How To Stop Getting Stuck In Your Head (And Take Action Instead)

Stop Getting Stuck

If you get stuck in your head, you are dead, so really really powerful. Impactful quote by one of my mentors, i’m out here at an airbnb at in florida, west palm beach, a little cool all this stuff tony’s been spitting some knowledge. I love it, it’s forcing me to think and what he said is if you’re in your head, you’re dead and what that quote means is. It means, if you try to make decisions from a point of too much thought of over intellectualization, if you’re trying to make decisions about something, that’s going to impact your life, your direction.

You know your personal life, your business et cetera, if you’re too much in your head. It’S not going to be a good answer. I talk to so many aspiring entrepreneurs every single day, and you know some of the questions i get are: what sort of business should i be doing or what’s the best business to start or what niche should i be in you know. I want to sell on uh, you know i want to sell, you know doing amazon or affiliate or ebay, or you know all these different things. You know cryptocurrency what?


What type of things should i do? What’S the niche or uh? What’S the best business, i need a business partner that does this etc, and so many people make the decision of what type of business they get in based on what they perceive is just gon na make them the most money right there, but guys guess what? How often does the best thing to make money change the best thing and the best thing being what the media is talking about, what all the gurus are talking about, what all the internet people are talking about, what you know news, gurus, email list – you know all The people that you listen to it’s changing every single day, it’s changing every single day and more reasonably, it’s changing every single three months right, one month drop shipping and shopify stores are popular another month amazon, you know, fulfillment by amazon, is popular right. Another month, crypto currency, you know it’s all about trading cryptocurrency as popular another month goes by.

Cryptocurrency is all about starting your own. Cryptocurrency right, don’t invest in bitcoin, start your own cryptocurrency and next month it’s going to be something different right. It’S going to be something different the month after that, it’s going to be a new, a new fad, and what you’ve got to understand is that it’s always changing. You’Ll, never be enough if you’re, following trend after trend after trend after trend after trend. These new fads are meant, it’s consumerism.

It’S meant to make you doubt yourself. It’S meant to make you question your own direction. It’S meant to make you buy more education products, or it’s meant to make you buy more software services, because if everybody was focused on one thing, you wouldn’t continually be hopping around trying to make cryptocurrency work trying to make this work trying to make that work. It’S about belief in yourself people it’s about belief in yourself. What’S something you’re passionate about, i don’t care.

Cryptocurrency was not popular five years ago, but if that was something you were truly passionate about, you know getting rid of very libertarian and anarchist ideals. You were very passionate about getting rid of the current monetary system and you thought it was all up. Cryptocurrency was losing money; it lost 90 percent of its value in a day. But if you truly believed in it right, you’d stay with it for the long haul, because it gels with your values it gels with your lifestyle, anarcho, libertarian or your libertarian, or anarchist, or some something like that. You were interested in cryptocurrency and for the guys who believed in themselves and knew libertarianism, and you know distrust in the current financial system was part of their ideals.

They stuck with it because they were confident in themselves their heart. They listened to their heart instead of intellectualizing everything in their head. So first off believe in yourself believe in yourself. Listen to your heart is a really big thing in business. If you’re jumping around you’re going to cut yourself off as a knees, so trust your heart and one way to do that is get physically get into i’d, say the best technique so we’ll go into the technique to do it.

Don’T sit you’re, not gon na, be in your heart, if you’re sitting, if you’re dying in a seat and you’re breathing shallow and you’re, not moving you’re gon na end up in your head best way to end up in your heart: go for a run, work out! Yeah do do some push-ups or whatever work out for 30 minutes and then think about these questions in life, work out and then think about what sort of business do i want to be work out, then think about that big question of whatever it is. You want to do that’s the best way to go about things, because then, when you get back into your heart – and you say what resonates with me screw, what everybody else is saying, what’s something what’s a business what’s a way of doing business that makes sense to You that you can get behind and continue to move forward, basically get in your heart and uh have fun, don’t take life so seriously because more fun you have what some something i realized is i’ve made a lot of bad decisions. I’Ve come from my head. A lot and i’d say one of the worst was i’d made a ton of money right in uh, 2015.

You know i was just doing pure affiliate marketing right made 50 margins every day and what i thought to myself is hey, i’m tired of working with affiliate networks. I want to be the big guy, but i took a business where i was making 50 margins and i was cash flow positive and i took that and i reinvested it in a business that was cash flow negative, where i took all the risk right. I put the money out and then hoped to get some back, so i took all the risk, which is bad affiliate. Marketing by the way is uh for those of you who don’t know it’s when you’re a middleman you’re putting links on the internet and you’re selling. Other people’s products on generally other people’s websites.

You know on google, on facebook on youtube and you make a commission for uh referring the sale. This referral, you know, but you referred the sale, so you make commission what’s nice? Is you don’t have any inventory? You don’t have to talk to any clients. Uh you just log in someplace, get a link, you know, put up a facebook post or a ad or something, and if people people click on it, you make money, it’s a great business.

I still do. I still do it, it’s still my uh, it’s still my main breadwinner. I do this for fun. I like connecting with people but affiliate marketing made me rich, and it’s given me a really nice life. If you’re interested in my training program there’s links down below uh, i highly suggest you join it.


I’M serious about education, i’m gon na go more into that in the future, but long story short. I made decisions from my head after i’d, been making too much money for too long, and i lost a good chunk of it. But i lost a lot of it and it was because i was trying to think things too hard, rather than just just doing what it felt like. I was really pushing trying to push business work as hard work as a struggle right. That’S more so i thought i made it that way.

I thought money can’t be this easy. You know i’d be making 20 grand a day for this. I didn’t believe it could be this easy, so i found ways to make bad investments and found bad businesses to get in. I was chasing shiny objects right, so hope that makes sense, though so think from your heart. Do what feels right – and i will see you in tomorrow’s video peace – it’s been amazing.

My life, because john’s program has actually helped me, make an additional two million dollars to change my life. I followed all the directions, did exactly what you said and i had already gotten one sale and i could not be happier hi john. I wanted to take a quick moment to give you a quick, testimonial uh. Yesterday i made my first online affiliate commission. I am absolutely uh totally excited and for the first time i really see that you know i have a future in this and i have someone who has my back so again, john just thank you so much for your time to just help.

Everybody in the group and just to give us you know nothing but but value week after week after week again. Thank you so much.

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