How To Find a Mentor – DOs and DONTs

How To Find a Mentor – DOs and DONTs
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0:00 – What You Will Learn In This Video
0:42 – Mistake #1
4:35 – Mistake #2
6:43 – Mistake #3
10:26 – Mistake #4
15:08 – Mistake #5
18:51 – Mentor Hack #1
19:39 – Mentor Hack #2
20:12 – Mentor Hack #3
21:15 – Mentor Hack #4
21:41 – Mentor Hack #5
22:25 – Mentor Hack #6

Hey John Crestani here and i’m going to go over in this video how to find mentor i’m going to go over what to not do and what to do, and i’m also going to be using stories from my life of how i’ve been able to find teachers And mentors and folks that are just a lot, smarter and more successful and experienced than me to help me out in my career, so that even someone who has been a c student in school has been able to earn tens of millions of dollars. In my own business, so let’s go right into it: [, Music, ], hey man, can you can you mentor me? I’M i’m really. You know i i’ll do whatever you say: man uh. No, i get that question all the freaking time.

Hey man. Will you mentor me and it it it first off? That is not a way to go about things. I’M gon na go about the real ways to actually find a mentor. Now the biggest mistake is is again: just saying: hey, can you mentor me shows you shows people like me or anyone that you don’t know what you really want, that you don’t have a path that you’re on that you’re not working to achieve whatever it is.

You want to achieve you’re waiting for someone to lift you up you’re waiting for someone to put their arm around you and say it’s okay, buddy boy, i’m gon na show you the light. I’M gon na. Take you the way. I’M gon na give you everything. You need don’t oops, don’t wait.

Do move along your chosen path now. One thing i was doing was: i always dreamed of getting onto tv of getting into tv ads and doing late night infomercials. I remember sitting at home, sick from school watching these folks pitch things on tv, and i said man. I wonder if i could do that. I know that seems like a weird goal, but it wasn’t.

It was a dream of mine and i started creating a tv ad and i spent a quarter million dollars, creating this tv ad and it completely bombed and it was devastating. You know i spent a quarter million dollars and i put up all these ads and i made back 100 bucks from a quarter million dollars to making 100 bucks horrible start right. But not many people do tv ads and what i did was. I did a lot of research on the people who do know how to do tv ads successfully, and i did – and i found the people behind the popular infomercials in my category in the business opportunity niche and i reached out to every one of them. I reached out through social media through email from any way i could find, and i found people i mean these are not necessarily famous people, so they don’t get a huge volume of messages, but i was able to find someone who was interested in talking with me.

You know i sent all these folks, i said: hey i put out a tv show, i put out an infomercial in this category and it failed and i’m wondering your thoughts but because i was actually moving along that path, because i was showing progress because i went Over insurmountable hurdles to create a tv show to put it on tv to get data back and to even just have the data to say: hey i put up tv ads and they failed showed that i was a much higher quality different individual than many of the Other people that you know my my mentor and friend now is uh was used to now my mentor in the space he’s a retired direct response marketer, who has sold over 500 million dollars. I don’t have enough money in this in this gun to even demonstrate what 500 million dollars is. I mean each of these is 10 000 bucks. Okay, this is this is a hundred. This is these are a hundred hundred dollar bills?

Um 500 million dollars would be like it would be. 50 000 stacks of the just. To give you an idea. A pallet of cash of just a palette of hundred dollar bills is a million dollars. It’S a lot of money.

Okay and he’s mentoring me now. He gives me advice on how to do marketing. Folks, i don’t need to be smart. What i need to do is be an action taker. I need to move along the path and what i found is i get smart people behind me.

Number two is: don’t ask something that you could google yourself or you could find out by maybe watching one of your mentors videos or interviews or one of their other kind of more personal recordings. Okay, it’s just a waste of my time, folks to repeat things that folks already know that i’ve already talked about and if i’m being asked to repeat myself from the beginning of somebody’s outreach, to me i mean that’s just insane. The other thing is i get. Is people asking me for money, they say hey? Will he give me money i’ll i’ll do stuff for it i’ll work for it?

