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Learn 7 Fiverr Gigs That Require No Skill. These are THE BEST Fiverr Gigs To Make Money!
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0:00 – What You Will Learn
0:36 – What Is Fiverr?
1:07 – How Much You Can Earn
2:00 – Fiverr Gig #1
2:39 – Fiverr Gig #2
3:41 – Fiverr Gig #3
5:03 – Fiverr Gig #4
6:09 – Fiverr Gig #5
6:42 – Fiverr Gig #6
8:26 – Fiverr Gig #7
8:53 – How To Make $3,000 WITHOUT Investing a Dime
10:15 – Additional Income Opportunity (Earn Up To $400/month Per Client)
10:56 – Final Thoughts

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SEO Reports Option 1: https://seoanalyzer.me/
SEO Reports Option 2: https://neilpatel.com/seo-analyzer
Removing Backgrounds on Photos: https://www.remove.bg/
T-shirt Design: https://placeit.net/

Hey John Crestani here and in this video i’m going to show you seven different, fiber gigs that you can do very simply to earn money from on the internet. None of these require any skills, any technical expertise or any marketing expertise to earn money. You get payments directly to your paypal. Account just follow the simple steps that i’m about to show you in this video to earn money from these fiverr gigs. Let’S go [ Music ] now, for those of you who don’t know, fiverr is a marketplace where marketers.

Like me and other business owners that run online, businesses go to to purchase, cost effective services from individuals all over the world again. This is something anybody around the world can participate in and sell services to earn money from. Let’S get that money gun going folks: okay, there you go so let’s go over the seven different fiverr gigs that you can post on fiverr.com to earn money from fiverr. Now note that i specifically selected these seven different services that you can post on fiverr to earn money from, because none of them require you to have any skills or experience or expertise in anything.

So if you have no skills or experience doing anything online, you can earn money from this. You can earn as much as 500 per week if you post these things on fiverr and you’ll get clients, so just post these gigs folks, if you want to make money and for those of you who are dedicated and motivated to make this happen type in hoorah. In the comments below, if you’re going to actually apply these steps and take action, the biggest problem that i really see with people not making money on the internet is honestly just folks watch these videos and they don’t actually do anything now. The first fiverr gig that you want to post to earn money from is offering people to test their websites or software services. Now, for folks, like me, with websites tons of websites, i have a software pretty robust software.

I need testers all the time. I need people to go through my websites and see if there are any errors see if there are any problems, see if there are any bugs and he needs lots of people to test my websites and lots of people to test my software to make sure that It shows up right on all different sorts of devices and also that it just you know to figure out things that i may do wrong, that don’t make sense. The second easy service that you can offer with zero skills, zero experience, zero anything is removing backgrounds for folks there are so many people out there, businesses and just regular people alike, who want a background removed from a photo now, fortunately, for you, you don’t need to Be a video editor or photo editor or any of that stuff to be able to remove backgrounds from people’s photos. All you need to do is sign up for a free subscription to canva.com.

Canva is a free image, editor that has all sorts of crazy functionalities that allow you to do things that would honestly blow your mind and make many folks think you are a professional photo editor. All you need to do is go to google and search how to remove backgrounds using canva and literally it will be two clicks for you to remove a background from any photo and you will be able to sell that service to folks on fiverr and earn real Hard cash. The third service you can offer folks on canva, is to create custom album covers or custom artwork for them.

How am i going to create artwork? If i’m not an artist man, you don’t need to be an artist to create artwork. We actually have artificial intelligence that creates artwork for us nowadays. Now, i’m going to leave a link in the description to a website called this artwork does not exist and what it is is it’s an artificial intelligence program created by i don’t know aliens, maybe that creates artwork, unique artwork. Every time you refresh the page, it’s honestly kind of insane the level that artificial intelligence is getting to, but just by knowing where to get something done, can earn you money just by watching this video and knowing how to connect the dots between people who want artwork Done and artificial intelligence programs that will create artwork for them, you can earn money, and i think that is a reason to spank that, like button a few times and subscribe to this channel, and if this is getting you stoked type in hoorah in the comments below.

