Live The Laptop Lifestyle: How To Turn Every Day Into A Vacation

Vacation Every Day

What’s up youtube, i’m at a wedding, big, persian wedding out here in it’s my father-in-law mother-in-law at a big persian wedding. Trying to get out of this thing! Look how nice this is, though, i’m gon na tell you a little bit about persian wedding, but what i’m really interested in is kind of this idea, this custom that you know what you’ve got to have it’s nice experiences like where we’re at right now, like once In a lifetime you know this whole idea of special events every once in a while splurge live that dream. You know this whole idea of vacations and you know two weeks a year you get a vacation and you know you can do this and then it’s back to work and your life. You know screw that live your life like a vacation.


Live your life like a dream if you want to live somewhere like here, make this your life and it’s possible. Obviously, a lot of the people come here because they’re at the resort right they’re at the resort right here but there’s a whole other contingent of people who are living in the houses over here, be one of the people living in the houses over here. Instead of being one of the tourists that are over, there, don’t be the tourists make living the dream, your life, and you know that’s what i’ve committed my life to doing. I haven’t done anything today. I’Ve made over ten thousand dollars right, nothing literally.

I just wake up. I’M like, i wonder how much money i mean ten thousand dollars and that’s the cool benefit of having an internet business, a uh running your own business online based business, because it’s automated it works for you, the money’s coming in right. So do whatever we want, i’m going to explain to you guys a little culture, because you guys get tired of hearing me. Let me show you a little culture. First of all, look how cool this is traditional, persian culture.

You have this big table setting right and what the table setting represents hey. What’S going on, i’m i’m telling people a little bit about the persian table said this is this: is one of my cousins in law? How’S it going palisades represents represent yeah. Basically, all this stuff that has representations and meanings and herbs and spices to ward off people, i create sweetness. We have hundreds of people here.

I have to get back to the wedding they’re, making fun of me, but long story short make your life live in the dream. Have fun all these beautiful dresses. I don’t want to get too many people on camera, but make your life a dream. Stop living for the vacation stop living for the two weeks a year. Don’T let them suck you into that, make it fun, have fun, make it your game break through the matrix and make happen so hope you guys enjoy.

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