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In this video, I’m gonna show you THE BEST PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS so you can learn how to make passive income FAST.

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0:00 – Intro
0:35 – What Is Passive Income?
1:13 – My 3 Sources Of Passive Income
4:15 – The Most Important Thing About Money
5:16 – Passive Income Source #1
6:36 – Passive Income Source #2
8:08 – Passive Income Source #3
9:24 – 3 Unknown Passive Income Sources
10:04 – Passive Income Source With No Money
10:30 – Active Affiliate Marketing vs Passive Affiliate Marketing
12:26 – Last Passive Income Source
14:34 – Most Important Message You’ll Hear Today

Hey John Crestani here and today we’re talking about a very important topic: passive income. I’M going to be going over why passive income is so important, how you can get it and i’m going to go into a few stories of how i make passive income of over twenty thousand dollars a month i’ll go out and show you exactly where i’m making That money and also go over five different methods that you can make passive income as well. So let’s go into this and let’s get it look at all that money and that money can be coming to you overnight without you having to work for it. If you understand how to get passive income now passive income, what is that? It means that you don’t have to do any management to get that money.

It means that, whatever you know, software money or whatever it is it’s working for you making money that you are not working for it and it allows you to focus on your life and you know, maybe you want to spend more time with your mom or your Kids or your dog, or fishing or camping, or whatever you like doing, that is what this is for. Now, let’s go over. How do i make passive income first now, for those of you who don’t know me, i am John Crestani, a internet entrepreneur. I have software and all these different sorts of businesses that i’ve created over time, and it’s created me nice amount of passive income. Let’S go into it.

The first source of passive income is investments. Now investments make me about 8 000 a month. Okay, what investments are is you kind of just when you put money into the stock market or bonds or whatever you should get an expected rate of return of somewhere around? You know five six, seven percent now the best rule of thumb for this is that every million dollars that you have in the bank should equal about if you’re, using those numbers about five thousand dollars a month. Okay and that’s not sorry, not a million dollars in the bank, a million dollars in investment accounts after taxes and after all that stuff.

So if you want a income of 20 000 a month uh, then you need to have at least four million dollars in investment accounts, and you could literally just live off of investments for the rest of your life. Youtube makes me a cool ten thousand dollars a month and that’s you know, that’s a number that i took after not having posted videos for six months. Okay and my youtube channel still earns me ten thousand dollars a month or more and reason why that happens is because i’ve put up hundreds of videos before i took a hiatus from youtube and those videos are still interesting material to folks in their interesting material to Over half a million people every single month so that content i put out is almost a form of intellectual property that i have, and it just earns me money. So it’s really cool, even though i had to work for it at one point, since i worked for it years ago, it still adds up to this day. The next is my email list, which makes me around averaged out.

It makes me around ten thousand dollars a month, okay, and that’s because i have an email list of over a million people um. I can’t email all of them uh, because some of you crazy folks have unsubscribed. You know who you are, but basically an email list is a valuable asset and you can use it to make money now, in my case, i don’t even manage my email list. I don’t type out the emails, i don’t click send i don’t. I don’t monitor any of that.

I have another company manage everything around my email list and i’ll occasionally send out some emails. So this is. This is a kind of helpful thing you have right here and just adding all of that up money that i don’t have to work for is over 27 or 28 000 per month, which allows me to i don’t know kind of it gives me that sort of Basic foundation for making money now, the other important thing to understand about any money is that money can work for you, money is the best way to create more money. Money creates passive income and, as i showed in my previous example of you know, having a million dollars in the bank should be an extra four thousand dollars or five thousand six thousand a month in income. It’S very important that you have that you save your money and you put it to work for you if you are taking your money and you’re spending it on random clothes, that you don’t need or or plan i just stuff, you don’t need, then you’re, not allowing Yourself to live a life of freedom and you’re, taking a short-term approach to life when you could have a long-term future and that stress of making money, it builds up, save your money and put it away in investments.

Let your money work for you! Now, let’s go into some ways that you can make passive income: okay, folks, so here’s a smattering of ways and i’m going to talk about each of them. So first off is real estate. Now i own real estate, but i own a couple acres of land, but it’s for my family. It’S not necessarily done as a a uh income investment, but a lot of folks.

What they do is they do what’s called multi-family real estate or they do airbnb rentals. Where they can get money from people living in the properties that they bought oftentimes with debt and earning money on that, and the simplest example is somebody might use debt and a good credit rating to get. You know a a loan for you know. Let’S say they get a loan for ten thousand dollars a month on a multi-family property, and then they are earning twelve thousand dollars a month from their tenants. Now.

In that scenario, the person is only making two thousand dollars a month in passive income, yet you’re building an asset and you’re owning real estate, you’re owning potentially you know. At this rate, it would be millions of dollars worth of real estate that you are building and you’re not even having to pay for it absolutely fantastic way to make passive income. I know a lot of people are doing this shout out to graham stefan for really using real estate as a amazing, passive income vehicle. The next is the stock market, putting your money into investments that and that could be bonds. That could be municipal bonds.

