who says i work with restaurant Owners in the canal valley, you’re more likely as a business owner to give them time a day. Right makes sense. Okay, is this video available to watch over and over?

Yes, you can watch a replay of this video. We are live right now, though, aubry um, i just found this online uh. Yes, you can watch the recording. Can i target customers outside my country? Yes, you can 100 target customers outside your country again.

The reason we made this software is because local businesses all over the world are completely underserved by online marketing right now, it’s too expensive to actually start marketing local businesses. It’S it’s just a huge! It’S it’s! It’S like it’s like an iceberg. If we want to think about it that way that the business is being marketed or just the tip of the iceberg right now on the internet, the the internet has not.

I mean people ask where there’s opportunity on the internet. There are so many businesses still not leveraging the internet, it’s insane, it’s insane. Let me go over to my uh: i’m not going to go over mine, but it’s insane so we want to get and the reason why. I looked into the reason why this is happening and it’s because it’s so expensive to hire a marketing consultant. It’S so hard to learn: google adwords or facebook ads or instagram ads or youtube ads um.

It takes a long time and many people are nervous about it. That’S why we created software that just did the hard work for folks. The other reason is, you know: i’ve been running super affiliate system for years, and i’ve seen that people i’ve seen the competition um for certain affiliate niches, ramp up and also i’ve seen that the hardest part of what people want that what people have to do is Actually, set up the ads, okay, actually setting up facebook ads or google ads or youtube ads or instagram ads is the hardest thing. Yet it’s the most important activity you could do as a marketer, so we wanted to take that element out of things and focus on local businesses. So we get you easy wins and i take the hard work out.

Okay, nightbot is automated. Yes, john. What about the affiliate part of marketing tech, the affiliate part of marketing tech? I go over in other videos, uh! We don’t allow posting of ads with the affiliate part, because it’s it’s too risky um for people’s accounts, doing that on a nationwide basis.

If i just opened up marketing tech for everyone um, and we wanted to go with free pricing again, i really i’m really focused on you know. Part of this is part of this. Is you know my long term, which is i’m looking to sell the business for 200 million or more in a number of years, and the best way to do that is to build software? That is very popular and we need free pricing to do that. I want to give you guys the benefit.

I really want you guys to get value from it. Um, because we’re not producing value, then it doesn’t it. It’S not really good software right and the second reason is uh. Is you know i i care about my reputation and i want i want to uh. I want to be known as not somebody who helps others make money um and not just as somebody.

You know which i do, but you know if selling training programs too, you know it’s it’s just it’s annoying for my reputation and again that filters into selling for two 200 million dollars right, um uh the affiliate marketing software. It spreads my it doesn’t. It doesn’t post any ads, it gives you free landing pages. Do you need to set up a contract with restaurants? No gabriella, you don’t need to set up any contract with the restaurants.

All you need to do is send them the paypal link and just let them know they can cancel anytime um. I ran a marketing business uh, working with local businesses and nationwide businesses charging anywhere from five hundred dollars a month to five thousand dollars a month. Um for years – and i didn’t have contracts, okay, you know i, i people don’t care as long as you have good communication. Okay, that’s the most important thing, good communication, a way to contact you. Sometimes the small businesses don’t like contracts, yeah sip yeah it that that definitely goes in a lot of ad agencies.

A lot of contracts are not in the small businesses favor. If you’re, not a lawyer, i mean you can get screwed over by contracts right, small businesses, a lot of ad agencies. They usually require like minimum engagements they’ll say you have to be with us for six months or and if you try to cancel, you still have to pay us. Okay, so small businesses don’t really like contracts um most businesses. Don’T again, businesses won’t be averse to trying you out and seeing how much uh how effective the ads are, after after a month right and then they’ll just cancel.

If they don’t see any movement, they’ll just cancel um. How do we get the landing pages off marketing tech? You just sign up. You sign up. Okay, just sign up for marketing tech, hi, miriam um, okay, so we tell companies that will market their company for for 500 per month.

For thousands and your program does this automated? Yes, aubry! That’S exactly what what this does. Basically, you can become a marketing consultant now without understand just and the way using our software to post the ads. You don’t need to be an adwords or a facebook ads expert um.

What you need to know, as a marketing consultant is you need. All you really need to know is the under the power of the internet and the power of the internet to reach customers, and if you can convey how important the internet is uh to the local businesses, and they already know this – they already know this. They already know they should be advertising on instagram youtube, facebook, etc. So it’s not a hard sell. What is good, what ma, and what makes it easier is that these local businesses they’ll be expecting you to drop a price of thousands of dollars on them to work with you.

