Live Your Dream: How To Design Your Dream Life Step By Step

Live Your Dream

Hey guys, john good morning, look at this amazing view now. The fact of the matter is a lot of people. Don’T tell you this, but you can design your life. You can design your life to be whatever you want it to be, and a lot of people think they’re subject to their circumstances and uh. That’S called victim mentality.

Now, if you go through life with victim mentality, you know. Oh, my boss, he’s an aol, he’s not paying me enough. I was born in the wrong country. You know there aren’t any opportunities for people in me and my you know my country or you know. Oh, you know, i have uh, you know a medical thing or whatever, whatever i i don’t know i could go on and on you know the government, you know cut off my.


You know payment thing. Whatever the it is, it’s called victim mentality and if you have victim mentality say, oh, my wife doesn’t allow me to move place or i can’t travel or whatever. It is. That’S going to stifle you until you get rid of that, and you understand that you can actually design your life. However, you want it to be, however, exactly how you want your life to be and be far more successful.

Design your Life

Now this mentality, it’s really hard to pin down all the intricacies of a good example is this: is i talk to a lot of my students? They jump around from business to business and they say i just couldn’t get a tour. If you approach businesses too, with that mentality that it’s not working, you know it’s not something outside of you. You know. Oh, you know, cryptocurrency had its time and uh it’s a bad.

It’S over. I have to go to something else. If you approach anything with that mentality, you’re not going to achieve the sort of success you want to achieve, but you have to want it bad. You have to look at where your priorities are. If your priorities are comfort, if your priorities are not being stressed or not being confused, it’s going to be really hard to get to where you want.

I know where i want to be. I want to be one of like what i call the illuminati. I want to be sitting on panels alongside people like peter thiel, talking about the future of the world. I want to be helping shape the direction of society. I want to be sitting with the sort of intellectual elite.

I want to be uh. Having you know, panel discussions with prolific authors or just sitting down and dinner with them, and talking about these sort of things as equals and part of how i’m trying to work there is i’m trying to shape the education system in the united states for my company. Now, each step of the way it’s been pretty crazy and i’ve pushed myself beyond my limits, but ultimately i don’t give up i’m ridiculous. I don’t give up on my goal because i know that’s where i want to be, and once you set your goal up whatever. That is make sure you follow through with it make sure you go through with it.

But most importantly, what do you want your life to look like you wanted to be a bunch of skiing and crazy stuff? One thing i made excuses for. I haven’t traveled as much this past year. You know it’s because i’ve had a kid, but that’s really important to me. So i’m you know, maybe i should be making you know.

Maybe that’s an excuse. Maybe it’s not whatever. I even i make mistakes, but the point is figure out what your life wants to be like: don’t move somewhere or don’t take a job or don’t do a business just because it’s convenient don’t do things just because they’re convenient do stuff because you’re moving in the Direction of what you envision, your life to be, and you’re gon na make your life way more exciting. It’S your job, if you guys are watching here, you guys are what i call the driver or the alpha in whatever your relationship. Is you define the world around?

You and people follow you. People will follow your direction so make sure you always stay in that driver role and define where your life or your family’s life or whatever that is, is going because you’re, the ridiculous people who are the shapers of the world and uh. I saw casey neistat video the other day and he said: smart people cater [, Music ]. So hopefully you guys like these vlogs guys like subscribe, hit the bell. So you guys are notified of the live streams we are doing, but you guys want to be notified because we’re going to be doing some crazy, uh, crazy giveaways on them and talk to you guys soon.

Take a reezy. Much love see ya. Bye hi there, my name is phil carrick from northern ireland, and i just want to give a big shout out to John Crestani. What john does is he walks you through a step-by-step process really from a to zed? No money has to come out of your pocket.

For ad spend or nothing, he shows you the true and legit way to start your marketing campaigns with no money hi, my name is demetrius. I basically uh started using his tactics yesterday and already started seeing results. After going through the program, i made my first commissions uh, basically yesterday John Crestani, thank you so much for access to your program. It is powerful and i hope your students, uh and people actually uh, get in and they’ll see they’ll be able to understand what i’m talking about. Okay, so thank you again and i appreciate everything that you put out.

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