The Easiest Way To Do Affiliate Marketing 2021

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Cool are we live great, hey everyone, John Crestani here, and we have some pretty exciting stuff to go over. I’M going to go over a lot of stuff with uh y’all today about affiliate marketing in 2021. So, first off for the agenda, we’re going to go over. First, off you’re going to get free software access um, you can click the link, we’ve been building software. I’Ve been spending hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to build you software to help.

You all make a lot of money and uh. It’S shaping up really nicely link is in the description. I’Ll. Do a live walkthrough about that in a second, so that’ll be the step-by-step i’ll. Show you step-by-step how to do affiliate marketing for local businesses um then we’re also doing an amazon gift card giveaway um.

So, let’s get into things so, first off the easiest ways to do affiliate marketing, you have to sort them into two different categories: okay, if you have time or if you have money now most people here, what i mean, i’m assume and and type in the chat – Do you have more time than money, or do you have more money than time uh and i know oftentimes it’s split but just type in you know. I have more time or i have you know i have money i want to use now. If you have more time than money, you want to be look the most effective affiliate marketing methods for 2021. Okay, one of them is going to be social media. Okay, social media is just obvious.

Um within social media youtube is a fantastic way to make money. Uh really in any niche, it’s still very unsaturated, because most people are just scared. Okay, they’re just scared to put to do a video or put himself out there on social media. But again, if you’re, not scared, typing, not scared, um, there’s a lot of money. There instagram is a great way to make money uh through affiliate marketing, building up an audience there about some sort of specific products, etc.

Now, the next method, if you have more time this is a clock i was trying to do. The signs of a clock is dms dms direct messages, sending folks a direct message is one of the easiest ways to get in contact with people, no matter where they are in the world. Okay, you can be in india and you can message somebody in america. You can be in america, you could message somebody in india. It doesn’t matter, it’s a fantastic way to start getting your message in front of people for free and sell products.

Affiliate Marketing 2021

Now i have a lot of videos and guys give me a thumbs up if you’ve seen these videos that go over free that go over just step by step by step. You know a to z methods for sending dms and making money complete with scripts, complete with exactly what to say, copy paste, complete with what products to promote, etc, and you can find those uh. If you go down in the description, you can see a resources file. It’S my name John Crestani resource and that has the step-by-step methodology for doing some of these methods.

Okay, now, if you have more money than time, okay, you just don’t have any time to put into your side hustle but you’re interested in getting into this field. Again, it’s going to revolve around advertising. Okay, some of the places youtube ads is fantastic. Youtube ads is fantastic. Also vlogs vlogs i’ll, explain i’ll, explain this in a little bit what vlogs are and how you can use them and how they’re a very effective way to do marketing and obviously landing pages and unsaturated niches, okay and i’ll go over some of these things.

When we start talking about my free software, which you’re going to get access to now, if you also see i have all of these visa gift cards, i have roblox money. I have google play money. I have paypal money. I have a lot of money. I’M going to be giving away on this stream and uh.

You know what we can just we’ll, we’ll start off right off the bat with one of these. Let me let me find a coin. We’Re just going to give away some money, folks we’re going to give away some money, so i can’t see my computer, so i can’t see how what uh, if you guys, can see this properly, but the instructions are go to backslash redeem, the code. I just scratched this off.

I don’t know what you y’all can see, but you go to backslash redeem. Okay, we have a lot more money to give away now the best way to do affiliate marketing the number one best way to do: affiliate marketing, um. There’S a couple of rules: you want to keep or concepts you want to keep in mind. One is use your advantages.

If you have an advantage, let’s say you speak another language other than english. If you speak hindi or if you speak french spanish, this is a big advantage, because the english speaking market is always going to be the most competitive. So use your advantages. If you can market in another language, great, that’s fantastic can give you a big leg up. Okay, if you you have access to my software.

Very few people know about my software right now. You can market local businesses very easily right, but in general use software. If you have access, you don’t need to program, you don’t need to really even know much about how to create marketing anymore. You don’t need to know photoshop there’s so many software programs, like canva and marketing tech click funnels hubspot. All of these things really can help.

You out, we use a lot of software in my business. I have 50 different software programs running. That’S how i’m able to run a multi-million dollar business without many employees. Okay. The next thing is test like crazy.

