Crypto Affiliate Money? | Affiliate Networks Review

Crypto Affiliate Money?

Hey, what’s up youtube, so we’re testing out a different format. Today i am going to be reviewing i’ve just seen so much disinformation, uh going on about affiliate marketing and i’m gon na be addressing an article here today, um doing something a little bit different. I saw this article coming out: nine best, cryptocurrency, affiliate programs of 2021 and what what’s been really bugging me is, i don’t know, there’s a lot of disinformation, i’m going to break everything down, i’m going to go over a couple, different things here, i’m going to address This article uh, because i get asked a lot, can you earn money with crypto i’m going to actually in depth? Take a look at each of these networks: we’re going to go over some traffic methods to actually get money from these affiliate networks. You guys will decide and then we’re going to create a swipe file for it and we’ll talk about the community afterwards.


Hey, what’s up youtube, so we’re testing out a different format. Today i am going to be reviewing i’ve just seen so much disinformation, uh going on about affiliate marketing and i’m gon na be addressing an article here today, um doing something a little bit different. I saw this article coming out: nine best, cryptocurrency, affiliate programs of 2021 and what what’s been really bugging me is, i don’t know, there’s a lot of disinformation, i’m going to break everything down, i’m going to go over a couple, different things here, i’m going to address This article uh, because i get asked a lot, can you earn money with crypto i’m going to actually in depth? Take a look at each of these networks: we’re going to go over some traffic methods to actually get money from these affiliate networks. You guys will decide and then we’re going to create a swipe file for it and we’ll talk about the community afterwards.

So, let’s dive right into, let’s dive right into things. Okay, so here we have the five top uh nine best cryptocurrency affiliate programs of 2021 – and this is an absolute scam of a title and i’ll explain why later on um, but first we get the coinbase affiliate program. Okay – and i did a little looking into a number of these affiliate programs right here and what you’ll see is that most of these programs don’t actually pay out money in crypto, and i looked into this and we can look right here. Folks, if you see here this, is these programs are paying out in u.s dollars?

Okay – and i have my analysis right here – and you can get access to this. If you go over to my networks, link which i will share with the chat right here – okay – but we see right here – they give you 50 commission for trading fees and i’m going to analyze these networks in a little bit more depth than you might be used To if you’re looking for a way to make money online, obviously affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to do so. So the first thing you have to watch out for when you’re joining an affiliate program is you actually have to read the terms of conditions? Okay and what you’ll see here on coinbase is that it’s absolutely false how they are purporting to actually pay you out as an affiliate. You see they’re paying out in u.s. dollars. Everything is u.s dollars, which is not a cryptocurrency affiliate network. Now we all know that coinbase is one of the major sites where you can actually trade crypto. So it’s a bit deceiving here because you’re getting people to sign up to trade cryptocurrency, but there are real benefits to earning money in cryptocurrency rather than earning them in u.s. dollars. First off you can earn it anywhere in the world and second off you can uh. You know possibly not pay taxes, you don’t have as much liabilities. So let me go through this program a little more in depth. Okay, now, if we look at here, you also have the program terms and conditions, and the commission rate here is also pitifully bad.

Okay, now i did the quick math and if somebody invests 500, which is according to their terms and their commission rates, we’re seeing an absolutely disgusting 50.5 fee of their fees. Okay, now put that in perspective. Folks, you are making a half of a percent of a percent here. Okay, now the reason i never recommend programs that actually pay out their money in uh that give you a percentage of their fees is because the problem you go into with affiliate networks and when you’re looking for a good, a good affiliate offer to promote is that They can just have a promotion where they get rid of fees and that affects your income.

So coinbase here is an absolute no-no in terms of promotion. Okay, they’re, not paying you a lot of money and you’re, not you’re, not going to do very well on this affiliate program. Okay, so let’s go to my second, the second affiliate network here which is called etoro. Okay, we’re going to be looking at this program in depth now etoro itself. What’S great is almost every company has an affiliate program at this point?

Okay and etoro is a investing platform. Where you can. You know over 20 million people are signed up um and you can trade. You can trade crypto right, you can trade stocks, you can tr, you know you can copy other people’s trades right, all sorts of stuff, and it’s pretty neat. It’S actually a pretty well developed affiliate program, that’s been around for a while, but i did a little bit of analysis here and here were.

The downsides of here are the plus sides of etoro’s affiliate program. Okay and i will have a recommendation for you in terms of top affiliate programs at the end now in terms of etoro’s affiliate program, the you get automatic approval, which is really good for an affiliate program, because there’s a lot of affiliate programs out there right. I’Ve been doing affiliate marketing for 10 years over 10 years and not having automatic approval. Just creates a big barrier to entry to the beginner. Okay, if you don’t have a website most of my audience here on youtube, you don’t have a website, you don’t have anything really.

You don’t have a social following, so verification is going to be very hard to get when you don’t have any website or anything. So you want you want networks that will have automated approvals. Okay. So that’s that’s. Definitely a plus side.

