How To Revolutionize The Education System (Why School Is A SCAM)


The old world of education was somebody would stand, be boring, low, energy and lecture at you for five hours. You want to shoot yourself in the face. It’S called stand-in lecture, that’s the education paradigm. That’S ruled society for a long time, and it’s absolutely and it’s disgusting there’s a lot of aspects. How tony is changing education, i think he’s a shining example of what in-person education should be like now.

As you know, i’m not here to change in-person education. That’S not my goal. My goal is to change online education, i’m an online guy, i’m not running physical businesses, i’m into running online businesses. The point is how he’s doing it is attracting tons of people to pay five to ten thousand dollars for a week. One week of education willingly and it’s not even education, which teaches you about business, it’s not even education that teaches you about making money.

It’S not education, that teaches you that has any necessarily material payoff. It’S working on yourself and he’s bringing in whatever 25 million dollars from one of them. It’S because people want to learn in an engaged way. People want community college does not necessarily encourage community fraternities. Do sororities do college.

Does not college encourages you to get an a lots of people? How many people here went through the experience where they drive to college community college drive home every day? It doesn’t encourage community. It’S not about that another thing about what tony tony’s education is that he’s forcing people to involve their bodies, all that they got all the dancers on stage. They said all the dancers come on stage and all the music started blaring it’s craziness in there man, so they really get people to involve their body to lock things down, one of the biggest problems with a lot of my students that teach people how to start Online business blogging or vlogging, essentially, i teach people how to be an online entrepreneur, the biggest problem with my students is they over intellectualize everything everything they’re in their head: paralysis by analysis.

The Education System Revolution

That’S all my students, they’re thinking too much, instead of being in their heart they’re. In their mind and their mind, is here it’s here: it’s here, one month it’s uh drop shipping with shopify another month. It’S amazon selling. You know that’s the best business traders in the amazon business the next month. It’S investing in bitcoin the next month.

It’S not investing in bitcoin, it’s investing in other cryptocurrencies and then the next month. It’S not investing in other cryptocurrencies. It’S launching an ico. How many people here understand what i’m talking about and if you’re in your head, you’re gon na be floating around up there you’re. Never going to be moving forward with anything you’re going to be poor.

Your wife’s going to leave you’re going to die bro and your kids are going to age. No, not really, but that’s a possibility for sure. We need to get out of our heads and tony does a very good job with his education of getting people into their body. Getting people into their heart. Your physiology and your emotional state physiology is moving around emotional state.

Is your part? That’S one area where traditional education doesn’t really address. I’M talking about the education system. I think everybody here hates it another way that tony really is changing. Education, i would say, is that’s based around experience.

He really makes it experiential and that’s part of you know the physiology and all that other stuff. But when you make education an experience rather than just somewhere, you go and you sit down and you just listen for a few hours every day. He turns it into something fun, he turns it into something. I did that yesterday, usher got on stage was like whoa. We had that thing where usher got on stage or something like that turns into a fun experience and see.

You know the community all that stuff and you see it. You know i’ve had a couple of people come up to me and it’s almost a sense of identity too. That’S what a lot of the universities a lot of the colleges you know central michigan university. Does that have a true identity or people just commuting in and commuting out, so you really got to think about how to change it because you rock by bridge, go into it work on it and there’s some crazy things that happen here. I encourage you guys if you guys, are looking into changing education or a new sort of educational experience check out one of these events.

If you can’t make it to an event check out my training, i do monthly trainings. I want to spark a discussion here. You know check out some of my articles and forums or buzzfeed or whatever about how to change education, because it’s not coming from the government. It’S not coming from the educational institutions. It’S not coming from any of those areas.

It has to come from the people. It has to come from the people actually putting their mouth or putting their wallet or whatever to where the best teachers are training. People in new things, it’s not coming from the university of central michigan. The university of central michigan is not changing. The university of central michigan is always going to be the same, so you can’t expect the institutions to change.

You have to change in yourself by demanding better educational programs. Teachers. Like me, i’m devoted to you guys, teachers, like tony et cetera, so have fun. If you guys are interested in hearing a little bit more about my thoughts on education check out some of the links in the description. I have started a company.

I’Ve been meeting with venture capital firms for a few months. Now, i’m raising a big round of funding for my company. We learn, which is focused on changing the whole face of education. This has become i’d, say my mission to change in the world as much as i love teaching people to be entrepreneurs and blogging and vlogging. I believe we have way further to go.

I believe this is a massive thing. Everybody everybody needs to get on board. A new system of education so talk about it in the discussion. Let me know what your thoughts are, how the education system needs to change if anybody’s interested in my vision, for what that actually looks like not just the problems with the current education system, you can see some of it here in person, obviously online. I think it’s different um check out the articles.

Let me know in the comments: what is your vision? What problems do you have with the current educational system? What do you think an education system in the future looks like to be free or the teachers should be? Not boring or every teacher should be a youtube celebrity or every teacher should have published a book or uh. There should be no teachers and it should be all group whatever it is.

I want to hear it talk with you guys soon. Let me know in the comments: let’s change the world you’re going to see a lot more videos about me on education. I love this stuff. Let’S do it. Let’S do it together subscribe share.

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