Okay, when you’re putting up advertising online, you need to test like crazy, because you never know. What’S going to make you a ton of money, you never know what ad or what message or what dm or what facebook group or what youtube ad is going to be. The one that makes you a million dollars this year so pay attention to that always be, and last is always be launching if you’re not constantly, whether it’s launching new content or launching new advertising, launching new facebook posts or instagram, whatever that you’re doing to get people To find out about your links or your products or services you’re selling online, if you’re not launching stuff, you’re, sitting back and you’re, not doing anything. Okay, this isn’t affiliate marketing takes work, you have to put in work and, if you’re, not putting in the work, if you’re just scheming with people and trying to talk to people and find that secret nugget of information you’re not going to succeed in this industry. Okay, you need to be working now, i’m going to go over this in just a second here, but the greatest opportunity of 2021 involves my software that we’ve been putting together for over the last year and it’s software and an affiliate program and a way to get Paid it’s not fully complete the payment and the affiliate program yet, but the opportunity is selling local advertising to local businesses.

Most local businesses are still not connected into the marketing ecosystem. Most local businesses do not advertise online, yet they advertise in the physical world. Is it because advertising in the physical world is cheaper or works better? It’S not it’s because local business owners don’t have the money. They don’t have software.

They don’t have any of the stuff to put up ads online. Nor do they want to learn how you can have it all set up for them with the software. I’M about to show you so, let’s get into it if you’re pumped, if you’re, stoked type in stoked. That means excited in california language. Let’S go over to my computer and i’m going to show you how everything’s done we have some bonus, presentations and other stuff.

I really want to drop the value for you guys here today. Let’S go okay, so hey john here um! Now, let’s go over. Let’S go on to my screen and uh: i’m going to show you a little bit about marketing tech, which is our software, which is free that you guys can use okay. So, first of all the link i’m going to spam in the chat.

Okay, pre-sign up to marketing tech, okay, okay, we have, we have successfully spammed the i’ve spammed, my own chat, um. Now marketing tech is software. We can log in right here, i’m gon na. So here’s the software and you see it says, give me five minutes i’ll set up your local ads. Now we’re going to talk about this in a second here.

This is the biggest opportunity of 2021 in marketing. What is what we’re going to be discussing today is the affiliate marketing part of the software okay. Now the software is free, but in order to use the affiliate marketing part, we’ve had to charge money, and the reason for that is is because we can’t give you your own domain. Without it, it costs us money. Okay, i’m not!

I’M not going broke here. People giving away free domains, uh i’ll, have tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of people signing up for free domains today, if i did um, but this section is completely free and we’ll talk about how you can promote small businesses in a second now marketing tech works Out this way, so we’re going to link what’s great is we can link our clickbank account right here? Okay, as you see, if we go under settings oopsies, if we go under settings, we can set our clickbank id right here and i just might type in a random clickbank id. I have and click update, and what is going to happen is your affiliate. Links are going to automatically be on all of your landing pages.

Okay, i’m going to show you how the software does your landing pages. It does your advertising, it does your targeting. It does your ads. It posts your ads. Sorry, it posts your ads.

It does a lot of stuff for you, um and i’m you’ll see in a second exactly how it works. So, let’s get into it. So we start here and you see there are helpful tips along the way you see my face. You can have help any sec step of the way to better make money here now we’re going to promote existing products, because this is affiliate right here, so we go to click get started and what we want to do is we want to promote products that are Already that have already been created and loaded into our system, so we’ll click select product right here. Okay, now, as you see, we have a bunch of different categories.

Does somebody want to name a category? They want me to advertise. Okay, we have pre-made landing pages that are effective in many niches. So let me know what you’d like me to advertise here, whether it’s software or pets or health and weight loss or diy spirituality relationship products. We can do anything.

Health health’s, a good one. So here we are under health, okay, and you see we have many of the top clickbank products already pre-loaded on here. If we go to clickbank okay, let me go to one of my accounts and we go to the marketplace. We’Ll see a lot of the top products here, sort by gravity, we see a lot of the top products: custom, keto, diet, carbo fix diabetes freedom. All of these already have landing pages that are done for you in here.

Carbo fix smoothie diet, blood pressure and we can preview these pages through the software. So here, if i click on the page you’ll see this is my this is. This is my affiliate. This is my page. This is my landing page and what’s greatest about this, is it already has my affiliate link in here?

Let let me let me, actually i don’t know if you can see this, we can copy link address right there, i’ll i’ll. Let me make this huge. Let me make this massive view: where is this font? Look at that? I know if you can see this, but my affiliate link is already part of it.

Okay, we already have our affiliate id in here, okay, so so the pages are set up. You don’t have to do any technical work whatsoever. That’S the best part about the software. Is it does most of the work for you and you have a very pretty proven high converting landing page. My methodology of doing affiliate marketing we’ve been working to put it into a software okay, so you see, we click the link and it goes over to the clickbank product and gives you an opportunity to make money.