Now the negative side here look at this folks. They only pay out through wire transfer. Okay. What the heck is that right? We want to get paid in crypto baby, because i’ve been looking into this.

You know – and there are great affiliate programs that pay out in crypto, but they’re, not what this article says: okay and they’re, not what most of the articles actually say now if a company pays out via wire transfer, which is the only way that etoro allows okay, It’S not a crypto affiliate network, so you we want to make money in crypto baby, so the next thing we’re going to go through is now. What i do like about etoro is that they have landing pages in many different languages for many specific purposes. Here’S an example on the screen right here of one of their landing pages for dogecoin, okay in german, so they have a landing page for specifically people who want to invest in dogecoin in that speak, german, which is fantastic as an affiliate marketer, because a lot of What we’re doing is we’re actually trying you know, we’re finding niches and exploiting them and being able to arbitrage attention and make money right. That’S all we’re doing. Arbitraging attention make money same thing.

Social media companies are doing so, my analysis of and we are going to pick a uh network to uh analyze at the end here and actually create some traffic methods. For so does it pay out in crypto? No okay pays out in wire transfer. Minimum payout is 500, but i do like this affiliate network and if anybody wants to actually uh join any of these networks, i’m talking about make sure you go on to uh. You check out the link that i post in the chat.

Okay, now, the next one we’re going to be looking at is block fi, okay and block fi is a it’s a referral program for what is it it’s just another marketplace for a cryptocurrency? Okay. Now you would think being a marketplace for cryptocurrency is gon na work out, okay, but let’s actually go in and analyze this okay, so first off the payouts seem sort of fair. If we’re looking at the uh the affiliate program here, okay payouts seem fair. Let’S go to the link.

The link is very hard to find it’s right here now there is a major downside. Is that any affiliate networks that are on this uh impact impact radius? Typically, don’t have very good tracking or terms, and i’m going to explain why this is a huge mark against them and based on this fact alone, i almost wouldn’t recommend advertising this affiliate network. Okay, let’s look at! Why, though, do they pay out in crypto?

No, they don’t pay out in crypto, they pay out for you to sign up new accounts to block fi and the fact that they are on impact means that i’ve seen a lot of the affiliate programs on impact. They go up and down. Okay, not not good, not recommended, okay, same thing with coinbase, there are always corporate schmucks at these companies that don’t know how to run an affiliate program. Let’S go onwards, so we have bitpanda affiliate program, buy cryptos and precious metals earlier right, and this article folks that we’re looking at is the nine best cryptocurrency affiliate programs and we’re on number four and literally none of them have are paying out in crypto. Okay, which is what we’re looking for so block fi.

Sorry, let’s move on here bit panda us citizens are not allowed to register okay, so first off it just doesn’t work second off we have these and again, you always have to look at the terms and conditions of whatever affiliate network you’re joining if you’re not joining A mainstream one now here we have this term and condition right. The commission will be paid out to your bit panda wallet, but you also need to sign up to bitpan as a regular customer. Now i wasn’t able to sign up but uh, i’m not sure. If they’re paying out in crypto or if they’re, paying out in us dollar, because it actually matters and for a lot of folks that are following me, you want to earn money in crypto, okay, not in us dollars, and the other thing here is that there is A review process to get into this affiliate network, okay, which i don’t i don’t necessarily like. Okay, good affiliate programs – should allow you to actually get in and start earning commissions, okay and guys feel free to chat uh.

If you have any comments, i turned on chat for subscribers only this time. Okay, now the next thing we’re going to look at is the privacy pros and billfold affiliate program. Now the commission rate is 15 percent. Now again this company. If we look at their affiliate programmers affiliate program, okay, you’ll see that you have to earn 75 worth of uh commissions, but here’s the problem here is that if we actually look at what the uh, what the average you’re only earning 15 on this – which isn’t a Very aggressive commission and it’s a very niche product, okay now this could be good if you are a blogger or a vlogger or something along those lines, but it’s not necessarily exactly what i’d be going for.

If i am a beginner affiliate, either way, i’m going to show you methods to promote any of these programs. Okay, so let’s go here and again the links to check all this stuff out and find affiliate programs to join. I have all the sign up links for all these affiliate programs right here and uh. You can comment on this uh. You can comment on this.

If you want to update it, i’m going to be focusing a lot more on community right, but the problem is it’s low commissions. The other problem i have with this company privacy pros is that if we look at the about us page uh, sorry the founders right, i did there’s only two people. I can find that are actually at this company. Okay and the problem with and looks like they’re brothers right all assaults, but the problem with small e-commerce companies that have affiliate programs folks, is that oftentimes, these affiliate programs they go by the wayside very quickly. Okay, sometimes they slow pay, which means they pay not when they’re supposed to later than they’re supposed to and that’s a problem if you’re doing paid advertising um, sometimes the affiliate program just shuts down, because the founders couldn’t keep running the company because it just was too.