Okay, so that’s why, when you get to the pricing the pricing of how much it’ll cost the local business is great, because we’re talking a five dollar cpm for most advertising. So if let’s say you sign up a client, let’s say you sign up a client at 250 bucks uh! Well, let’s just say: 500 bucks a month and you’re gon na take half of that for yourself, okay, half of that money! For yourself, these ads will reach 50 000 people. Okay, 50 000.

People is how many folks these ads will reach and if you’re, looking at your local, your general local um area, let’s just say your general area, a five mile radius, there’s only so many people. Okay, there’s only so many people – 50 000 people is a lot of there’s a lot of people if you’re looking at a general area. So this gives you a lot of a lot of room to uh market and make effective marketing. Let’S see more questions and then i’m gon na go do the giveaway is. I might have to run to my truck to get the amazon gift cards.

Who here is willing to wait for me to run down to my truck to get the amazon gift cards type in? I am if you are and i’ll see how many people are um, i’m going to continue going over some questions, i’ll wait for sure. Okay, giveaway time: okay, lucas lucas, pachelec, um, yeah and lucas, you can 100, so lucas. I’D actually like to talk with you. Uh.

You saw the software i’d actually like to talk to you, i’m going to be setting up meetings with a lot of uh local folks, i’ll reach out to you on linkedin, but um. I think the paper lead model is great again. The paper lead mom. The reason i’m teaching the uh, the the retainer model here is simply because uh it’s it’s the easiest way for folks to charge right. I do the pay-per-lead model in my business um, you know we.

I do a lot of. I get a lot of customers every month and i sell the leads to different companies um and that that is actually a three to four hundred thousand dollar per month. Business for me lucas, just just throwing throwing throwing it out there. So i i love the paper. Lead model – and i use leads pedia um.

One thing i think you’ll particularly like about our software – is we auto generate videos, we that will be advertised on instagram youtube and facebook uh and we auto generate. We have images, you’ll see the videos, the videos are going to be released soon, but we ought to generate all these things, so you have video assets and all this stuff, you could certainly run all of the ads through your own ad account um, not i’d. Even put the spend uh if, if you’re willing to test things out i’ll show you, let me run to my car and get my amazon cards i’ll, be back in one second: okay, ugh. Okay, so i found a couple gift cards uh they aren’t. I couldn’t find the huge stash again, i’m very disorganized, i misplaced them, but here we go first, one is for 25 and i’m just gon na open it and remember.

If you want to actually get the card, you need to go to amazon.com backslash redeem. Okay, so and whoever’s the quickest – i mean this really favors. Whoever is the quickest of typing in the actual code itself. So the way it’s going to work is i’m going to open up the card and you will have to actually type in the code on amazon to get the to get the money.

As you see, the code is not peel, it’s not scratched off yet so i’m going to take coin and i’m going to scratch it off. Okay and whoever gets it type in. I got it. There’S one! Here’S the second one: okay, let’s go!

Let’S go type in. Let’S go type in money: let’s make this happen. Okay, some free money on this stream i’ll be having lots more money in future streams. I’Ve just been uh haven’t gone out on my shopping trips for all the cards. Yet money money, money, money, money!

Let’S see this! Okay, here’s the second card and last card money, money money. Let’S make this happen there you go folks, awesome, awesome stream, um, okay, i’m gon na go over some last questions. Let me know if you got the got the cards. Is there any liability, i’m putting myself at risk for janet orozco um?

No, there’s no way you can that there’s there’s nothing! No, there’s nothing! You’Re you’re doing online advertising you’re, not putting yourself at risk for anything, um, you’re, doing advertising for a business, so uh for a local business. It’S not even your business um, the only uh for messaging. One thing you could put yourself at uh risk for is, if you send out: let’s say you start sending out: maybe a hundred or more messages an hour.

Make Money with Instagram

Okay, your instagram account uh. You know you may get limited on how many messages you can send out um. So if you’re just firing off just yeah like a hundred messages, an hour 50 messages an hour or more um, you can have your instagram account. Uh, just limited and they’ll limit you from sending out more messages for maybe a period of an hour or 24 hours, or something like that. Now, what to do if this happens, is just wait and just note how many messages you sent out and just try to send less messages per hour than you had been sending out.

Another way around, that is to actually use multiple different outreach methods uh. So a good practice would be to rotate sending out some messages on instagram, sending out some messages on facebook and some other methods that i’ll be going over uh in time on this channel. Okay, so i’ll be showing you outreach methods and ways uh to start your business and find clients through facebook, linkedin youtube i’ll, be showing a lot of different methods here over the coming weeks. So that would be the ultimate just kind of vary it up a little bit if you’re doing this full time again, if you’re only do spending 30 minutes to an hour on this method, you don’t really need to uh. You shouldn’t need to have to vary up.

