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Hey John Crestani here and i’m on my computer and we have brand new software and a new income opportunity that i’m excited to explain to you and show you exactly step by step how you can earn money. This is all free, so you’re, going to sign up for free on my software’s website. I’m going to show you how you get your free landing page as you go through this just like mine right over here. You see you get your own landing page where you can take payments from folks and then i’m going to go over how you can get your payout information, so you get paid out how you can promote your link and also some tips and tricks for you to Make more money using my software?

Now i’m going to dive right into a demo of showing you exactly how you set up your account and the software and how you promote your link. But first before i start the video it’s very important to understand. All payouts will be done through ach transfer into your bank account and they will happen on a monthly basis. At the bare minimum. You will earn an additional 50 a month up to 300 a month per client.

So, let’s dive right into things: let’s go. The software we built is called marketing tech and it’s very simple and very powerful local marketing software. As you see, there’s some explanation on the website, which shows you exactly how it works, uh, but we’re just gon na go right into things. Essentially, you earn money by helping local businesses market themselves on facebook and google and instagram ads, and you don’t even have to charge the business a setup cost or a retainer fee, which is the thing that most small businesses are completely allergic to now out here in America, the average small business, is spending about fifteen hundred dollars per month marketing themselves and you can get a piece of that pie. So let’s go right in, and click get started now.

You’Re going to go up to the top place. To get started is right up at the top of the screen, or you just click this button right here and you will get started for free. I make money when you do so understand that now this part is fairly straightforward. You’Re just entering in your information, your email address, and then we are creating an account. You created your account now it’s very important to put in your phone number.

In my case, i’m gon na put it i’m not gon na put in my real phone number, because i’m an influencer, a lot of people see my stuff. I already get enough creepy people hitting up me and my family as it is, so i’m just gon na kind of leave this blank. But in your case it is absolutely essential to enter in a phone number here. It comes into play later i’ll show you how and it comes into play to make you money you put in your address, i’m just gon na put in my address right here. It’S not really my address again.

I need to keep things private okay, so i select an image right here. Click continue also important to upload your image. If you don’t have potential clients and businesses that are using marketing tech just say no, i intend to reach clients through marketing tech itself. This is a feature we’re building out and you’ll have more on later now. Here comes the fun part.

We want to create our landing page, so just click create your landing page and what this is going to be doing is this is going to be creating your very own web page for your business, i’m just going to skip ahead, but it’s going to look something Like this, this is a page which is personalized to you using tested marketing copy that will get people to want to buy, to get local business owners specifically to want to give you money. All you need to do is to send out emails with a link to your landing page in them for business owners to get your landing page and want to give you money, and this is passive income that comes into your bank, account every single month, while helping Local business owners get more people or visibility in the local area and get people through the door into their restaurants or nail salons or calling them for their plumbing or pool repair or installation or attorney services. It’S very powerful for 250 bucks a month. Local businesses will get to be exposed to 7 500 people in their local area and for a thousand bucks a month, 50 000 people will be exposed to them. We have many local business owners using this, and the results are insane and the business owners are talking to me about how amazing this has been for their business.

It looks like our landing page has been set up. I highly encourage you to subscribe to our weekly trainings and our success stories. Newsletter, which is with me, live weekly trainings is where i train and will take questions from all of you to help you make more money from our software, and the success stories is just to help. Keep you motivated, showing you other folks that are making money, helping out individual business categories and also expose you to what business categories are working the best. So now that i’ve explained that let’s go we’re almost there, we finished setting up our account.

Now, let’s finish, setting up our landing page, there’s a few steps to set up your entire business, so this explains how everything works again. This is your very own marketing website. This is your profile picture, which is important for you to do. This is how we promote facebook, google, instagram and youtube. This explains the business owners all of the different types of advertisements and what we do for them.

We create a custom video for them. We create a website for them. We create facebook, instagram and google ads for them soon to be youtube as well, and you see in the bottom is exactly what the business owner will receive. Mobile reporting ad impressions in their local area in a small radius so that they can get people who are actually gon na walk in the door have a phone conversation now these buttons, where people can actually pay where local businesses can give you money automatically without anything, Really happening can only be done after you’ve set up your stripe account, so you need to set up your stripe account first, so that we can collect payment from these local businesses and pay. You and you see so.