No, i worked really hard for my money, i’m not just giving it to anybody who randomly asked me any one of my like millions of people who follow me. You just randomly ask me, that’s crazy! It doesn’t make sense. What are you guys thinking but seriously? Folks, if i am gon na give money away, i give it away to charities.

I have my own charity, it’s it’s a it’s! A tax deduction, you’re, not a tax deduction. What you do want to do is you do want to know your goals and ask very specific questions that cannot be googled an example from my own life is. I once asked a very specific question on a very specific forum: um for affiliate marketers. I ask a specific question about facebook and advertising on facebook and it was a very high quality question.

Most folks won’t even know to ask it, but i asked – and i actually got a response from the most respected one of the most successful affiliate. Marketers of all time, um charles no himself, and he i remember his response – he said the answer. The obstacle is the way, and that was all i needed to know that i was on the right path, because inferred within his answer was that i was doing the right things. I just needed to keep going forward to find that pot of gold, and i did – and i made millions and millions and millions of dollars with that advertising campaign that i was working on at the time which was in the weight loss niche, don’t bring nothing to The table either, if you are trying to create a mentorship or a teacher relationship, if you have nothing to bring to the table yet you are asking for a person’s time or money or advice, or all these things i mean really it’s time and money are the Two things then they’re, probably like it, doesn’t make sense for them to give it to you really, whereas if you do have value to give and it doesn’t need to be monetary, it doesn’t need to make them money. I mean maybe you’re trying to talk to an older well-respected gentleman that has issues with women and you are just a good-looking guy.

Who’S always surrounded by women so always have something to give. Now, in my case, one of my very first mentors i actually found by well, i snuck into this uh kind of mass marketing mastermind um in hollywood at the roosevelt hotel, and i approached my mentor, which is kelly. Felix and uh he’s also known as the rich jerk online and he’s a highly successful marketer and i went up to him and i i i heard of him – and i was like oh my gosh, you know like, can we do stuff together, but i was talking To him about how i do ppc, which is pay per click, advertising, that’s the space. I come from a little background on myself. For those who don’t know is i’m known uh.

I made my first million dollars, my first 10 million dollars doing what’s called affiliate marketing and it’s a business model where i basically buy advertising for a dollar, and i try to sell enough products to make back two dollars. And then i just do that. Over and over and over again and i’ll just do that as many times a day as i possibly can until i’m making fifty thousand dollars a day and uh. I made a lot of money doing that now in kelly felix’s case, kelly felix was very good at creating marketing pages and doing copywriting and and uh at getting websites to show up very high in the search results. But he didn’t know how to do advertising.

Google ads very well so i had value to give to him so when he heard that i was a highly skilled person in google advertising and i i could speak the jargon, i knew the talk i had. I had a lot of results and case studies behind me that i could talk about. He said yeah here and, and we started a relationship together at first. It was just emailing back and forth, but what he did was he let me in on the business model of affiliate marketing, and i learned it very quickly under his just general guidance, and he wasn’t sitting right next to me, showing me what to do. He would just give me vague directions: he’d say: oh try this or oh.

Do this or oh do this and in fact, uh the relationship started that his company even gave me money to spend on online advertising. So i didn’t have to come out of pocket at all, and i was given the advice of what keywords worked best. I was almost given like a complete just plan, but i knew what to do with it. Other people wouldn’t have known what to do with it. If they hadn’t already been following along the online advertising path – and that led me into my business that i’m in today, which is affiliate marketing and it it made me all my first millions of dollars, i’m very thankful for being able to be at the right place At the right time and having had value to give to somebody who is much more successful than myself, what value do you have to give?

You know think think about that, while we’re going through the video or just pause this video and think about to yourself what value do you have to give to a potential teacher of yours now i have two more do’s and don’ts and then we’re going to go Into some hacks that i found to find mentorship relationships now, the next don’t is don’t be a flash in the pan, don’t be in an unfocused, enthusiastic individual, but do be consistent and persistent. Now. What do i mean by that? What i mean by that is, i get these letters all the time i get long written letters and people must have spent hours writing letters to me. I get hand written letters.

