How To Live A Better Life (Escape The “Matrix Mentality”)

Live a Better Life

We’re at a very famous intersection here in san francisco hayden ashbury. This block right here is the center of the hippie counter cultural movement of the 60s. I’M here in san francisco, still the hippies questioned the order. At this point, we are going to leave golden gate apart to go into, i think, a slight sojourn through the haight ashbury district of san francisco. I think it’s a major historical event for this country.


What was currently going on in america at the time, the wars, the government, intervention, big government, etc controlling our lives? What this video is about is how to escape the matrix, how many people here have seen the matrix and [ __ ] loved it? It’S one of my favorite movies. I love this movie because everything it says is true and i’m also a big fan and debater of simulation theory. Well, maybe we’re in a simulation right now, yeah yeah seriously, it’s something!

I talk about a lot with my friends but the matrix. If you remember, there’s a key point in there. He says neo they’ve built a prison, a prison. For your mind. It is a prison.

You cannot see or smell or hear or touch it’s a prison. For your mind, you are a slave neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch a prison for your mind, and that is exactly true. That’S exactly what we’re living in right now, the three things that are part of imprisoning our mind. There are three core things: two of them actually, almost all three of them are things outside of our control, so the first thing the thoughts, the rules, the structure that control our mind.

Are our parents tell us what to do? What to think what the life trajectory is go here go to school, go to high school four years of this four years of that get a job, do this etc by the way. One of the nice things about uh hate street you’ll notice is all these kind of old, victorian type mansions see by the way. On a side note, san francisco is a [ __ ] dirty city. There are bums everywhere, it’s dirty.

People are not very fun, and it’s just it’s i mean i don’t know for being one of the most expensive cities. I think it’s the most expensive city in the u.s and uh the center of the kind of new world. You know the new tech world order or whatever that’s coming on. It is a dirty city, there’s so many people living on the streets here, it’s it’s actually really disgusting.

San francisco is home to more than 6 000 homeless people not going to go too much into that, but uh. It’S just kind of a side note that the one of the richest cities in the world is also one of the the poorest and the dirtiest and the ugliest. But what have you i do really like the big old kind of victorian mansions, though or houses that this area is known for hate ashbury was originally built in the 1880s just side note, so our parents feed us a lot of things. The second thing is the education system. Budgets for the us department of education have continued to rise, as educational results have continued to fall, it’s a direct correlation and i don’t think it’s a coincidence.

Most governments are in control of the education system and the education system is built to control our minds. It’S built to push thoughts in us sit in nice. Little rows be complicit, follow the rules. This is what you should do you fit into these little categories. Work!

A job everything school teaches us, it teaches us to obey. Education was not done like this. In the olden days, education is built to put us at a loss from the very beginning, it’s disgusting, and then the third thing is the media. The big news media, which is controlled by basically three companies or three or four companies, it’s built to control our minds, and it’s all hogwash, cnn, nbc, abc fox they’re, all [ __ ] the same and what scares the [ __ ] out of them is that People like you and millions and millions if not billions, of other people are turning to youtube because youtube youtube is allowing independent voices into the situation and it scares the [ __ ] out of people. They are now limiting the reach of videos that talk about things that are controversial or conspiracies.

Who determines what is a conspiracy? The idea that the cia ran secret, mind control experiments was treated as an insane conspiracy, theory of paranoiacs up until 1995. That year, president clinton issued a formal apology on behalf of the u.s government, revealing that the speculations weren’t just morbid fantasies of unstable individuals, the big brands that control that are investors and that are seeing the growth of youtube. These companies are scared who the [ __ ] determines.

What a conspiracy is. It’S crazy youtube is limiting the reach of a lot of videos now, and this is a whole other issue, but they’re limiting the voices of people youtube is catching on in a massive way. As a platform, because it is allowing the people to speak, it is allowing people to trade, news and information that would otherwise not be traded and thought points and viewpoints and that the big systems, or whatever companies, brands whatever that control the world, don’t like it. Some cool funky art look at all this stuff: lots of cool little shops and smoke, shops, coffee shops and funky bars around here, skateboard, stuff, street art, etc. Kind of cool area on here is amoeba music.

They sell those big vinyl records here. I’Ll show you guys this shop that tells music. You got that right there. It’S the best way to get control of these. Obviously you can’t affect what your parents say.

What the education has told you and what the media has told you but question everything myself included, but question everything. Don’T take. All the information people tell you for granted, be skeptical, but to a point, it’s your life. You determine what goes on. I hear a lot of people say: oh john, what you talk about is [ __ ].

You can’t make a million dollars in a year, that’s not possible. Nobody does that. You tell everybody, can be an entrepreneur. John, that’s not possible who the [ __ ]. Are you joking how the [ __ ] are people making all this money on the internet?

Look around man look around it’s possible. It’S not just me man, it’s not just me. There’S lots of people out there being very successful so escape the matrix escape the prison for your mind, start destroying those walls, feed yourself, the right media question: what your family’s fed you since birth and turn off the [ __ ], big news media. It’S all [! __ ] [ __ ], oh [, __, ], [, __, ], [, __, ], [, __, ].

Follow me: there are other people on youtube which are really cool. I love casey neistat and i just look up a lot of stuff on youtube. Frankly, just look around guys like this video. Let me know if this resonates this might have been uncomfortable for some people. I’M questioning a lot of the things that i think people out there leave solidly with or grew up with or whatnot, but like it.

If you agree like it, if you’re on the same page subscribe and leave a comment below i love hearing from you, guys love the community, we’re building and as always stay good see you tomorrow, john’s training helped me buy a car and stop trading time for money. It’S worth it to buy john’s program because you can double triple even quadruple your money in a very short amount of time. Hi my name is demetrius. I basically started using his tactics yesterday and already started seeing results after going through the program i made my first commissions uh. Basically yesterday John Crestani, thank you so much for access to your program.

It is powerful and i hope your students, uh and people actually uh, get in and they’ll see they’ll be able to understand what i’m talking about. Okay, so thank you again and i appreciate everything that you put out.

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