Is Money The Root Of All Evil? The TRUTH Revealed

Is Money Evil?

I’ve heard preachers, say the bible says that money is the root of all evil. It is in the bible, and a lot of people have a lot of limiting beliefs around money. How many here can testified having limiting beliefs about money? The majority of my students are held back because they have a fear of profiting off of others of making money. The fundamental part of being in business is that you’ve got to make money, but most people don’t want to make money off of others, and it’s ingrained in us from the very beginning.


From our very upbringing i mean, if you went to church, i grew up catholic. It’S told money is the root of all evil in the bible, it actually says the desire of money, here’s the root of all evil, but i think that’s bad too. The point is it’s not making money is not bad. Making money is how we live. I can’t make this these glasses cost money.

Everything costs money, we’re in a society nowadays, where everything is separated, labor is specialized. We live in cities way over there and labor is specialized. We need to have money to survive and it may seem unnatural too, to some people, and i understand that, because in the olden days you could provide for what you needed to survive, you could kill it, you could eat it, you could farm it and you could Eat it, you could pick the berry, some berries back here and you could eat it. You could build your own house and all of this was possible in the olden days. So if you had money, it was extra, you were hoarding and it was almost bad to have money because it meant that you were keeping stuff for yourself and keeping it out of the hands of other people.

At least that’s what they want. You to think the point is money’s, not bad, and it’s not the root of evil. The root of evil is doing bad things if you’re hurting people, that’s bad. If you’re raping people, if you’re stealing from people, if you’re terrorizing people, that’s bad, making money from people is not bad making money from people does not hurt people hurting people hurts people stealing from people hurts people, but if you offer people something and they give you Money for it and you provide a product or a service and then blackmail somebody or whatever. That’S fine, that’s a fair transaction, but if you’re stealing from people not providing them with what you said then you’re doing something.

That’S bad, so don’t feel bad about money. So many people have so many beliefs. Let me know where those beliefs come from. For me, it came from my church growing up catholic. It was told to us that money’s bad, basically that making money from other people was bad.

It’S religion, the bible doesn’t say that, but that belief is propagated. That money is bad. What i do i’ve worked hard to overcome that i have such a high view of myself and what i believe the world is limitless. I have a very much an abundance mentality. I’M a creator right, i believe it’s limitless.

I believe the world is limitless. I believe this is all a wish, an idea, a thought. Within a dream, i mean i’m not going to go into my crazy beliefs, but i believe everything’s a thought, an idea, a dream of a god. Much higher than us. Elon musk calls it a simulation.

I believe we’re a dream within a god. This whole world is programmed they’re not going to get into crazy thoughts, but the point is we’re: limitless abundance is in our programming. You can have anything you want, you can create anything you want. You can be anything you want if it is physically possible. If you are not breaking the law of physics, you can do it.

It is possible for you to have a billion dollars in your bank account next year. That is not breaking any law of physics, it is possible, but you have to. It starts with belief and then the steps fall into place, but it doesn’t begin with anything other than belief. If you don’t believe it, it will not happen. But the point is you can have anything you want.

You can create whatever life you want. It’S not unrealistic. Only unrealistic, if you believe it’s unrealistic, don’t be afraid of money. It starts with not being afraid of money. It starts with not believing it’s the root of all.

If you think money is evil, you’re, never gon na have it you can go through my course. You can go through his course. You can go through tai lopez’s course. You can go through any educational life. You can go to harvard harvard university.

Go to stanford university. Your dad would be a billionaire. You could be born rich, it doesn’t matter because if you believe money’s bad you’re gon na self-sabotage yourself, you’re gon na self-sabotage your own progress, you could be born a billionaire and you just give it all away. Then you won’t have it or you could be born poor and believe money’s bad and never make any always work a job and always find ways to get rid of money. You could try to be an entrepreneur, but believe money is bad and you’re.

Never gon na have the correct profit margins and you’re gon na overpay, your employees or you’re, going to underpay yourself or you’re going to embark on crazy projects within your business. You could believe money’s bad and you could take every course. There is out there trying to figure out what are the tricks to making money but never making it for yourself, because you believe it’s bad. You have to get over your own, limiting beliefs about money before you start making it part of my course. The second exercise, i work a lot on people’s mindset.

This is a word, that’s a turn off, but i hypnotize people in the beginning of my course. I make people go through an exercise. I don’t call it hypnosis, but that’s what i’m doing. I take people out of their mind to help them overcome those problems, those limiting beliefs, because it is such a big problem with people, because i’m a teacher, i’m focused on results, i’m the results guy and i want you to be successful in spite of yourselves, i Know all the tricks to make marketing that makes profits, but i want you to be successful, even in spite of yourself, because otherwise it reflects poorly on me. So guys hope you took something away from this leave me a comment.

I’D love to hear kind of from your perspective. Where do you see your limiting beliefs about money coming from? Why are they there share this video if it really means something to you share it on your facebook share it on your twitter whatever. But the point is this is important, stuff and i’d love to hear what your thoughts are on this, because this is such a major problem in society that i believe people are not talking about enough. It’S a big deal hope you guys learned something from this.

I hope you guys took something away. I hope this has helped. You guys become a little more powerful. These negative beliefs, instilled in us by religious figures, really held me back when i was starting out my first years as an entrepreneur. I found ways to grind myself to zero because i didn’t believe i deserved.

I didn’t believe it was good and i could make money all i wanted, but i found ways to get rid of it as well made it all got rid of it because i didn’t believe money was good. Just freaking, crazy, [ __ ] up. But let me know if this helps see you guys make sure you subscribe, make a comment. Don’T be a stranger and i’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s video bye. I followed all the directions.

Did exactly what you said and i had already gotten one sale and i could not be happier thanks to john and his uh media buying programs. I’Ve really i’ve. I’Ve done 100 000 extra revenue. It’S been absolutely life-changing. I have a day job and uh during the day, i’m a visual effects, artist and i work on hollywood movies, uh doing compositing and the majority of my days are really really um locked down by time, but um.

What i like about the course as well is you could work through your own pace and do it at your own time and the results are astounding. Um. All the videos, too um are really built to get you off the ground as quickly as possible, and i didn’t think i would be able to pull it off and i followed john’s instructions step by step. It took a little more than two hours, though i say probably like more like five or six hours, and i made five commissions.


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