The next step is you set up. Your stripe account, you can click this button or you could just click last and then we will move forward now promote your agency promoting your local marketing agency. If you don’t know how to promote your local marketing agency, we can do it for you. You need to advertise your landing page in order for people to see it, we will advertise your link to small business owners in your local area or whatever local area you want, and we will set up facebook ads facebook, video ads using a custom video shot by Me, but all the money is made by you ads will show up in in a small radius. You can pay us to promote your landing page for you.

You can pay us 125 to 500 bucks a month, but i’m gon na show you a way to do this completely for free in this video. If you don’t want us to advertise, you on facebook, instagram, google and youtube just move forward in the process, and it doesn’t hinder you one bit so now, let’s go to manage, subscribed clients once you’ve subscribed to business. You’Ll want to see how their advertising is doing. The business owner will get a link to view their advertisements themselves, but so do you and we make it very easy, because local business owners are busy not usually tech, savvy, just don’t have a million logins. We explain how the reporting works here.

The business info, how you can see how many clicks and ads and performance – and we show you what ads we are putting up for you – know in this case a roofing company, and we just show you the ads they get now. Next is your payout method again, this is how you select. This is how you get paid using the software. This is how you collect money and get paid in order to actually get paid. You’Re gon na need to connect with stripe, and here in this step, we connect with stripe click here and we want to set up a stripe account, so your email will be already loaded in we’ve, partnered with stripe, to collect and send payments.

As you can see, this is on stripe now, because we’ve partnered with them. Our logo is on stripe because they’re, a big company and they handle financial payments and all this nonsense much better than my fairly small company is set to handle. So we’ve partnered with a very, very large company so that you can get paid and you can collect money from all around the world now to do this, your email will be loaded in and you set a password for your stripe account and again. You will enter in your telephone number. You’Ll need to complete various steps, such as verification of your phone number to verify your identity to make sure you’re, not some sort of scammer using a fake name or you’re.

Not you know, i don’t know what type of nonsense! People do and then it will ask you for your banking information, your account and your routing number, so that we can send ach transfers to you monthly once you’ve started signing up clients, okay and also just so. You can sign up clients and collect payment from them. Again, we’ve done this all automatically for you, we’ve set up all of the programming. This would usually take tens of thousands of dollars to set up all these systems.

For you to run an online business properly and we’ve made it all super easy, all you need to do is follow the instructions and then you’re done now. Once again, i’m going to kind of paraphrase where we’re at in the process.

If you prefer using john crostani links and that will get you to the website. You’Ve created a landing page for your business. That is absolutely amazing and is using tested copy to get small business owners who see this page will want to give you money at least a good, a significant percentage of the time you’ve linked your payout info information. Not only can you get paid out when a client signs up, but you can also these buttons will appear once you’ve linked. Your stripe account on your landing page, and these buttons will allow you to take money.

Wonderful, so the next step is, we have to promote our link. Now i already gave you one option to get your link out in the wild to small businesses and we offer ad packages now, in our case, we skip those. If you have money, i recommend you go for the ad packages. If you don’t have money, i recommend you keep following along and use my free traffic method that i’m going to show you today of sending emails, which is going to be the most effective way to get these small businesses in the door to learn about you. So ad packages start at 125 a month and then emails, obviously it’s free, but you can send 500 a day if you’re using gmail, you have to know the limits, don’t send more than 500 emails a day if you are using a free, gmail account.

If you are using a paying, if you’re paying for something you might be able to send more, so let’s go notice how everything is localized and dynamic notice. My email address is on this landing. Page people can contact me, people see my face and this all adds to the conversion. But let’s go back to our dashboard. Now your dashboard won’t look exactly like this.

When you start because, in my case, i have paying clients, we have a lot more paying clients than this, but they’re signed up on other users accounts. We have quite a few users we haven’t. Even i haven’t even done a video on the software and we have almost 10 users that are earning money every single month from their clients, and we barely released this a couple days ago, we’ve been constantly working on the software and constantly improving things, and if you Have any advice for us or features or categories you’d like to see feel free to chat with us here here we have our landing page right here again, your link to your landing page will show up on the main screen right here and you can click that Link to go to your landing page, this is the page you can advertise. As you see it’s on our domain, marketing tech, dot, io backslash, john kristani – and this is a fantastic thing to advertise. You have your link here.