Okay. Now we see we have landing pages. Who would like to see more landing pages? Who would just like me to show you guys how fast and simple this is okay check out? All of these we can just open up.

These are pre-made proven landing pages for you now the biggest issue i’ve i’ve i’ve seen over the years. I’Ve had tens and tens and tens of thousands of students that have been learning affiliate marketing from me over the years and many of you have written in and made money and it’s really exciting. Seeing all of the success that has been created from i mean my teachings: it’s uh, it’s pretty cool, but the hard. The thing that has kept the most people back held back from actually being successful, has been the landing page. It’S been the website.

It’S been anything involved with the website and the landing page, and you know people get confused and it’s technical, [, Music ]. Now i hear everything you guys have said and that’s why we’ve been creating software to do this for you now it can’t get easier than this folks. Okay, unless maybe clickbank released their own thing, i actually no, they won’t even do that um. So we have another landing page for these are all some of these are weight loss products, five second hack – that kills food cravings and melts 62 pounds. Pack, oh wait!

Folks! This is proven. This is a proven working landing, page we’ve tested and you can use to make money. Okay, this sells people, you don’t need to understand. You don’t need to understand how to sell people.

You don’t need to understand what to write. It’S all done for you right here. Okay, let’s look at more pages, we have a nutraceutical product which is uh some sort of dental hygiene product. How i cured my acid reflux by eliminating this one condition right more landing pages, the forgotten power of plants. These are all products that are top selling products on clickbank and we can look all of these up.

You know blood pressure. You know you have all these amazing landing pages. Pre-Done videos, smoothie diet, redirects their page. All of these are fantastic and working right now and if you don’t believe me check it out, we can see all of these products uh. You know diabetes, carbofix, custom, keto diet.

We have uh steel by pro 200 gravity, right 200 gravity. That means almost 200 affiliates are making sales of this exact product each week. Okay, lots of money here, folks, lots of money, so you have all these landing pages great. Now. What do you do?

What do you do? Next? Okay, so we’re gon na go! I’M gon na go show you how the software composed your ads for you and then i’m going to go into the top affiliate, marketing, verticals and different types of landing pages that you can use. If you want to create your own.

As you see, this is a presentation i originally gave for my super affiliate students, but i’m going to give it here today, but first i want to give away some more money. So, let’s give away some more money: um, okay, folks uh! Should we give away uh, visa or mastercard, visa or mastercard type in the chat? Should i give away visa or mastercard? Okay, we have i’m not sure how much money is loaded on these, but all of them have money loaded on them.

Varying amounts, okay, visa. Let’S do it okay, so we have a visa and the way this works is you’ve actually just got to spend the money. Real quickly, okay, so i i’m just gon na give you the credit card information and you have to spend the money. Okay, so you you just have to go somewhere online. I don’t know how much money is on it, but uh.

That’S that’s how this works. You just have it: i’m gon na give it to you. You have to probably pop open a website where you can spend it um uh, because some people are my audience, is pretty quick with uh these giveaways. Okay, so we have um okay, so it says you have to activate it says you have to activate it. First, let’s remove the sticker okay.

So let me okay. So, as you see same card, okay, there’s some money: okay, have fun spending it. I’M uh i’m gon na get back to the presentation and type in banger just type in banger, if or money or something. If you love the free money giveaways, i don’t know too many other people and if there’s other people who do money giveaways, let me know in the chat i haven’t seen. Anybody do this yet so, let’s get back to this, so promoting an existing product is very easy.

You select your product, we want to do you know. Let’S say we want to promote the pet product and we just click and we have our landing page. Okay, we have our landing page right up here: okay, dog training, okay or right. We have our domain, we have our domain, we have a landing page. We have our link in the domain.

Everything works out very fast, very easily, so you want to promote this product. The lost ways again, you have your own landing page right there. So that’s what our software allows you to do is quickly quickly quick. We already have these things made again. You don’t have to type in the lorem ipsum um.

My biggest problem with click funnels is that it requires marketing knowledge, but here’s what’s really exciting about our software. Okay, um, not just that you have tool tip icons with my face on them to help you every step of the way, but it’s that you can promote local businesses and local businesses. This is so completely unsaturated. This is such an easy niche to get into and start marketing. It’S unbelievable and it’s why i focused the last year, the last year and a half of my life to build software that allows you to promote local businesses and it’s it’s not even done yet, where every day we have a big tech team now and every day, We’Re releasing new features.

Okay, now, in order to get started, we’re just going to we go over here and we click get started. Okay and the next step is, you can create a business. Let’S say you know, you select a business type that you want to create and, for instance, let’s say we wanted to advertise a pet care: okay, a vet or a pet sitter and uh pet sitter, and i’m just gon na type in los angeles search. Okay. Now, here you see, you have a ton of local businesses that first off, you could contact okay.