I don’t know whatever stressful or they made too much money right. That’S typically what happens with lifestyle businesses they just stop making. You know they, they make a lot of money and they forget about a lot of things or they make too little money and they shut. The company down, and especially when you’re marketing a unique product such as this, you are you’re you’re you’re. You don’t have a lot of different products.

You can change your link out to okay, so depending on your traffic source. I just i don’t see much here, but there might be uh again, there’s always ways you can promote any affiliate program and make money. Let’S go back to the screen. Okay, good morning tiger gaming good to see you man, so crypto trading tax, affiliate program and i’m going to run through a lot of the these a little quicker here. Okay, we have four more affiliate programs and none of them, none of them, literally none of the affiliate programs on this article, none of the nine pay out an actual crypto.

Okay, there’s a lot of disinformation in the market right here. I’M gon na show you one who does okay, um or, and i’m gon na we’re gon na go over some traffic methods. Okay, but none of these pay out in crypto now kraken is a really interesting company. I’Ll look at them real quickly and kraken is a huge uh. I use kraken okay, kraken kraken is a crypto trading platform where you can buy and trade crypto.

Specifically it’s very popular. I believe it’s based outside of the u.s and um again i have. I have a lot of crypto holdings on on kraken, but what’s interesting here is that again they do not pay out in crypto, okay. Here, let’s look at this okay, you get 20 percent trading fees for the lifetime.

You refer, which is actually all right, but the trading fees. Again, i have problems when people say trading fees because they, the company some of these big companies, they literally don’t care about making a profit. They just care about growth. So the problem that comes in when you work with a company that has investors is they don’t care, they don’t care about making money so you’re kind of at the mercy of the company. Here then, you have a limit of how much you can make per referral, which i don’t like either because again, the way you make money in some in in many of these lifetime uh these lifetime affiliate programs is you’re actually going for the whales okay you’re at The way any investing program or affiliate program works is you’re, going to make 90 of your money from the whales from the people who are trading tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even that you refer so the fact that there’s a cap actually limits your earnings here By a majority, okay, the other problem that i have with kraken’s affiliate program – and here i am like i’m – a user of kraken right – i should be the biggest proponent of this affiliate program is people – are the people allowed to join is severely limited?

Okay, look at all these requirements. Folks, 90 of you aren’t getting 99 of you aren’t getting in right. You have to have 5 000 followers. You have to have websites that are crypto related. You have to have facebook groups that have followers in them right.

None of this stuff is going to lend itself to helping a beginner get in and start earning money and affiliate marketing, which is really the goal of this channel, is how to start earning an income from the beginning, uh just starting out in marketing the other problem. I have it’s is it’s on impact? Okay, impact is just they lend themselves to corporate schmucks uh. You know they have they. I i just i haven’t seen many good affiliate programs from them that are actually competitive, uh outside of, if you’re, some sort of social influencer.

Okay, they don’t pay out in crypto either, and if we look here, we can see uh that they pay out. What is it and they don’t even have very good tracking right. You get payment by bank track transfer, see this folks. Bank transfer crypto doesn’t go in your bank okay. This is the only way you get paid so a lot of the again just proving the amount of disinformation.

What the heck is this right? That’S not crypto! I want. I want to earn money in crypto, okay, so this is out. Kraken is out now the last one we’re going to go through.

Let’S see we have kraken, we have binance, which is another crypto trading platform, and once again we have an affiliate network which is not easy for beginners to join because of the program requirements. Look at this right, not beginner friendly. You have to have all these followers. Doesn’T make sense right? You also have to wait for manual approval and some of these things take ages because there’s millions of people trying to become affiliates because it’s such an easy way to earn money online, okay and once again, they just have horrible tracking right here.

They are trying to ask for a referral id and as an affiliate marketer, if you’re relying on people to put in your referral id for you to actually get credit for your commissions. It’S a no go okay and uh. Lastly, it doesn’t allow for u.s affiliates, i’m based in the u.s, and this is absolutely crazy.

Okay, so, let’s go on to um, so we just broke down this article. I wanted to do this video just because this is this. Is it it was crazy. I just want to see what they said. The best affiliate programs were, and literally none of these pay out in crypto.

Now, if you want um uh to join any of the affiliate networks, i’m putting the link once again in the chat john, why don’t you focus your connection with god? Instead of money? Okay, you are getting uh put hide user, okay, dude. What the heck dude! This isn’t this isn’t a religious channel.

Okay, let me see the comments: okay, okay, okay, guys guys guys, don’t chill your religion here, okay, um! So next next we’re going to go through um, so we went through the networks. Now, let’s pick some traffic methods to actually go at this with okay, so i’d, like your opinion, on what affiliate program, would you like to see me uh uh, what affiliate program of these right, these nine top cryptocurrency affiliate programs? Would you like to learn how to actually promote and we’re going to actually go through and we’re going to use we’re going to go through some methods to actually promote anything you want, but i need to know you want coinbase etoro block by bit panda privacy pros And good to see you all um uh, just because he focuses business does not mean he’s focused on god, yeah jasper, the glove for sure yeah i mean that’s. You know this isn’t a religious channel, but i don’t want people refilling religion in here.