You know how many messages you send out again: i’m assuming most people are just going to be spending 30 minutes to an hour, um yeah. Nothing else is really uh. Your ad account is com 100, completely safe. With this met, and even if your instagram account gets limited on the amount of messages you can send out for 24 hours, there’s nothing that happens right. There’S, there’s nothing that happens um.

You know your ad account now with affiliate marketing. Sometimes you can have you know many affiliates get their ad accounts banned right because you’re pushing the limit and you’re you’re doing aggressive marketing nationwide local marketing. You have no risk to your ad accounts um. In fact, google. Google and facebook are so easy to work with when you are working within a targeted area that it’s almost a joke.

Okay, so you have no risk to your ad accounts here, which makes this a lot more of a consistent method to get money. The other nice thing here is that you are collecting the money yourself you’re, getting it through paypal you’re, you are getting it directly from the client. You are communicating with them, so these recurring income streams they’re based off of actual relationships that you have, whereas the risk with kind of dealing with you know, other methods or other income methods is you’re kind of reliant on a particular drop shipper or a particular affiliate Network for that offer: okay, um, okay, i uh lucas i’ll just reach out lucas. I got you i’ll, i’m gon na i’m just gon na reach out on linkedin um uh. How do i sign up for this business?

Uh skip you just type in. I think you can just type in sign up or sign up. Okay, you, you can go to mark yeah, so nightbot. The automated chat thing will give you a link to register for our software uh. What?

If somebody asked for a refund, if somebody asked for a refund, then um you could give them. You could give them a re. If it’s on advertising, you don’t give them a refund. You you don’t give refunds on advertising. Advertising is a fixed cost.

That’S like somebody saying hey: can i get a refund on a car, but i keep the car like. You can’t do that right, cars cost money um. You can’t get the money back from google or facebook just like. If you ask for a refund on a car – or you know something that you use it’s like going to a restaurant and eating the food and then asking for a refund, it doesn’t really. You can’t really do that.

You can’t eat all the food and ask for a refund um. Are there playstation gift cards? No, i people preferred amazon for some reason, um. What if somebody okay makes sense? I guess they shouldn’t expect that yeah.

If you’re doing advertising for folks yeah um is your product still on digistore, no, my product is on digi store, janet orozco, no janet! You are so scared. Okay, you don’t need an llc and i you know llcs are good to help you minimize taxes. Okay, i run my businesses through llcs um because they help me minimize taxes a lot. I do a lot of things for taxes, but if i mean i i it doesn’t sound, it sounds like you’re trying to create obstacles to keep yourself you’re, trying to create extra steps to keep you from collecting money.

Okay, and what successful people do is they get? The money, okay and then they figure out all the other things. Oh, like an llc, would be nice to minimize tax and all this other stuff right, they figure out ways to keep it. You are creating extra steps to get the money. Okay, to start your own business, you need to take action.

You just and if you saw me on the stream and for everyone watching still, this goes into a little bit about mindset stuff. I am just i’m just crap, you know i’m just slamming stuff out there. I’M just copying and pasting descriptions, i’m having no sense of what i’m writing in my pro, i’m just just throwing stuff out there putting up random videos on my instagram again, it’s not about all of the details. Okay, it’s not about all the details. It’S about getting the money, okay, it’s about getting the money and just taking action and figuring out what is the fastest way for me to connect with somebody who’s gon na give me money.

Passive Incomes

Okay, that’s how your mindset has to work. Okay, don’t make the path longer to get money, go straight for the money find the fastest way to get the money, get the money and then set up an llc once you’re making a bunch then say: oh, how can i keep more of this right? Get rid of some of my tax liabilities. You got to focus on making the connection first talking about your value, getting the money um, and why is a clickbank id needed for marketing tech for marketing tech? You can do a you, can get affiliate landing pages with it too, which is what i’ll be showing in future videos i’ll be showing how you can use marketing tech to actually do affiliate marketing in future videos.

Now we don’t allow you to post ads, but we allow you to get landing pages, there’s a lot of stuff in marketing tech, and i encourage you all to kind of check it out. It’S it’s a very simple software, but it goes deep. The functionality goes deep. Um janet you’re asking great questions, though sorry i didn’t mean to pick on you um, okay, just one ps gift card: okay, i’ll! Do that?

Okay, folks, it was great talking to you all hope you had an awesome time. I have another stream uh i’ll be putting up either next, maybe later this week or next week, i’m going to set it up for you all uh. I hope you go out there and make some money with this very exciting stuff. Talk to you soon enjoy marketing tech. It is now free – and i will be talking about it – a lot in my future videos and showing you how you can use it to make a lot of money.

Hats off to you guys: let’s create the future and uh for all of you start making money. Let’S you know you make money and i want to get into space so help me get in the space too. All right see you guys bye. You

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