You can collect payment. Your clients will show up, and your subscriptions will show up here now, if you’d like to go for our ads, you can go, click promote and you can promote your local marketing agency in an area again, you can go and we’ll be adding to that we’ll be Sending postcards soon and other allow you to print other materials for your business. If you want to manage your clients again, you can click over here and you’ll, see the information about your business, the businesses that you signed up in my case, it’s just a mexican restaurant. Here’S some of the ads and here’s the video uh that we’ve created for them simple. You know right here in agora, hills best, mexican and agora hills we put their address on it.

We create a little video for them, and all of this is for very cheap. No retainer fees, no setup costs, the average setup costs and retainer fees are thousand dollars a month for local businesses, and that is has nothing going to advertising. So let’s go back here. So let’s promote our link, we’re at the stage where we’re saying. Okay, we want to promote our link and uh john.

Where do i start now? The best place to start is looking at the categories that we have available and that just click on your landing page and you will see the different categories of businesses that we can advertise. We can advertise accountants, bookkeepers, towing shops, car washes bike, repair, nail, salons, hair, salons, cafes, bakeries, coffee shops, juice, shops, babies, sitters, dog care, clerical. I mean we’re only on c right now, folks, we can advertise over a hundred different categories of business. In your case, you want to start with the ones that are going to make you the most money possible.

The place is where you’re going to make the most money possible. There’S different categories – i don’t know them all to be frank, but i know some work better than others. Let’S scroll down here to medical here we see orthodontists, chiropractors and dermatologists. Each of these professionals, their average client, will make them an average of 2500 or more. That is the value of a client to these professionals.

It’S easy for them to justify spending 250 bucks on advertising, especially just to test it out. There’S no contracts, it’s just. They can try it out for one month and see if it gets a new client. It’S a ten to one potential return for them. They can easily sign up, but you want to get those businesses for higher packages if you want to make more commissions, let’s start with dermatologist here’s a video here’s an example of the video we’ll show.

So this is a template, meaning that all of this is dynamic. The business fills out five fields of information, including their name, their address their phone number and they give us a logo and that information will turn into will populate the rest of everything in this ad. But as you see, our ads are very well crafted and built to convert and built to be shown in local areas. We have partnerships with google maps and we have partnerships with yelp to get all of this information. Let’S start and look up: dermatologist agora hills, i’m just going to go straight to google maps here.

Look at all these things. I don’t care to read anything. I’M just going to open up a bunch of websites, we’re going to email all these people or send them a message. Somehow and also i’d, encourage you text, people text, people as well. Here we have a steam dermatology.

We have to get their email address, so we have their email address right here, so we’re going to go straight into sending them an email. You know wherever you send emails from gmail or yahoo or whatnot, and what i encourage you to do is go to Backslash help and i’m going to show you exactly what to write here. We have a couple different variations of the subject lines.

I encourage you to vary up what subject line you use if you’re doing this professionally and also to track your response rate of different subject lines. But let’s just go here. Facebook and google ads no retainer, no setup cost and then we’re gon na go back here and we are gon na say we’re just gon na copy. This email right here there’s a couple areas where it has put in your name, put in a link or put in a phone number in my case, i’m going to skip the phone number because i am an influencer. But if you don’t put in your phone number, you’re not serious about this business, the local business owners, the way they work is they run a physical business where they do stuff in person, because they need that personal connection in order to make their purchase decisions and Their career and life choices, so you need to actually be willing and able to talk on the phone with them.

If you are serious about this business, local business owners have a local business, not a worldwide internet business, because they are physically personally inclined to dealing with people and not computers or robots. And while this may sound hard for you, you need to include your phone number. Give yourself a chance of success here, we’re going to replace these different areas right here. Let’S do this, so we highlight this and i’m going to change name to John Crestani. We have our email, we edited it and if you know in my case i don’t want to have to do that every single time right, i don’t want to have to like replace ever.

You know it doesn’t take that much time honestly, but i’m always about efficiency. So what i’m going to do right here is i’m going to click out of this and i’m going to go up here to the top of gmail, because i want to save this as a template. So we’re going to go up here to the little gears icon that says settings on it and then we’re going to click this button that says see all settings right there. And then you want to go to this section, which is says advanced okay, and this is going to allow us to turn on the setting that allows us to save all of these email templates that that we use now right here is the area and by default It is disabled right, but we want to enable it so that we can use this in in the future. There are some other gmail advanced features that you can look into.

