How Building A Swipe File Can Make You Millions

The Secret Tool: A Swipe File

If you’re on any of my coaching webinars by the way, if you are a student watching this, that gets on my coaching webinars every week, say what’s up here in youtube, we have absolutely crazy webinars every week where we go over a lot of Stuff, if you guys are on these webinars you’ll know, one thing i consistently refer back to is my swipe file. Now. The first thing i ask everybody is: what’s your niche and what your traffic sources, people can’t name if they work on facebook, google or youtube you’re, not a marketer. If you can’t name what niche you’re in you know, health wellness beauty, skin care, make money online investment old whatever, if you can’t name your traffic source in your niche you’re, not a marketer you’re, not even started. The second thing i ask people is: do you have a slide file?


Do you have a slide file? Are you consistently looking at other people’s ads? Do you have a file of other people’s marketing that you look at and draw inspiration from now i do. I don’t do much original stuff everything i do is basically 95 taken from somebody else’s marketing that they’ve already done before, because if somebody already created a formula, if somebody already created a plan, if somebody already spent the money spent the time to figure out what works, Why would i not use it i’m about the easiest possible path, the fastest possible path? I want to start with what works and then make it work more or just make money whatever i feel like, but the point is, i have a slide file.

Swipe is like kind of like god, swipe it just swipe on your phone. You just kind of swipe it and copy it. I just use google docs, i’m all about free and i created a document on google docs. My document is about 86 pages long. It’S a pretty good memory for numbers, it’s other people’s marketing.

That’S in my exact same space. People have already tested doing exactly what i do. That’S how i learned the most about marketing customers, everyone by the way, if you guys are with me right here. Sorry i have my shirt off i’m here in marina del rey, california, santa monica malibu over there lax newport beach, hatton beach, palos verdes over there just finished a run hanging out with you. Now, if you’re serious about marketing, i encourage you guys if you want me to be your teacher you’re on my coaching webinars every week, you’ll learn very quickly to have your traffic source figure out if you’re going to use facebook, google or youtube.

If you don’t know that much just pick, one doesn’t matter, don’t make people millionaires, pick a traffic source, the product you want to market, but i help people do that if you have problems doing that, i help people do that in my course. In my training course, and you figure out how really quickly the second thing is for people who are serious get a swipe file open up. Google doc just create one. It’S free, you don’t know how to use a computer, learn google, it and start looking at ads. That are similar to the space you want.

Maybe you want to market products that boost people’s memories. Maybe you want to market sunglasses. Maybe you want to market beard oils? Maybe you want to market hair care products? Maybe you want to market skin creams.

It doesn’t really matter what you’re going to be marketing online. What matters is that you’re starting your own business. What matters is that you’re working for yourself. What matters is that you’re firing your boss and you’re going to start living your life on your own terms and i’m going to help you do it hope. It’S been helpful.

If you have learned something start my file, let’s see what you got you’re trying to mark the product, find other people who are marketing products, awesome, screenshots, just copy it and paste it into a document and start looking at it figure out. What are the similarities? What do people do differently? What can people do differently, etc and you’ll start seeing that all people marketing a particular product success? There are things they all have in common and then you’ll start noticing the patterns.

It’S all pattern, recognition, that’s what intelligence is telling different patterns, how many steps? How fast you see the patterns and once you’ve laid out on one document, you’re able to see the patterns a lot faster, you’re able to draw those connections and then you’ll be able to make them learn very quickly. You guys want to jump start on everything. I’M an educator, i have a program called internet jet set where i help people make money online, and this might sound like a ridiculous claim. He’S crazy he’s a scam.

I show people how to make money within two hours. It’S easy. It’S not hard! Just doing a post on facebook, ninety percent of the time you’ll make commissions. If you follow the steps that i show you but you’ve got ta do the exercise and it’s exciting.

Look at my uh channels, testimonials subscribe to my channel and then you’ll see all these testimonials people are going crazy. A lot of people are having massive success in my program, not just making their first commissions within two hours, but making thousands of dollars per day. In my case, i can tell you my income, but i do very well intentionality sign up there’s discount code down in the description of the video. If you want to get started, i look forward to seeing you guys soon until the next video get your swipe file. Get started, google doc.

I didn’t really believe it at first, but then i did more research and did it myself and you know, work hi there. My name is phil carrick from northern ireland and i just want to give a big shout out to John Crestani. What john does is he walks you through a step-by-step process really from a to zed? Success leaves trails, and the one thing i have to say about john is that he lays out the path so simply so distinctly that procrastination is going to make you not successful. But if you want to follow a proven path, a simplified path then john’s the way to go.

I can’t imagine getting more value for the money.

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