That could be, you know, stocks or that could be crypto coins or whatnot, but putting your money in the stock market. It has over time the s p 500 and the dow jones there’s been a consistent uptrend in all stocks that beats out keeping your money in cash in the bank, and we all know out here in the u.s inflation is coming. You can’t spend trillions of dollars without expecting some sort of downside and what happens when with inflation is that anybody who has money, which is typically the poor, poor people, middle class and poor people, their income or their their value of their net worth just goes down Down down down because again, cash is getting less meaningful and having your money in stocks and big corporations, and all these things you’re gon na see your money go up because once again, when you tie yourself to the power brokers of the world to the big companies To the googles to the facebooks, to the tesla’s, to the what have you, you are going to see you’re on the ride along with them, and you want to be on the ride along with them, rather than being screwed over by the government, which is taking your Money, the value of it down to zero, get out of cash and put your money somewhere, smarter. I love this next one.

The next one is intellectual property. Now, for hundreds of years, folks have been coming up with inventions or you know, songs or artwork or movies, and all of these even youtube videos. All of these are a form of intellectual property, meaning you know again it can be inventions, music movies, whatever pictures and all of that you can get paid on every time, it’s used musicians. What’S great is a musician who’s made one hit song in their entire career. Will be earning royalty checks until the end of their life that they can live on because they created that one popular song that everybody knows in my case my youtube: videos that i’ve put out to the world that have had interesting content that have captured people’s minds And imaginations has allowed me to make ten thousand dollars a month just on autopilot.

Now my businesses generate me hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. So it’s not the most important thing and it’s not like i’m retiring anytime soon, but it’s pretty cool. Okay. So look out for stuff like that and you can also get copyrights, trademarks, etc. Now the next three options can be passive if you create them that way.

I love these businesses right. There’S, amazon fba, which is creating an online store through amazon. Then you have affiliate marketing, which is selling other people’s products to make money, and you have drop shipping which is taking products from a warehouse and tennessee, and china and tunisia wherever it is, and just selling them for the warehouse and earning a keep of the profits. And, what’s great about all of these businesses is that they’re, easy businesses to start they’re relatively cheap in affiliate marketing and drop shipping affiliate marketing costs zero dollars to start? If you want to learn more about how to create an affiliate marketing business, which is how i made my first million dollars, then check out other videos on my channel make sure to hit the subscribe button like this video for the algorithm come on just spank.

It spank that, like button for me and also uh yeah drop drop me any questions about any of these things, uh, if you have any now. In my case, i do active affiliate marketing where i’m actively working to do some of my affiliate programs that i’m marketing and then there’s some affiliate marketing. That’S what i call passive income and an example of that is click funnels, uh click. Funnels is a web page builder that charges 97 a month and they pay out their affiliates roughly 50, making 50 of those commissions. I earn again probably another 10 000 a month and that’s all from folks who sign up through generally my youtube videos that i’ve done on click funnels uh talking about this web page builder, that i use so much and what’s great about it.

Is that again, my youtube videos get traffic all day every day that content is out there to the world and it’s generating me both revenues for youtube and it’s generating me affiliate commissions, so that aspect of my affiliate marketing i consider passive now the other affiliate marketing. I do is based off of products that are within my book right. I have i sell a book on tv and i sell a book on amazon and there’s different affiliate programs and different affiliate products that i recommend in here, but it takes more work. My tv income, it’s still i have to redo my infomercial. I have to manage shipping, i have to manage processing.

I have to manage picking and packing and ordering you know more units of these books. We sell maybe a hundred of these books every single day. So it’s an operation, we have multiple warehouses. We have one on the east coast, one on the west coast that we have to manage. So there’s a lot of relationships involved.

That kind of make it not so passive. Again. Passive income is where you don’t have to work about, where you don’t have to stress about it, where it’s literally just it just comes in without you thinking about it now. The last one here is drop shipping, which is e-commerce at its finest. But again it can be passive if you build your business out that way.

If you build your business out, so you’re not constantly chasing the new trending product, you know, there’s these sleep devices or fitness trackers or you know, drones or all these different sorts of fad of the moment type gadgets, and i know lots of marketers who just chase Those and market those you know, facebook, ads new trending product and each product kind of goes through a life cycle of maybe one to three months where those ad campaigns are really getting an roi. That’S not passive income. Passive income is when it’s just you set up your site on shopify, you find a cool product that, maybe not you know other folks, can’t really find or offer or present in a as good of a way as you and you just let the sites be, and If orders come in, that’s great one of my students set up an e-commerce site to drop ship opera, glasses yeah. That sounds weird opera. Glasses.

Are these weird kind of like monocles they’re, like weird kind of binoculars that people use at operas back when people used to go, see, live music and it’s a very niche product? Not many people anywhere are selling opera, binoculars and opera glasses, but he just was able to set that side up. Do a minimal amount of work and for years that business was creating him a six-figure income just without any work whatsoever. That’S what i call passive income. So the question is: how are you going to create passive income for yourself?

Are you going to save up? Are you going to put some effort in now? Are you going to use one of these methods? You know create your own pattern or trademark, put money in the stock market, put money in real estate and get tenants that are going to pay you, amazon, fba, affiliate, marketing drop shipping. Let me know in the comments below what you are most interested in learning and what you’re going to be applying and, as always folks remember, you have one life to live, live it out to your freaking fullest.

You don’t like going to school, you aren’t learning anything drop that you don’t like your job, tired of your boss, yelling and demeaning your intelligence get out of there work for yourself. You can do it. You can do anything! You set your mind to. You are worth every penny that you think you are that you think you deserve.

You can make it happen. You can stay focused the only person that’s going to take you. There is yourself so get up there get out there and like and subscribe to my channel and make it happen. Have a good one folks see you soon, bye,

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