People find my address somehow and send me these long handwritten notes asking me to to advise them and be their teacher, and that’s great. You spend five hours on a letter, but are you consistent? Was this just a momentary distraction of trying to find a teacher for you, or do you truly want me to be? You know, like you know, help you out somehow and again that doesn’t even answer all the other ones we talked about, which is. Do you have value to give in all that jazz?

Now, in my experience, i identified three people three executives that have built billion dollar companies in the software space that could find product market fit and i’m building software right now. That’S what my company currently does. We create software that helps make people money. We are paying out folks. We are getting money from small businesses for doing their advertising.

If you want to learn more about the income opportunity of working with me and working with my software, that that’s what my company does now is check out the link in the description, it’s called marketing tech and it’s absolutely amazing. This amazing income opportunity, if you’re, looking to get into marketing, but you have zero skills and zero experience and zero technical knowledge doing so. We pardon the brief advertising interruption now. The three folks who had found product market fit in software that were not billionaires, was an extremely cumbersome task to figure out. I must have spent hundreds of hours watching through interviews with different product owners and different product, soft software, guys that did marketing and product market fit and if they were just way wealthier than i would even be able to have access to them and the only way I could really figure this out was by watching long interviews about one to two hours, long, each involving these different software founders and executives.

Now, once i’d identified these three executives, who had created billions of dollars worth of value for the software companies, they worked for, i started endlessly reaching out to them and crafting very well written messages and adding them on all social platforms and guess what happened. I didn’t get any responses now. You would have thought with the amount of subscribers i have and the amount of influence i have online. I would have been able to get a response out of some of these silicon valley folks, but i wasn’t and i had to i could have just given up at that point, but no, i stayed consistent and persistent and what i did was i kept trying to Find avenues to reach out to these folks through other ways and what i did was i found that one of the folks i was trying to get in contact with to be an advisor for my company. I could uh.

He was speaking at this online conference that cost two thousand dollars to attend. It was a virtual conference and i thought to myself: hmm most of these conference. Apps have some sort of in in in conference messaging system, and maybe just maybe i could find a way to message him through the in-conference messaging system to actually get a response out of him or maybe during his keynote speech i could like. I could ask a question like in the chat somehow and he’d see it. It worked.

I was able to message him through the in in-app messaging system and he said email me. I already had his email i’d already sent him a bunch of emails, so i sent him another email. And finally, i got a response. Persistence pays off now. Question for you is, have you been persistent in your business efforts?

Have you been consistent in your attempts to get a particular person as a mentor, or do you usually just kind of go on little rampages of work and then fall off fall off? What do you do now last do and don’t is don’t pick and choose advice. So this is once you get into a mentorship relationship once you have somebody that agrees to talk to you or gives you some advice, the easiest way is just ask questions again. I love answering people’s specific questions in the youtube comments section. Do you have a specific question for me?

Let me know type it in the comments and again kudos. If you ask me something that isn’t google or isn’t searchable, and that really there’s only one way to get an answer is asking now, when you get to this phase of the relationship or whenever you just ask questions, and you get advice from somebody want to be. Your mentor do not pick and choose advice. Now i mentor people in my training courses. I have over 20 000 students, but only a small segment of them are in.

What’S called my inner circle, my inner circle are they’re all it’s all. People learning affiliate marketing and i talk to my inner circle every two weeks on a group webinar uh within my course the super affiliate system. Now i see people on there consistently and it’s it’s so unnerving there. It used to be unnerving, but i’m getting over, that seeing folks that ask for advice that complain about things and i give them advice of what to do, and then i see them two weeks later and crickets and and frankly it doesn’t make me want to give Them more advice, why would i continue giving advice when you’re just not going to take now? What you do want to do is you do want to act fast?

You do want to act completely and you want to make things happen. The advice i had gotten from my advisor was to make my software completely free folks. This is software. I have spent hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars building and i’m a marketer, i’m a marketer. I sell things.