This is actually a really easy way to find leads, and you can contact all these local businesses and ask them if they would like advertising. Okay, that’s one idea to use the software, then you’d say: okay, let’s say you want to advertise superstar pet sitting and dog walking you just click select, you confirm the business details, click create and we have a business here that we can advertise now. The next step is we’re going to go down to promote or manage okay, and we see we can do a couple things here. We can just simply advertise it right now on google or we could create a video for it, so we could advertise it on youtube. So let’s create a video for this now we can preview the video as well – and you see this – allows local businesses to be advertised on youtube with, with barely any money most businesses.

Most local businesses are not advertised anywhere online. Most businesses advertising online are not advertising on youtube or they’re, not advertising with video. This creates a monster advantage for anybody. Okay, as you see, all of this video stuff is dynamic, where it says your business name will be changed out for the business you select. The the map listing is automatically generated by google maps and inserted into the video the phone number and the address are all dynamic when we click generate a video.

This gives you a thousand many people charge one two or three thousand dollars or more to create a simple video ad for a local business. You don’t have to charge your clients anything and what we’re going to do is we go over here. Yeah hold on my my mouse just messed up, then we’re gon na click create video. Okay, as you see, our video is being created and we can come back to it again. Our software is, it’s still in a very early version.

We’Re making it nicer and nicer nicer as time goes along with more features, you’ll be able to charge all your local clients through it. We’Ll have a lot of training. We’Ll have a lot more stuff in here. Every day, as time goes on, if you want to sign up for this, um again go to marketingtech and the link is in the chat. Okay, that’s uh!

That’S that’s it! That’S it! Now! Oh, let’s go into uh the advertising it actually. So we’ll go back to.

Let me show you how easy it is to advertise it. So let’s say we want to promote this uh. Let’S say we want to do a text ad, okay or an image ad. Do we have image ads? Yes, okay and we have our uh.

We have our local business, where is it create a landing page? So i don’t have a landing page for this. As you see, we have landing page templates for every local business type. So, even if the business does not have their own website, the software will create a website for the business. Okay.

As you see here, we have create landing page, so i just created a landing page, whatever [ Music, ] pet sitter – and we select select this and let’s link our google account. Okay, so again the software is going to post the ads for the local business um. I’M going to uh input, my google ad account uh without you guys, watching no offense um. As you see, we’ve set a five mile radius and a daily budget of five dollars for this. For this business, okay, okay, there we go connect.

Google ad account wow. So now i’m just going to select my uh, my ad account that i want to use to test this. As you see, we have a native integration with google and we say create ad, and what will happen is in this short period of time. We have created a video ad, we’ve created a website and we’ve posted advertising for a business for a local business with barely any work. It’S magic and that’s what software is that’s.

What marketing is marketing is magic. Marketing is the ability for you to click a few buttons and type a few words and put together a few images and reach thousands of people sitting at your computer to reach thousands of people and influence them in a little itty-bitty way that, hopefully, that should end Up making you lots of money, okay, um, so let’s do another giveaway and then i’m going to go into uh some. I can go into some presentations. We could talk about the top verticals in affiliate marketing with examples of popular affiliate marketing or we could go into different types of landing pages that are working right now or paid advertising. Okay.

But let’s do our giveaway first. Should we do in case anybody didn’t catch? The roblox um, that’s the roblox password, as you see, go to backslash redeem. Okay.

What? What should we give away? Next um somebody type in you want nintendo money. We have 20 bucks of nintendo money. We have 30 bucks of audible money.

We have a starbucks gift certificate for 15 and then we have a uh some other thing for 25 to 500 dollars plated. So let me know what what you want type in the chat, what you would like for me to give away next. As you see, none of these are scratched. Yet this is all money we can give away amazon. None of these are amazon folks, i said nintendo starbucks, plated or audible.

Oh, i guess, audible is amazon. Okay, yeah! I get it okay, so let’s give away audible. Okay, so i’m gon na scratch this, as you see it’s not scratched, yet i’m gon na scratch it right now. Oh we have this so so for to redeem.

Go to, backslash gift redeem, see that right right there and then you type in this code step. One step two got it: okay, we’ve given away some money screw it we’re gon na give away more money. I’M gon na i’m just gon na i’m just gon na give away some uh google play cards. Okay, so it says to redeem.

You go to google play redeem and i’m just gon na i’m just gon na give them all away. So, let’s just and if you got it, if you got it, if you got the money type and i got it okay type and i got it because that’s exciting okay, we got, we got two cards scratched and now, okay, we got one code here. Sorry, it’s all blurry okay, then we got two more codes. Each of these are for 15, see that all of these are for 15 15. So i’m just going to put up all the codes at once.

