How To Never Waste Time Again (And Be More Productive)

Never Waste Time


Hey guys coming from another high. Oh my god. What is my daughter doing? I’M uh hiking this trail in uh, pasadena and uh. I was just thinking you know.

I always reflect on hikes and it’s just kind of like my meditation right, i’m not into the whole like hippie kind of like meditation thing, but i am into uh reflecting right and i am in for hiking. I was reflecting on time wasters many points in my life. I’Ve had time wasters, i’ve seen to surround myself with people who have wanted to waste my time, and i can think of at least four situations where i have basically grown leeches leeches that have been attracted to my marketing knowledge, my ability to create successful marketing campaigns And basically stolen my time cut time, wasters fast, because there’s a lot of them out there and time wasters can be gurus or other teachers. You follow online if you’re going through a program that does not resonate with you, it does not fit your style. That does not fit your lifestyle, let’s say: you’re learning real estate you’re like i’m trying to stay focused, but this just isn’t for me.

I want to travel the world. This isn’t going to happen anytime soon with this real estate program. It’S just wasting my time cut. It fast you know, in my case, i get a lot of people who are wanting me to somehow help out or provide some assistance with their business and they have booker bucks. I’M talking people with businesses that are doing 50 million or more a year and they’re.

Looking at me to be the person that helps really create that marketing engine that drives it and these people will invite me out to places and talk, big they’ll show me their offices with you know their hundreds of employees they’ll. Take me on private jet flights or they’ll, throw really big names around oh yeah. I can introduce you to tim ferriss or i can introduce you to you know to gary vaynerchuk or you know something like this and that’s the scale where people kind of i’ve been manipulated on people say: hey help me craft some marketing for my big business help Me refine things or i’ll cut you in on a piece of the action and i’ll, introduce you to tim ferriss and get you big investors and i’m thinking of a particular case, and i actually, i was suckered in to uh helping this person out for really. I spent countless hours over the span of three months and i heard promise after promise. There were all massive things.

You know talk of billionaires, you know hanging out with billionaires and meeting elon, musk and all this stuff, but it never ended up. Nothing really. Material came out of it and i just ended up wasting a lot of time because they told me exactly what i wanted to hear, but when it was their time to deliver, nothing was ever delivered. No time was spent. On the flip side, no thought was put into basically so think about that.

Don’T just be dragged along by promises. You know like my program, for instance right i teach people affiliate marketing. Essentially that’s what i do. I basically market products put up ads on. You know.

Facebook youtube, google and i market other people’s products, and i you know, make money in the middle right: don’t really have uh, you know any inventory or any of that stuff. My business model is pretty lean, that’s what i do and what i show people in my training is by how people in my program, people make their first dollar in their first day and it’s pretty easy. But in my program i basically have a hard stop. You know we have an introduction. We go over the outline and everything i’m gon na be talking about when people sign up first exercise is making your first dollar and i say: don’t do anything else until you complete this exercise until you make your first dollar for a lot of people, they don’t Think it’s real for a lot of people coming from you know, working jobs, uh with hourly wages or monthly salaries.

They don’t believe the whole entrepreneur thing is real. They still have these doubts. You know it’s a scam over promise under deliver. It’S not real. You know john’s actually just a bum with a baby that hikes around, possibly true.

It’S really i’m stair-stepping people starting people off with their first dollar starting people off with then organic traffic, the first thousand dollars, and then we go up to the really the big bucu bugs where i make hundreds hundreds of thousands per month somewhere in there. So i stair step people up. I don’t basically say you’re going to go from zero to 100k a month right away, so i’m trying to deliver people key goal posts along the way. Now the big problem is when you’re working with people who have you know some big things, they’re promising you and they just drag you on yeah, i’m gon na marry you eventually or whatever it is. Don’T let them drag you on cut them early.

But look at this view. Look at that big old, big old canyon cube. I love that cut them early, cut them off and guys. We have some massive big uh content coming out soon again hit that bell. Think it’s on one of the sides.

I don’t know because we’re gon na be the release. I’M just gon na, like pound release some massive uh they’re. All in editing, i shot a couple. Freebie courses, for you guys got a massive free live training. You guys should get a hold of should be the first link in the description we basically go over three exercises.

Get you started on your business. Choosing your niche figuring out your goals. You know getting your motivation set figuring out your niche figuring out your product figuring out your traffic source and what major major beginner mistakes to avoid. That link is in the description check that out, and we will you know hopefully quit your goddamn job become one of my students make millions and uh you know write me a cool testimonial at one point so other than that guys, i’m gon na get back to This hike with lily we’re going up here somewhere up there, i’m gon na be huffing and puffing look forward to seeing you guys soon make sure you subscribe or comment and we will uh continue. The discussion tomorrow see ya uh.

After going through the program, i made my first commissions basically yesterday uh within the first few exercises. I did the exercises immediately and i got immediate sales and i just couldn’t believe it. I’Ve been with john’s program for a few years now i remember when i first started out making my first like hundred dollars was a big deal uh, but you know i’ve stuck with john’s program and you know changed my life completely able to you know, afford a Mortgage uh and just live the lifestyle that i want right here in vegas.

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