Let’S move on to number four, which is seo reports now seo stands for search engine, optimization and folks like me, who make a living off of having our websites found need to have our website show up in the search engines such as google and bing so search Engine optimization is very important to folks like me, and we’re willing to pay money for these seo reports. Now, fortunately, for you, you can create these reports for free. There are websites and i will leave the links in the description that will create all manner of seo. Reports for you for free without any payment information without any experience or skills, and you can sell these reports to other people for real money. Just because the report was free doesn’t mean you don’t have to charge for it again.

The internet is a big place and being able to connect point a to point b is worth a lot of money and is very valuable to many folks in today’s day and age. The fifth way to make money using fiverr is offering folks to design t-shirts for themselves or for their company. Now you can do this for free using a site called place it place. It has all manner of templates that you can use to just drag and drop images onto the place it website and it creates these beautiful designs, and you can then sell those designs heck. You could even print up the t-shirts for folks and charge them even more money.

Now fiverr gig number, six that you can do to make a lot of money is offering to create video ads for local businesses on fiverr. Now the typical local business will pay around 500 to 1500 out here in the us to have a video produced for them and they will pay another 500 to 1500 to have the video edited for them. That means local businesses such as restaurants and nail salons basic businesses. You walk and drive by on the street, are willing to spend from one to three thousand dollars for the creation of a video ad. They can use for marketing and you can create it for them.

For free and sell it to them, for whatever you want now once again, these businesses are spending thousands of dollars to have video ads created for them, and you can do it for free by using my software called marketing tech marketing tech is completely free to sign Up for and what it is, is it’s software that allows folks to advertise local businesses, i’m talking your brick and mortar businesses, plumbers, hvac, repair pool repair, tree trimmers, indian restaurants, mexican restaurants, pet sitters, babysitters and all sorts of other local businesses. We have over a hundred categories now and we create the video ads for free once again folks this. It costs us money, but we have a lot of money invested in our company. Mostly by me, i’ve been funding the development of this entire software so that you can use it for free. Now.

The seventh idea for making money using fiverr offering your services using fiverr, is setting up local advertising on youtube, facebook, instagram and or google for local businesses. Now my software marketing tech allows you to advertise over a hundred different business categories. Again, i mentioned a number of them, but we have mexican restaurants, indian restaurants, american restaurants, nail salons tree trimmers, pool repair, all these different categories that you can set up advertising for without spending a dime of your own money to access our software. Most local businesses will pay 3 000 for just a video ad alone and to have their ad set up on google or youtube or facebook or instagram. Local businesses typically spend an average of 500 to 1 000 on each of those social platforms to have their ads set up.

That’s not even the cost of advertising. Again, you can offer to set up their advertising for zero dollars using my software, which is completely free to you, and if you want to check out my software marketing tech, there’s a link down in the description where you can sign up for free. I really hope that you’re able to use it to start a business marketing real world businesses that we walk by and drive by every day and i’d be really excited to see all of your success as you create your own little marketing business without any skills or Experience it would be fantastic now. There is an additional income opportunity that you can make with my software. If you actually do the advertising for these local businesses through my software, you can earn additional money, you can earn 20 to 40 percent, or that equates to anywhere from 100 to 400 per month per local business that you sign up to.

That wants to buy advertising on facebook or google or youtube or instagram again very easy way for you to earn extra money using both fiverr and using my software. I would love to pay you money, so come check out and sign up for a free subscription of our software. If you enjoy these videos, if you enjoy learning different ways of earning money online, then make sure you just spank the like button a few times so that this it just helps the youtube algorithm and also hit the subscribe button. So you can see regular videos from me where i teach you different ways to make money online. Now i’ve been doing online business since 2008 is when i started uh doing different online businesses and i’ve been able to make money all manner of different ways and i’m currently at a place where i’m earning millions of dollars a year doing what’s called affiliate marketing.

You can also learn a little bit more about what i do affiliate marketing. If you check out my training course, there’s a link in the description once again hit the subscribe button for more regular content, and thank you for watching see you next time. Bye.

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