Yes, just because i like money doesn’t mean i don’t like god too, so, um. Okay, let’s go what what affiliate program should we promote i’ll wait for you guys in the chat and i will bring up uh i’ll, bring up the swipe file here? None! What does that mean? Michael okay, let’s go guys, i have some fire methods for y’all, so let’s go okay.

So let’s i’m gon na go over a really, really really really really really easy method to promote affiliate programs right here. Okay, and this is called brand jacking. Okay, this is one of the methods i teach in uh some of my training programs solo so which program? Would you like to see me promote okay, solo, titan, coinbase, kraken finance privacy pros? What so, let’s go with?

They all seem low margins and complicated. They are low margins and complicated. The one i would recommend is actually babata. They actually pay out in crypto, but uh. We can go over that later.

Coinbase, let’s go over coinbase coinbase is pretty big. So, let’s sign in right. Let’S sign in right here, i’m signing into their affiliate program. Okay, so here’s how i would promote coinbase if we were going to go. Oh, how did where does my screen go?

Okay, we’re just going to go full screen um. So what we’re going to do here is we’re actually going to uh we’re gon na we’re gon na jack their brand. So, let’s let me see if i can get multiple screens up here. Let’S see this, let me see so first we’re going to start with facebook. Let’S go to facebook, so the easiest way to do affiliate marketing, if you are a complete beginner, is using social media and dms to actually contact people, and this is going to be freaking right here, but right here we see we have people who are fans of Coinbase, okay, now one of the most easy ways to make money doing this.

Is you literally message people who are already fans of the brand to go through your affiliate link and buy more okay? Let me show you how this is done right, so we have people who are already fans of coinbase. Now i don’t do this because i’m you know i’m buying ads right and i’m more concerned with passive income, but many of you don’t have money or aren’t willing to spend it on ads right, and here we go. We have somebody who lives in san francisco, okay, and you can 100 send them a message and say: hey: did you hear coinbase is having a promo today. Did you sign up already and get it okay link right or did you did you deposit, make your deposit and get it?

The point is oh, and you can’t see my uh right. That’S all you need to do. Okay, something like this right and you put your affiliate link in there. All you need to do is message fans of a brand and you can get them to buy things so easily it would. It is absolutely okay, let’s go back here right and we see we have an absolute swarm of people who we know are fans of coinbase right here that we can message and get them click.

We know they like coinbase. If we tell them, there’s a promo we’re going to get some people making their deposit. Not all of these people have necessarily made their first deposit yet, and you just give them your affiliate link and it is so easy. Okay, it is so easy to make money. Coinbase affiliate program, coinbase dming, coinbase fans on literally on facebook.

Okay, look at this. We have 2.7 000 people here now, of course, if you are an affiliate, you want to focus on the big money, okay and in any financial affiliate program. What you want is the whales you want people that have the most money, no offense to my bangladeshi nigerian filipino whatever friends right, i know some of y’all are around the world right. You folks have no money.

Okay, you have like, like i haven’t, met a filip like a bangladeshi with money in unless they’re over here in america right um. So you want to get you want a message. You want to message: people from western countries here, george morgan, probably or jorge right. He lives in brazil right western country. This guy is money.

Okay, this guy has money right here right and these are you know you want to message him right, and this is how this is how the game works right. Uh, let’s see we have julian cory, he’s in new jersey right he’s in u.s, okay, message him right, but the point is you: have you have lots of people here that you know like coinbase and you can send them a link to sign up. Does that make sense folks, is this making sense? Now i could do this for any brand.

I want okay, i can find coinbase fans on instagram right. Coinbase is on instagram folks and i can find they’ve 306 000 followers and i can see most of them. Okay, right and all of these people, all we need to do. Who is this hello? All we need to do is send them a message and again, hey baby.

Did you make your coinbase deposit today having a promoif, signup promo link right again, not hard? You know. Oh, i didn’t put my actual link in here. Coinbase is the one uh coinbase is the one um, the one wallet i think they banned me for uh, because i was sending money to uh the wrong people. Okay, now let me go back to the outline okay.

So that’s the simplest method if you are doing traffic right, it’s just dm’ing people, dm brand fans, okay, dm brand fans; okay, it it works almost every time, it’s very easy and uh. Really anyone can make money with affiliate marketing if you just if you just have time on your hands um, let’s go over to any questions. What is this john? So what we’re doing here is uh. We are if you joined midway through, we analyzed the nine top affiliate crypto uh this art.

We analyzed this article right here, um, which goes over the nine top cryptocurrency programs, and what we found was that literally none of them, none of them pay out in crypto. Okay and i’m going over a bit of the disinformation around it, then what we’re doing is. We were talking about traffic methods to actually get to get money uh for for these affiliate networks: okay, how to earn money with any of these affiliate programs, even though i don’t recommend any of these affiliate programs, i don’t really think any of them, except with the Exception of maybe etoro is competitive uh, but that being said, any of these affiliate programs, you can earn money with okay, any of them, and i just showed a really easy way of dming brand fans to do that and folks, if you don’t think any of uh, My methods work, you obviously haven’t gone through any of these ways, uh of earning money or you didn’t stick with it long enough and just sort of a case in point. You know i did a poll. I did a poll a little bit ago, where we actually discussed.