Whoever gets it gets it. Okay, cool um. Where do i put this okay great? So let’s go over into presentation so presentation. What would you like to see?

Would you like to see um the most profitable, landing page methods used by affiliates, or would you like to see the the best affiliate marketing verticals? Okay, the best affiliate marketing verticals or the top landing pages yeah. This is live: hi, jason, newton, hi, abdul hi, frank hi, mystery hi, ray ray hi, wiki, carol. Oozel, it’s great to see you all. I love you all.

It’S always a good day. I hope you’re feeling happy, i hope, you’re enjoying yourself. I hope, you’re working hard towards your dreams. I hope you are staying focused and not poisoning your mind with with needless social media hope, you’re, not letting your boss or your job or your work, get you down or what you see. People posting on instagram or facebook, letting you get fomo just be yourself.

Do your thing work hard stay, focused you’ll, get there um, okay, verticals, let’s go into it! So we’re going to go into the best affiliate marketing, verticals and we’re going to go with there’s so i mean there’s a lot of different verticals in affiliate marketing. Everything is sold online, but certain things make affiliates more money, they’re easier to be sold um either because they have a big audience or various reasons right. Certain companies have monopolies and don’t have affiliate programs, but let’s go into the verticals. So first off is nutraceuticals.

This is a huge vertical okay, it encompasses a lot of different types of products, but when you’re selling weight loss, when you’re selling pills when you’re selling vitamins or supplements you have a lot of money um, you have a lot of margins and big pain, points and Uh, it’s straightforward because of the big pain points, and you can do this. In every country, india, romania, belgium, france, nigeria, there are nutraceutical products in every single country in the world now what it? What do they look like? Well, here’s an example of what a nutraceutical product might look like. This is a teeth whitening product, okay in germany.

This is a german teeth. Whitening product here is an american weight loss product, okay, garcinia cambogia, diabetes, help hundreds of millions of people in the world have diabetes. Okay, now another great type of product uh to sell as an affiliate is software and again, the reasons on software is because the margins are huge right. Software doesn’t cost money. Okay, software is it’s like an information product, but the next level total next level and click funnels, is a good example of software that makes affiliates a lot of money.

My software marketing tech will also be in a similar place. The next is gaming, okay, so being an affiliate. Marketer for games is a great way to advertise on mobile apps, okay or people on their mobile phones. Games have lower payouts, but they do huge volume and they’re very easy to make commissions from um. There are affiliate networks that specialize in mobile games um, and these are great places to be it’s another example of a game.

Another example of a game that’s sold by affiliates play for free or compete for cash prizes. Now the next big niche in affiliate marketing is dating a lot of people out. There are sexually frustrated a lot of people out there are single and but don’t want to be single. You know there’s at least a few people out there and for that reason, dating’s just been a huge niche with all these dating websites and high payouts adult or porn porn is another really big affiliate marketing vertical i’m not going to talk very much about it, because I had my youtube channel uh. I had my youtube channel banned last year, actually uh, because i was talking about affiliate marketing tactics in the uh in the adult space, so uh that was, that was really frustrating.

E-Commerce is another great great area to be in um. For affiliate marketing, there are a lot of products in e-commerce. Business opportunity is the niche that i am in. Okay, i’m teaching people how to create a business. I’M selling a business opportunity, i’m teaching you on i’m giving you an opportunity to start a business.

However, you want to phrase it, but for me i sell internet businesses, other folks, teach people how to trade crypto or how to trade soft or how to how to do real estate. Um. Keep in mind, though, that some of these crypto and you know, stock trading type of folks uh – can be a little bit shady, sometimes due to the fact that oftentimes they’re not making money from affiliate marketing they’re making money because they’re recommending stocks which they own um And the best way to make that people do this in stock trading, it’s been been done for over 100 years. Is people buy stocks or cryptos that have a limited quantity? They buy up a lot of it and then they recommend it to a large audience and they drive up the price, and then they sell.

Okay, it’s arbitrage. It’S not exactly affiliate marketing. Here’S some examples of work from home offers forex another area for affiliate marketing. Gambling is a fantastic niche to do affiliate marketing in and browser installs web apps anti-virus, there’s so many niches out there in so many languages you can you can make a lot of money doing it. Information products, high ticket products pin submits lead gen offers are huge.