I charge money for things if i’m creating value for somebody the way i’ve been taught. Is i charge money for value that i’m creating, and i just try to charge something reasonable, but all so. This advice that i’ve gotten from my now advisor just seemed to make zero sense for me, yet this person had created billions of dollars of value for software companies that he had worked with now. The whole point of having a mentor having an advisor is getting advice that you would not do yourself getting told to do things that you would never personally do. Does that make sense.

So why is it when we get advice that goes against our instincts from a mentor or a teacher? Is it that we don’t take them up on their advice? Do it right now the way i believe i was able to keep my mentor in my life was. I went against my own, better judgment. I went against the judgment of my entire team because my entire team that works with me said john.

We should be charging money, we are creating value, we should be charging money. You know you can charge money for your software. Why not? But i went with my mentor’s advice and if you want to sign up for the software by the way, there is a link uh down in the description and yes, it is free. So let’s go into some hacks about finding a mentor first off one hack.

It helps to have money. Okay, having money always helps, it shows that you are successful. It shows that you are a cool person and shows that you are focused, and you can’t focus on something enough to get success, and it also gives you the opportunity to hire mentors in your life uh or at least get some at least use your money. You know, in my case, i spent two thousand dollars to send one message through an in-conference app right, so that having money helped me in my case, having money has helped me get into lots of situations that i wouldn’t normally be able to be involved. The second mentor hack is go to in-person events, there’s no better way to connect with somebody than in-person events, especially if you’re going to some in-person events regularly.

Let’S say: there’s a uh. You know a popular restaurant um, an expensive restaurant or club that your mentor hangs out at or the person you want to be or mentor hangs out with make sure you’re showing up weekly, make sure you’re showing up daily whatever it is that repetitiveness and that consistency And being in person will help you start to form a relationship, so the third important mentor hack that you need to know is positivity and enthusiasm. Okay, nobody wants to work with someone, who’s, who’s, cynical who’s, depressed who’s, who just is not come across as a winner. In life, okay, one thing about me is i very much so work on having good posture, i’m enthusiastic, i’m positive, i am a go-getter, i make things happen and because of this effect, because of how i hold myself in the world, i actually get people even before. I was, i was youtube famous i’ve gotten people that that just come up to me from you know, if i’m sitting at a restaurant or if i’m walking down the street or if i’m in some area, where there’s lots of people, i’ve gotten people.

That just say: hey man, who are you? What do you do? I just see the way you you hold yourself in the world like what? What is that? Are you famous or something this was even before i was famous before i was popular on youtube and it’s a very good effect to have on folks mentor hack number four is have influence.

Okay. Now, if i get a dumb question from somebody on instagram or really any platform, i ignore it right. But if i get a dumb question from somebody who has a hundred thousand followers on instagram, you know i’ll take the time to respond, even if even if the questions answer is googlable, that person has influence that signals. They have success in some area of their life mentor. Hack number five is: do your research now more and more and more i’ve been working on finding a billionaire mentor or advisor for my companies, and i i spend hours of time doing research on these folks so that i make sure i’m always asking the most valuable Quality questions that they haven’t answered anywhere else about subjects that are genuinely interesting to them.

I also use my research as a way to figure out where to approach people. Now, if you know anything about me, you know that i don’t have a smartphone and i don’t even go on instagram and i don’t use. I don’t respond. Any messages there so doing a research is pretty important. Now.

Last but not least, i’m going to give you a bonus, hack, mentor, hack, number, six, which is subscribe to this channel and like this video, okay folks, i’m going over stuff every single day here or every sorry every single week now to help you advance in your Life to help you advance in your business to help you become the most successful version of yourself possible to help you become the james bond ultimate version. The super saiyan version of yourself, if you are ready to learn how to do so type in hoorah. In the comments below, if you watched through this whole video and made it to this point, i am stoked to have you here, i’m stoked you’re serious about changing your life about dropping out of school, about quitting your job about living, free living life. On your own terms, living in financial freedom and just just kicking butt at life. So let’s hang out more i’ll, see you in my next video make sure you like subscribe and leave me a comment or a question.

If you have any thank you so much folks,

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