If you have time, i haven’t looked into all of them, but i know templates is absolutely essential and in order for your changes to take effect, you need to click down here where it says, save changes. So now that i have, i can do templates what we are going to do is we are going to go down here. The way we save this so go to these it’s kind of hidden, this little three dot icon and we go to templates and we do save draft as template. Then we go over here, save as new template. Okay, see that templates save draft as template, save as newton one, two three okay save and then we’re just gon na click send there we go boom.

We did it and let me know in the comments: how is this working out right now? How is my teaching? Am i teaching everything a bit too slow? Am i teaching everything a bit too fast? Am i not explaining things well enough or in depth?

Are there too many loose ends? I’M really trying to make this make it so that i’m hitting every mark and i’m making a good use of your time and a good use of my time while not leaving folks, you know at just an obstacle or a dead end, because i remember when i Was learning how to make money online? I was left with dead ends. I was left with obstacles. I would do everything that that the person said and there’s always going to be obstacles, but i just felt there were more obstacles than i was even aware of.

So i’m trying to explain things as in depth as possible so that nobody gets lost, but again i’m not perfect, so i’m always open to feedback. But let’s go: let’s go let’s, let’s start emailing more folks, we did a steam dermatology, but let’s go more. We have another one. We in this case this person doesn’t have a uh actual email address i can find, but they have a way to contact them. So i’m just gon na i’m just gon na fill out their information.

Then what i’m gon na do here, because i’m doing something different is i’m just gon na take this and i’m just gon na throw well, you know what, let’s, let’s just do this an easy way: we’re gon na click. This button templates, facebook and google ads insert template, i’m just going to copy the text here. I’M just going to throw this in here best, i’m just going to kind of edit this a little bit so that it shows up on the right lines: okay and notice. The formatting kind of get got lost, so i have to click control enter uh for the bullet points here to make it look a little bit prettier so that i know the message gets sent correctly to this business owner. But again all of this information – it just you know it’s it’s taking it’s really short amount of time.

If you think about it and we are reaching people for free, okay, highly targeted mess methods, and then i’m just gon na click send right here. Boom message sent two okay, let’s go three and what i like to do when i’m doing marketing when i’m doing any sort of marketing is i i’ll just i’ll take out my notepad and i will just uh i’ll do check marks for me, i have a personal Way, i have to out do outreach to 25 people a day, in my case, it’s for advisors for selling my business eventually, but in your case it’s small business owners and whatever you’re doing i just i just try to make sure i always hit my numbers. Every single day it’s my little side hustle and i try to always get better at what i’m doing make sure i’m using the best subject line or i’m i’m figuring out the best category to market to here we have the same thing going on john christani, john Johncrustani.Com [, Music ], another client, i’m just going to do one more example of an email so that you see what we’re dealing with here. We have an email right here: copy go boom.

Let’S start an email from scratch. Watch how fast this is when you are actually doing things boom, we get our subject line boom go down here to our templates templates. Add template, send let me just keep doing that now. As you see it’s very fast and easy to do marketing to folks, you can pay us and we’ll put up ads for you. You can send out emails.

25 emails a day to jump start your business, focusing on categories where people need your services, the most soon enough, you’ll be getting clients, you’ll be earning commissions, you’ll, be helping local businesses get more customers through their door, and that’s it once again. If you’re looking to get started with this new software, this new income opportunity make sure to go to or go to johnchristani.commt. Okay.

This is how you will sign up you’ll get your landing page you’ll be able to get local businesses to pay. You and you’ll get paid for it, and you will be able to promote your link. I showed you a method to help you a lot. I suggest you also bookmark our website, so you can return to it daily and also bookmark our help page backslash help where i’ll be adding more ways that you can promote your link for free again.

This is a totally new business model. I’M very excited to show it to you: it’s not exactly affiliate marketing, it’s not exactly e-commerce, it’s something in between, but it allows you a very effective way to earn money from promoting businesses. In your area, you earn 20 to 30 percent commission from every business. You sign up um and i’m very excited to show you how it all works. All right have a good one.

Talk to you soon.

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