Our monster so there’s a lot of different verticals that you could specialize in affiliate marketing, but none of that matters folks. What matters is you stay focused and that you pick something that you understand or that’s interesting to you and you just keep doing that and you learn more and more about that niche about the product you’re selling, if you treat this like a scheme, if you treat This like something, that’s, not real, it will never become real. It’S a real business. There’S real money here, if you don’t believe in it and if you try working on it one day then give up what’s gon na happen right the same thing. That would happen if you were dating a girl and after one date, when you didn’t get laid, you give up.

How are the most fruitful relationships in your life? Do they start with one night stance i mean? Maybe, but truly, i think they come from time. Quality time and your business needs your quality time. Your body needs its quality time, you’re not going to get ripped by going to the gym once you’re gon na get ripped you’re gon na look good by going to the gym every single day.

Four months does this make sense type in the chat, if i’m speaking to you, if you can hear me, if i’m my words, are resonating and while you’re letting my words resonate with you, let me give you some more money. Okay, we’re gon na give away a mastercard, i’m gon na give away a mastercard again, i’m not sure how much money is on here, but there’s money and again the way you’re gon na have to do this is you’re gon na have to actually spend okay here. Once again, you have to go to this url, backslash activation and you’re gon na have to spend it before somebody else does so. Here’S the card, i’m gon na peel the tape off the front and i’m gon na.

Oh, i guess you don’t need to scratch. The back here, what music have you been listening to lately? By the way i’ve been looking for some good new music to listen to so here’s your money. As you see, i peeled the card off there you go. Let me know if you got it.

Let me know if it helps you out in some way. I hope it does the doors reggae old school. Well, let’s, let’s get into uh, let’s dive into some questions, i haven’t been reading all your chats but i’d love to see what uh hear what questions you you’ve had um and i can go over them. Let’S go over any affiliate marketing questions here. I can do some more screen shares of whatever you want.

I’M gon na throw up just so you guys can see a bunch of presentations that i have prepared, but i haven’t done for you guys yet, and you tell me if there’s something you’d like me to teach you more about questions, how hey john hey, raheem brown, Um, how do you get the link off the landing page? Great question? So, let’s go into marketing tech, okay, so in marketing tech we have promote existing products right here, okay and just just so everybody can see um, i’m just gon na rahim brown. Raheem brown asks hey john. How do you get the link off the landing page?

So we go to promote existing products, click get started. Then we go to promote pre-selected products. We click select a product we figure out which product we want to advertise. Let’S say we want to do a relationship, product texts, chemistry, so what we would do is we just click it and our url is right. Let me let me get my pen.

Let me get my pen out folks. This should help us it’s right up here. Okay, that’s actually something we’re going to fix in the future. Is we’re going to just have a button to copy it straight from the app again i’d say we’re about five percent of the way done with our software, but it’s going to keep getting better. Okay, um!

More questions, sharon, baker, sharon – yes, i don’t know, should i be talking to you um yeah, so shapat in order to use the in order to have your own domain. In order to use the affiliate functionality of my software, you need to be a regist. You need to have you need to be a pain user, and the reason for that is is because we can’t allow you to use our own domain to do marketing, because what happens is people edit? The pages people you know it just it creates chaos and it gets our domains eventually banned. Um.

It’S up to you. You need a domain and we’re not gon na pay. If i allowed everybody a free domain, it would be hundreds of thousands of dollars a day. An hour that i’d be spending for people’s domains. Okay, so it costs us money, so it costs you money, but the small business functionality of the software is one hundred percent free 100 free, hey kasra, who be the best.

Are we only able okay andrew thompson? Great question: let me let me bring up andrew thompson’s question andrew thompson asks: are we only able to make three businesses through the software um right up there somewhere? Like that andrew uh? I believe it’s two. I believe it’s two and the reason for that is is first off.

We have to charge money at a certain point for the software okay, um, but similar to slack or zendesk or stuff. I want. I only want to charge money when you’re making money and that’s why, if you’ve signed up two or three businesses, uh yeah, i think it’s three once you’ve signed up three businesses through the software. You should be making at least five hundred dollars a month. Okay, our software is ninety seven dollars a month, so we believe that’s fair, um again the whole point of the software is, you know it was a big risky move honestly uh for us to offer it for free.

You know i’m a marketer, it’s very counter-intuitive. For me, you know to uh not charge money for software um and give most of the value for free, but that’s where everything’s moving, okay, uh and that’s the biggest tech companies are doing. Click funnels doesn’t even have a free version um and our software just letting you know everyone. It is improving. Every single day, every single week we have a full-scale team on it.

I’M spending 60 000 a month a month on my software development team. To make this happen, okay, it’s one of the reasons i haven’t been as active on youtube. Okay, other questions. Are we able to make three businesses through the software? You forgot investment niche?

