How to make $1000/day with Amazon selling EBOOKS (Guest Webinar)

How to make $1000/day with Amazon selling EBOOKS (Guest Webinar Ty Cohen)

My friend Ty Cohen, who’s been hacking Amazon to build passive income and WEALTH for himself, goes over how he got started, and how he makes money on Amazon.

I’m excited to bring today’s presentation to you, because this is a business model that’s pretty different from other stuff that i’ve talked about and it’s something that generates income month after month for years and years to come.

Amazon has over half a billion customers all with credit card numbers on file who are ready to buy what you have to sell them. One of the easiest most profitable things to sell on amazon these days are ebooks, and with us today is someone who is known as the Amazon Kindle King and he’s going to show off a three-step process that he uses to make a killing with e-books right no cost of goods sold or anything like that to the tune of a consistent monthly passive income stream.

So, he’s a family guy he’s someone who cares and adores his wife and kids and if you follow him on facebook you’ll see that he’s also a world traveler.

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