Have my videos helped you earn money. I just wanted to see. 29 of people responded. True. Okay, i’ve shown a lot of methods.

Okay, all of them work all of them work they’re fairly obvious. It’S just, i think, a lot of people a lot of people don’t even start anywhere. Okay. Now, personally, i don’t do dm stuff. Okay, i don’t do dming, because it’s a waste of my time right, i’m only working on projects personally, if uh, if it’s it’s a big ad campaign that can earn me an extra hundred thousand a month.

Okay, that’s what i’m looking for! I’M looking for niches where i’m gon na make at least three thousand dollars a day, profit. Okay! So that’s where i focus my time and effort on and i focus on advertising. So i want to buy ads and scale.

Okay, buy ads, be profitable scale and, unfortunately, with a lot of these uh with a lot of these programs, we just discussed here, they don’t actually have uh they’re, not competitive, for buying ads to okay. You see the commission rates are low. 50 of trading fees is like 50 percent of half a percent right, which is almost nothing you know. Etoro is the only one that is uh competitive, but it’s not necessarily a beginner beginner program um, but it doesn’t pay out in crypto. That was the main main thing against it.

Okay, any questions here, folks, the conversion of brand fans, actually works, i’m looking into trying yeah. I know this dude dudes i’ll. I know all of these. I i know all of these methods. You do.

Okay, i i just literally gave a bunch of people here money if you go out and do this stuff, okay, how to promote crypto’s affiliates okay. So let’s go into uh um one program that i would recommend if you are looking to sign up as a crypto affiliate and folks, if you haven’t already uh um. If you want to get started as an affiliate, um oopsies, i’m gon na put in the steps to get started right here. First off join some networks. Okay, that’s my advice join some affiliate networks.

The next step is apply some of my free traffic methods and the next step is actually discuss, discuss stuff with other affiliates now i know that seems a little lame, but i actually made a lot of my money from figure i i figured most of the stuff. I figured out using the computer to make money by talking with people and discussing and figuring out what works, what doesn’t trading tactics, etc or figuring out what tweak i needed to do to make a campaign profitable. Now, in my business now i work with multiple business partners, who kind of have that same effect: okay, but if you’re getting started, i highly encourage you to join our discord. Okay, i’m going to be revamping this discord a lot late, uh soon and um. I want to make it a discussion area for you to make money wherever that is there’s, so many new ways of making money and all of them intersect with affiliate marketing.

That’S the great thing whether we’re talking about crypto or nfts or bitcoin, or ethereum or um. You know quantum computing space right. There are affiliate programs for any of these. Okay. There are affiliate programs for every niche you can.

Think of so you don’t need to start your own crypto company. You can earn money in crypto if you’re, actually just promoting some of these some of these companies that do pay out in crypto, which uh, if you want, i’m going to be doing more videos about kind of the intersection of affiliate marketing and crypto. Okay, because i’ve been big on crypto for a while, some of you may not know i’ve i’ve uh, i i invested or i bought crypto a bitcoin when it was under 30, okay uh, so i’ve been i’ve been kind of in in the mix for quite a While but i’ve never actually, you know cared too much like in depth about the industry. You know like. Oh it’s, the future, you know um, do you need a surmountable following to turn conversions, chilly, freeman, uh dude?

No, i just showed you what was the method dude dming brand fans were. Were you freaking, listening? Okay, look the met the method i already showed you can oopsies i mean you can join any of these companies, affiliate programs, you go to instagram or something and you dm their followers right right. Here’S coinbase right! Here’S, a bunch of people!

You can there’s like 2 700 people, you can dm okay and you you want to focus on tier 1 countries. Okay, you want to focus on countries where people have money right, don’t be messaging like pakistanis or nigerians or anything right they’ll. Probably the nigerians will probably get your money right, but you want to message: people who are in tier one countries, meaning countries that have high income, and you want to message people who look like they have more money, okay, which i’m not going to go into. The specifics of how we know people have more money but uh. I already gave an example this guy.

This guy has money right right, so we know if you’re, applying one of these dm’ing brand fans methods right. You want to go after people like this right dm. These guys right tier one country, gray, hair right a couple other things: okay, understood chilly great john, i’m complete beginner advice in your eyes. Look at the freaking look at the chat. Bro!

Look at the chat. Okay, the chat says you need to join a bunch of affiliate networks and that link i sent you to right. We have a ton of affiliate networks right here now. The number one affiliate network i recommend people join is clickbait. Okay, clickbank the products are very competitive.

They pay out about half a billion dollars a year. Okay, there’s a ton of affiliate networks here i’ll be adding to this sheet right. It’S free to join right. Most of these networks are free to join. There is no approval.