Yes, i did do santa party. It says you have to be okay: how to get a lot of traffic to your affiliate links, great question: how to get a lot of traffic to your affiliate links. That’S all i talk about if you want to learn how to get a lot of traffic to your affiliate links. Okay, the billionaire mindset and methods asks um, i’m going to give you what you want to do. Is you want to go to my youtube?

Let’S go to my channel and you want to go to this playlist. It’S called free traffic methods right here and you’ll see. Each of these videos goes over a different method of how to get traffic to your page, google. You know instagram, [, Music, ], etc. You see, there’s ton tons of videos here that go over.

You know how to make money with craigslist. All of these methods are tried and true and proven, and i show you exactly step-by-step uh billionaire mindset how to how to actually do the work to get the money um from from anywhere. I show you exactly what to copy paste. I even show you my email. I guess um so that should help you out.

Okay, more questions come on, keep them coming, keep them coming. Let me know if this is healthy. Okay, i’ve been watching your videos lately and my eight-year-old daughter is next to me and she loves you to say boom. Okay, there we go there, you go boom. Okay, replay me sing boom; okay, i’ll do more booms i’ll keep the boom coming in the future.

Do these work in the uk? Yes, this is all over the world. I mean what it’s like folks ask me: does this work in the uk uh the internet should work all over the world right now, i’m in america, if you’re in the uk, maybe you know i don’t know somehow you’re messaging me unless you’re like a bot, i’m Just going to call you like people say: does this work in my country, i’m just going to say your bot? Okay. Did i teach black hat methods in super affiliate system?

Yes, i in the original super affiliate system. I taught some black hat methods. Um, you probably won’t understand them, but i could go over a little. I could. I could go over a little presentation on some black hat methods.

If that’s what you want to hear about uh we have. The original super affiliate system was a little more edgy and for a more educated audience. Okay, the original super affiliate system was five thousand dollars, and it you part of it was learning how to program. Okay, part of it a whole a whole a whole section of it was dedicated to learning how to program in html, css and php, because that’s what you had you had to know the basics. Back in the day, you had to know how to program the basics of it to do affiliate marketing.

Now you don’t it’s much easier now. People always think it’s harder. Um teletubbies with my daughter, she’s only two jason newton uh, that’s great, and thank you for actually telling me some of y’all are listening with your kids um, because one thing i’ve been doing which i accidentally swore earlier today, but i try to keep my swearing. I swear like a sailor in person, but i try to keep it down for the videos. Am i still promoting super affiliate system?

Yes, we still do six figures. A month, um, we still get. You know a lot of students every month with super affiliate system. It’S fantastic! It’S!

It’S really dialed in training program. Now, if anybody uh is interested in joining my training program, it is my flagship. It’S an amazing training program. I can walk through what super affiliate system is um right now as well. You can watch the webinar about it.

Let me hold on i’m just getting the domain. I think there’s a link somewhere around here, but i’ll kind of walk you through. What super affiliate system is right now. Um. Super affiliate system is my training program on affiliate marketing um with paid advertising.

Okay, and let me let me just make sure i get in oh well, you know i’m not gon na. I’M not gon na go in there right now, but it has a lot. It’S it’s uh, it’s an absolutely amazing course. It’S 14 modules! It’S got everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

I walk everything through step by step, you get access, you get premium access to my software uh, you get a lot more landing pages. You get targeting. You get step-by-step on how to post ads and optimize things yourself, um. If you really want to be doing affiliate marketing, i suggest you get my my training program. Black hat black hat black hat jason kiyoki.

Okay are: am i still selling my five thousand dollar black hatting course um? So, let’s let me just post this in no i’m, not okay! The answer is. The answer is no because it’s not necessarily uh. It’S it’s way too complicated for average folks.

Now the average person watching my video right here doesn’t have a lot of time doesn’t have a lot of focus is addicted to social media. Um doesn’t know how to program, doesn’t have any desire to learn how to program doesn’t have any wherewithal to learn how to program. Um and uh doesn’t want to necessarily learn copywriting uh. They just want an easy kind of kind of like put together the puzzle pieces and have it make money? Okay.

So it’s a different uh to you know it’s it’s a different. It’S a different sort of mentality, people who get into the more advanced aspects of affiliate marketing what they do is they learn to love it first, they learn to love affiliate marketing, so it’s no longer work at the smaller levels and then they just scale up. Okay and get more aggressive, we’re gon na talking about getting aggressive, we’re gon na we’re gon na take off the jacket getting a little hot here; okay, so how long did it take to receive so levante? Molnar we’re gon na give away some money folks? This is, this is getting boring.

