Money before Family? Should You Wait Until You’re Successful To Have Kids?

Money before family?


I get into this situation a lot. I talk to people and they’ll, be getting married or they’ll be engaged or whatever i say. Oh, you know you guys have kids or maybe they’ll, say no and then i’ll say do you plan on having them soon? Look at that hat hair!

Look at that and they’ll say. Oh, you know, i don’t know when we’ll have kids we’re waiting till we’re financially stable. What the heck are these people thinking kids are one of the most motivating things that you can ever have by the way i wan na introduce you to my backyard, we’re in malibu right here, beautiful oak tree right in the background. Look at this ocean clouds beautiful day, just rained if you could smell all the kind of scents that are in the air right now. It’S beautiful!

It’S amazing, i believe, there’s this belief in america at least that getting married or having kids or settling down is going to hold you back from your hustle. It’S going to hold you back in your life and your career in whatever you’re doing a lot of people out here in la you know. I don’t know if it’s just a california thing, but i don’t get the sense it is. You know i have conversations with a lot of people. The sense i get is there’s a lot of especially men.

I think it’s a very male thing is waiting to achieve a certain level of wealth or success before you get married or before you have a kid etc, and i think that’s totally wrong. In my experience it’s been absolutely great and for me it’s actually taken me to new levels to be fully transparent. I started making money years ago when i say making money, i mean more than six figures, six figures profit and i even had a year where i did over seven figures probably been in this game five years now, as an entrepreneur we’re going on. My sixth actually, actually, i guess i’ve been an entrepreneur for eight years, but full-time entrepreneur going on six and there have been ups and downs. But six years ago was when i started consistently doing over six figures per year.

And what i can tell you when i was single it was great, but what i realized i ended up doing. I ended up squandering a lot of it. A lot of the wealth i made. I ended up feeling like i wasn’t going anywhere it didn’t matter. How much money i made it didn’t matter how many commas were in my bank account?

I never felt like i was getting anywhere and i never felt like it was enough. A lot of entrepreneurs are going through this right now i wasted a lot of money and people don’t talk about this as an entrepreneur, how much money they lost in cryptocurrency investments, how much money they’ve lost bad investments, they’ve made on training, programs or mentorships. How much time they’ve squandered in jobs take home? I made over half a million last year just to give you guys perspective, but the difference is the way i allocated that money. What i did with that half a million was very different.

Now that i have a family, i’m maxing out my 401k contributions, i’m putting money away for this little one right here to go for her entrepreneurship fund. That’S what i call it! My wife calls it. Her college fund won’t go into that whole story, but basically that’s our middle ground. We’Re investing a lot more.

We bought a house more money’s going into real estate, investments, funds, etc. Unless money is going into speculative businesses, i would be spending 100 000 in the past. On a mastermind hundred thousand dollars to be a part of a special mastermind and that’s the sort of investment i made years ago when i was single, because i told myself, oh, if i make this investment in this hundred thousand dollar mastermind, i’m gon na take advantage Of it, but my head wasn’t in the right place. I was just in the space where i said i have all this money. I have no idea what to do with it.

I would justify to myself that i was making investments when i really wasn’t so long story. Short family is one of the most important steps in your career forces you to step up your life. It forces you to step up your career. It forces you to step up in every sense of the word i feel like personally. Family has been one of the biggest things that has helped drive me forward.

Oh my god, i’m just overcoming a sickness. We have a nice view of let’s get up there. The downside of family is that and don’t take this personally women, i love women, but women or significant others should, i say, can be very demanding of your time. If you know what you want in life, if you know what your goals are, you can’t let anybody conjure up excuses to take your time. You have to be solid.

You have to know who you are as a person, my wife, i don’t think she watches my blog, so uh can talk about this with you guys so we’re in malibu in the beauty of mountain pacific ocean. Look at this. This is la that’s a santa monica in la in the background over there. I think you can see catalina island right there right there pretty cool right dude. This is awesome.

I don’t even know what i was saying, but basically every single, which way my wife will sometimes try to get a hold of my attention. It can be any sort of excuse. It can be. Oh, my god, there’s a mouse in the house. I think there’s a mouse in the house to get me to come home from work and she says oh john you’re, an entrepreneur.

You can do anything you want with your time and the fact of that is true. But if you allow your time to be taken up by other people, if you allow yourself the openness to have that taken, you’re not going to move to the next level, i’m fortunate enough at this point to have passive income that comes in every single month, like Clockwork, it’s crazy, but i’m focused on moving to the next level, which is creating and replacing the current education system and creating a platform to help anyone become a teacher, create an ecosystem. Here’S an exercise think about what you hold most dear in your life. What would be the next level of your life that would cause you to step up? Would it be a kid?

Would it be having a wife? Would it be if your family members got sick and you had to take care of them? What would cause you to say? I’Ve got to step things up, think about it and really ingrain it in your head and allow that potentially to motivate you and take that scenario. What scenario will cause you to step up if you’re going through the rest of the day, the rest of the week with that thought in your head, as if it was real hope?

You guys, like this, we’re back to vlogging we’re back to vlogging back to the cool stuff hope you guys enjoy this like. Let me know, what’s going on subscribe, we’re going to be talking about lots, more motivation, internet business, money, everything comment below. I want to hear you guys what’s up for my jet set crew, you guys are the best we all over so have a good day. I’M gon na finish off. This hike, see you guys in the next video hi there.

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