Okay, no approval for this, which is really good, but you want to focus on. You want to focus on stuff that doesn’t have high barriers to entry. Let me bring this down: okay, the average commission. You also want to promote programs that have an average commission of at least 25 um. I have my affiliate program on clickbank and you can use a lot of my free traffic methods which are right here.

I show you how to do all these free traffic methods to actually make money um by really as a beginner right. This channel is focused on per people that don’t have a dollar to scrape together and want to make their first dollars. Okay – and these are methods that work, as reported by 30 of my audience right. Oh i’m marketing the number, i’m adding a percent okay, but these are methods that you can make money. Dming people, basically you’re spamming, social media and social media is evil.

It’S the devil. Okay, i truly believe social media is the devil, uh, the devil and uh. Who cares if you spam people on it right, they should get off social media anyways, okay, sas pro 700 yeah that speak. So that’s 50, commission um sas pro here. Let me bring that up yeah if you want to promote my program.

Its average commission is 700 okay. So that means you will the average sale price is about fourteen hundred bucks over time? Okay, so me you will earn seven hundred yeah it’s one of the better affiliate programs just because we we have a good, funnel team here. Um questions: okay, complete beginner, yeah, join a bunch of affiliate networks and the reason why to join affiliate networks. Is you start getting the newsletters and you start getting access to offers?

You start you want to be able to earn money. First right, it’s not going to click, it’s not going to be real until you are approved to earn money right. You get a link and if you don’t have links that you can that you can put places, you can’t even start to earn money, so join a ton of affiliate networks. Okay, join affiliate networks and get on their newsletters, because these are free to join. The second step right is these brand uh is these: where is it is using these free traffic methods, okay or whatever?

You want to use right? You don’t have to listen to me, but i’m i’m, assuming i don’t know some. Some of some of these people are. That’S that’s! That’S why i uh a crazy audience uh.

I have a bunch of hackers here, a bunch of you try to like hack me like randomly. I don’t know i get so much weird um. So these are free traffic methods. How to use facebook to earn money right? You don’t need to pay for ads or any of this stuff how to use uh google youtube any of the majors tick, tock, all the major social media networks to make money right all this stuff works.

Okay, um. Other questions can i use your youtube clips to promote your program? Why would i care, of course go make money right uh? I have tons of videos out there right. I’Ve showed i’ve, told people you know use anything to make money right.

Why would i get mad at somebody who’s making me money? Okay, it makes no sense. Just you know, um our affiliate programs in the metaverse great question, so uh yeah, they’re they’re, i mean i’m sure, there’s ways to do affiliate program in the net metaverse. The really the really cool thing is qr codes. I’M really getting big on this, which is qr codes.

All you have to do with a qr code. Is you just show people in you would what you would do in the metaverse is. You would show people the qr code and you would show them an image right. You just kind of flash, an image in front of their face and say look at this or scan this and you know: have it go to the link. Okay or you’d share a link with them in the middle verse.

I haven’t really played around much in the metaverse yet but image. You know whether i’m sure the meta, the metaverse either has images or text or both so either way. You’Re going to be able to put links in the metaverse and get people buying stuff, okay, affiliate marketing is the ultimate like just undyable business model, because the only way to get rid of it is to get rid of images or links. Okay and just not allow any of them on the internet, which arguably the government is eventually well. I it just won’t ever happen.

Okay um do i do you need a surmountable, okay, uh, any affiliate programs in the metaverse, any other questions and then we’re gon na kind of wrap this up. I also want your feedback folks on uh. You know, did you know? Do you want to see me? Do more lives right?

I’Ve been struggling to come out with a ton of crazy like content. Lately, i’ve been golfing a lot. I’Ve been spending time with the family been working on my own funnels right. My youtube: isn’t my home? Okay, youtube!

Isn’T youtube? Isn’T the place where, like you know, i make any money. You know i i just advertise on here right, i advertise on tv i advertise on facebook right, i advertise that’s how i make money advertise prop make more than i spent okay. I just happen to get a big youtube following so, if you’d like live streams, i can do those pretty regularly um and we can just hang out uh and we can talk about different tactics to make money. Okay, what i’m interested in uh, probably doing in the future, is going a little bit more.

One of the ideas i was thinking about is going in depth into affiliate programs right. Do you all like seeing different affiliate programs and me breaking down whether it’s good, whether it’s bad, and how to promote it right? That’S kind of what i was thinking sort of like what i did here, but doing more of a deep dive on individual affiliate programs. Just like what we did with coinbase, okay, um, okay, love more lives. Let’S go, let’s go folks; okay, so which crypto affiliate to get started.

Great great question, aditya, so i’ll i’ll end with i’ll end. With this um only crypto affiliate program, i found okay. So, let’s go on to bovada. This is for y’all sticking around, let’s x out of some of these things, so the affiliate program, that is, the only one that actually pays out in crypto, which is awesome and it is completely built for affiliates. Let me switch my screen here is called bavata.

