How To Get Time Freedom And Financial Freedom With Affiliate Marketing

Get More Time

You know, as i said i like, being disconnected from the internet, so guys go out. There write down your goal, figure out. You know and look into the businesses that are going to allow you to do that. Stock trading might require you to slam. The keyboard and be present at any time right.

You do not have time freedom, you have location freedom, but not time freedom, so cryptocurrency trading might be out of the picture. Amazon you know, selling products via amazon and all this stuff might require a little more. You know if you really want to do it right and not have a ton of chargebacks. You know trying to just have them ship stuff from china you’re going to end up with a lot of bad reviews, so you might want to actually have a warehouse or something where you’re shipping stuff out of so amazon businesses are great, but they have system def, Crate redundancies and you’ll definitely want to have at least a virtual assistant. You’Ll probably have to have some sort of stuff and support around that at least a virtual assistant to manage things even if you’re drop shipping – and that was one of the reasons why myself and tim, ferriss and other you know.


Other people, similar to me, have been so attracted to having affiliate marketing related businesses and i’d, say you can do the same with drop shipping too, but they’re so sexy, because you can create that amazing dream, which is you can have a business that allows you to Work from anywhere work minimal amount of time four hours a week and basically not have to worry about a million da’s. Or what have you so go out there, i’m obviously biased. If you guys are interested in checking out my free training series links started, offering free training series to help people out understand the business model, everything you need to get started and uh actually start making some money trying to think what else i have to say. Guys. Love you guys make sure to subscribe hit.

The bell hit the alarm bell: oh my god, and uh at the alarm bell. We’Re gon na be doing some live soon. On the live streams, we do i’m gon na start doing crazy giveaways for people to be a part of my weekly webinars. So i want to get more people on my weekly webinars, so uh, you guys can uh check me out on the live streams. Hope you guys are enjoying the content and we’ll talk soon.

As always comment. Let me know you’re alive peace. I didn’t really believe it at first, but then i did more research and did it myself and you know, work i’m freaking excited today. If you guys can tell i got my first sale: oh yes, i got two of them. Hi john.

I wanted to take a quick moment to give you a quick, testimonial uh. Yesterday i made my first online affiliate commission. I am absolutely totally excited and for the first time i really see that you know i have a future in this and i have someone who has my back so again, john just thank you so much for your time to just help. Everybody in the group and just to give us you know nothing but but value week after week after week again.


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