Where are we? Oh, my god, folks, i’m i’m going crazy here. How do i do this? Okay, there we go bovada competitive payouts built for affiliates. Ah well, let’s look at.

Let’S i’ll show it to you anyways. So bavada allows you they first off, they only pay out in crypto, okay, they only pay out in crypto. Second off they take deposits. Okay, it is a online casino and they take deposits in any sort of crypto visa american express mastercard right. They take any way.

You want to deposit money they take, and the great thing about casino stuff is that once again, this is in the finance niche, so the whales are the ones you want the most right. I i’m i’m i’m gon na i’m gon na be frank here right. The the best people to target are people who are completely addicted to gambling right, just get them gambling in crypto right. That is going to be your highest conversion points. Okay, um, and there are a lot of online casinos out there, and you can show folks.

You can get people going on to bovada right, we could do the brand jacking as well. We can do a lot of things there, but this is an actual competitive program that there are a lot of ways to promote and if you want, i will if this video gets enough views. I will do a separate video on bovada here of how you can make money doing that. Okay, now it does look like their program is down from or their their. The page is down from maintenance right now, um the affiliate signup page yeah.

The whole site looks like it’s down for maintenance, there’s so much stuff lately, but this is the program: okay and uh. They pay out 40 and the competit. What i like about the gambling niche is the competitive programs there. They pay out lifetime commissions based on the percentage of losses that people incur okay, so in bovada’s case they pay out up to 45 of the money. People lose okay.

So again, this is incentivized to help you right. You are going to earn almost half of what anybody loses on this platform for the lifetime, that they are gambling and the one. Some of the ways to make huge money in affiliate marketing is focusing on these programs that give lifetime commissions that give recurring. I mean especially recurring commissions and that are just super competitive. This is a program where people are going to be gambling for years right.

Uh, a gambler is going to be gambling for a long time, so you can make a ton of money in the gambling niche, but it’s all about the whales right. It’S not about signing up a bunch of like bangladeshis uh. You know, like you know, play with the free money on the babata. It’S about signing up dudes, who are rich and addicted to gambling. Uh i’d probably be a good target right um, but yeah.

Where would you promote bovada? I i mean there’s, there’s so many ways to promote casino programs. Right i mean it’s. I mean i, i that’s a whole separate video. Okay, that’s a whole separate video, okay, but just to give you a hint right.

Where would you promote? Bovada i mean you. Could i mean there’s a million ways you could promote it on facebook. You could promote it on forums. You could promote it on.

You know any social network, um uh you could, you know email write, you could promote it anywhere right, find facebook groups find linkedin groups find instagram. You know dm people on instagram who are addicted to gambling uh. Who were talking about gambling? You could talk you you could you could uh, you know advertise it right, there’s a lot of cheap ways to advertise it. You could pack your affiliate link in uh, you could do pop traffic there’s, so many methods to do affiliate.

Marketing um just go through my free traffic methods and you’ll see some of them. I will come out with future videos where i will break down some of this stuff in um in more detail. Okay, but it does take time make that video john. I will um, okay, folks. Well, it’s great talking to you all uh, any other questions i can uh and make sure you subscribe.

If you want to put be alerted of my live streams, if you want to mess even chat, uh make sure you subscribe. I got some free time in this coming weeks, i’ll be doing more live streams. Um my friend is pretty wealthy and he’s addicted to gambling. Yeah right who is and and here’s some marketing knowledge for you, okay question: who is the best person to sell weight loss to right? Who is the best person to sell weight loss to right?

This is this is, and this is guys guys also also. The answer is gon na astound, you, i don’t think anybody’s going to uh uh. I don’t think anybody’s going to guess this here: okay, the best person to sell weight loss to – and i want to disclaim this first. This is not legal advice. This is not financial advice; this is not.

This is all entertainment purposes only i mean i could do a whole video on this too, and telling you how to find addicted gamblers, how you would target them right, but in weight loss case right. You kind of take that. Let me see, let me see fat people, no, it’s not fat people, it’s anorexics and bulimics get it it’s true, though. No it’s not obese people right. They don’t necessarily want to lose weight right.

It’S a problem! It’S the perceived problem. Okay, so when you’re marketing to people you’re marketing to what they perceive the problem to be just because you think they’re fat, that somebody’s overweight doesn’t mean they do, and it doesn’t mean they necessarily want to care about, losing weight right. It’S just like that. Guy who came on my channel earlier, like you, know, shilling religion right.

I kicked him off, not because i don’t you know, i’m not religious or anything. I kick him off, because this is not the channel to shill religion. Okay, um he’s got to go to a channel where people are looking for religion right, so, whereas an anorexic or bulimic they want. You know they, they, they think they’re. True, they think they’re fat right when usually they’re not right, but as if people think and it, and it’s sad and that’s where marketing goes over the line.

Okay – and you never want to go over the line in marketing right – you never want to go cross. That line where you are taking advantage of people – okay, um, but understanding how marketing works. The psychology of marketing is so important. Okay and i love talking about it, um and that’s – and it’s also one of the reasons why i even have a training program – i’m not going to go on showing my training program, but the re. One of the reasons why i charge so much for the training program is because the most important stuff that people need to learn to become successful and make a lot of money.

Marketing is often not the stuff they’re searching for right. Most of my fan base. Most of my subscribers and stuff, you guys are looking for like fast, instant, fast money right like where’s the button where’s the button that just like, doubles my money right. That’S why those bitcoin and elon musk scams worked so well right. Send money to elon, musk and double your money makes sense.

Right seems reasonable. He’S rich right, people are looking for. Where do i just send money and double it um when really to be successful in marketing? It’S understanding, psychology, it’s understanding what to write. Okay, it’s understanding how to the psychology comes in, because how do you know how who to target right?

Who do i target right? If i’m selling weight loss, am i targeting fat people or am i targeting skinny people, or am i targeting like old people, young people, black people, pink people, brown, people, white people right? Who am i targeting right? That’S psychology and then the second thing is copywriting. Okay, but nobody, not very many people – are actually looking to find out about copywriting and i’m going to give you kind of like a free playlist here.

That is really good on copywriting. Okay. So if we go over here on my channel just kind of like an extra so we have, i have a bunch of free courses. Uh. Let me let me actually, where is this?

Ah, okay yeah: here we go okay, so here we have the art of copywriting and we have some crazy stuff here talking about copywriting in long boring, videos, okay, how to tap into somebody’s deepest emotions, you know, fear ego and knowing what to write to people to Get them to to get them either scared and wanting to buy something or greedy and wanting to buy something or curious and wanting to buy something right. There’S a lot of psychology to it. The easiest, which is how i got into the game, was, i didn’t, even understand copyright. I just copy people. Okay, and the third thing i talk about in my program – is just knowing who to copy right most of y’all, don’t know who to copy.

Most of you all, don’t know what you know, how to find even successful affiliate promotions right, but all this stuff is really cool ryan. This is one of my friends, who’s making you know, or at least periods. You know over a million a month right just some funny dude right talking about copyright, so there’s a lot of gold hidden, there’s a lot of hidden gems on the channel. If you want to look okay, okay, any other questions and um yeah. Basically, the shy salesman.

Yeah, that’s what copywriting is right, i’m a i’m a sales person right, i’m just selling on the internet, but i have to know how to do the right words in the right orders to do stuff. Okay, um do a video site. I already did video series on all this jasper. A video series on the psychology of marketing would get zero views on youtube right. I’Ve already.

I’Ve already tried it. I d list all these videos because nobody watches them. Nobody finds them because the only way you can actually find content on youtube is, if youtube pushes it to you. Okay, that’s how almost everybody finds content right suggested video, so it doesn’t make sense for me to actually put out content that people always need, because no one will see it. Okay.

What matters is i put out content that people want and then somehow, if i create enough trust and respect in the relationship, i can show them what they might actually need to be successful. Okay, um, okay, cutthroat game yeah. I mean it’s money on the internet right. It’S the easiest way to earn money, and these things i just showed you are incredible right. The dm the brand jacking is an incredible method.

Just stumbled upon craigslist. Any visionary idea on that. Craigslist is great for selling things. Okay, it’s great for getting. You know, for you know you could put up listings for products.

They can be e-commerce right. You just put up post, you could put up postings for like a lawn mower right and then when people say oh, do you have that lawnmower? Can i come pick it up be like uh? No, but here’s the link? Okay, there’s so many there’s a gazillion ways.

People are selling on all these platforms. Folks, okay, okay, that’s it folks! Final uh, final thing! Thank you all for coming. I’M going to put in the links here, uh the we went over all this stuff.

If you want to see the replay just rewind the video, if you’re looking to get started, my suggestion is: go to uh join a bunch of affiliate networks. I have the cryptocurrency affiliate networks in there check out my free traffic methods right. First, you have to get something somebody who’s going to pay. You second, is you got to get somebody to buy the product and third, you got to figure out what the heck you’re doing wrong and you need to discuss with other people and i’m looking for mods um so in in my discord and also on my youtube Channel so, if you’re interested in being a mod uh, just you know, let me know um on the discord. I am uh where’s my discord and bring up my own discord.

There. We go okay, we got 5000 people on there and, let me um, let me switch this over to uh screen share right. So this is the discord. We’Re going to be changing all these categories soon uh. But if you want to message me just message: the baby face where’s my where’s, my uh.

This is young, john okay, so just message young john right here. That’S me used to not be so hairy. Okay, folks have a great day all the best great talking y’all have a great uh weekend. Maybe i’ll talk to you guys, uh sometime again soon, all right, bye subscribe for more live streams.

DISCLAIMER: This video either has links to my own products or affiliate products so any purchases you make from the links clicked in this video I will earn a commission with it. Results are not typical. I am a professional internet marketer with years of experience and do not guarantee you will achieve the same results.

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