Okay, this is getting unbelievably boring. Let’S give away uh, let’s, let’s see what do we want to give away? What do you guys want? What do you guys want? I’M gon na give you guys a tough choice.

You want amazon or paypal, money, amazon or paypal, money type in the chat, amazon or paypal money. You guys are boring. The heck out of me come on. Let’S get some saucy questions in here: amazon or paypal, money, amazon or paypal; money; okay, i’m gon na tease, y’all and i’m gon na be uh. I’M gon na be a mensch here and i we are going to uh where’s where’s starbucks, we’re gon na give away.

Starbucks, okay, we’re giving away starbucks right now, let’s open this up, so the way you redeem this, i’m not sure how you redeemed. Oh wait. This sorry hold on uh wait. I think you actually have to take this one into starbucks yeah. Sorry folks!

This is for me, you have to actually take this one into a store. I don’t even check. Okay, we got amazon. Okay, we’re getting amazon come on thumbs up thumbs up for amazon, um 25 to 500 is on this card again. My suggestion is, you immediately claim it and spend it now.

The way you claim it is you go to I i don’t know how to get this, to focus backslash redeem. Let’S turn open, i’m gon na scratch.

This come on. Folks. Give me some questions here. I need some questions feed me. Did you get it?

Let me know: um okay go into this um. So so what was the question? Am i still selling my five thousand dollar black hatting course? No. Okay.

I already answered that one. If i wanted to make 500k a month through affiliate marketing, would i be able to do it again now great question? I i am or i’m almost doing f, i’m not doing 500 pay pure affiliate marketing, but it’s half affiliate marketing actually right now. The way i would do it is i’d get into uh. I like these verticals, where um here.

Let me let me throw up the question. Okay, give that right now yeah. This is a great question. What i would do is i’d actually look at fragmented businesses and i would um i i i would. I would find fragmented businesses like locksmithing right or tree trimmers or gardening pet sitting, like a lot of these local business categories.

Okay, what would i i mean? This is zach, i mean my software is, is essentially what i would still recommend my software. That’S exactly what we’re trying to help people do um and i take fragmented businesses and i’d, create a high conversion web portal, sort of like ex what or cheapo air or travelocity or orbits, or all these priceline. All these price uh flight booking portals um.

I would do the same thing that they did to airlines because they’re affiliates expedia, who who here understands how all the flight booking and all these flight booking sites are affiliates, they’re, just really big, 100 million dollar a year affiliates. Does everybody understand that when you book a flight through or a similar site, they are getting an affiliate commission and, and who here just didn’t know that that happened? We are just like didn’t know that expedia was making a commission from every you know their their they’re, an affiliate for these flight companies. Who here didn’t know that who here didn’t get that business help right?

That is very powerful and a lot of businesses around are fragmented. I’M talking about there’s crossfit gyms, there’s personal trainers. Right there are tutors, there are therapists. There are. You know, high-end stuff, like like lawyers and attorneys.

Those niches are pretty there’s a lot of companies that are marketing in like legal but there’s also weird niches, like art commissions. I commission art right like like this, this this art piece right there i paid somebody eight thousand dollars to do that. I paid a famous artist, eight thousand dollars to put that together for me, ugly or not, it doesn’t really matter if you what you think, because art’s worth a lot of money and uh, it’s also a tax write-off. There’S all these little things that go into it, but i take those niches, tutoring or whatnot. I create an app i’d, create a really simple app.

I put up an app i’d. Spend 20 bucks i’d, spend 50 bucks to create a simple app on people’s mobile phones. I create a website mobile first development for a website, just a simple website to find tutors, and then i do a bit of social marketing. I get a bunch of tutors paying me for leads, or something like that. So i’d sell leads, and i take that fragmented marketplace and make it small, and that would just be a very easy, automated business.

It would take a lot of time to set up, because again it would involve some like business development, but once i created that network and the lead and the monetization funnel the reason why it’s an advantage is because the there’s, no there would be no single player In that fragmented marketplace that is able to out compete me on monetization, and that gives me an inherent advantage so that the only reasonable the most efficient market activity is for it. It just means i win. Okay, that’s what i’m doing right now in my own market. Okay, my thoughts about ai marketing investment program, derek graham derek, okay, we’re gon na. Do some questions.

Um uh next question: i’m gon na just just give away some more money: okay, i’m just gon na give away some more money. So, let’s see the next question was this: what are my thoughts about a i marketing investing program? I think ai is just a buzzword. Ai is just a buzzword. It’S just it’s algorithms, it’s machine learning, um!

Arguably anything can be ai uh. What people? Typically, i mean there’s different ways: people dandy that term around um and also, i don’t think ai is actually even a necessarily the best marketing approach, because many people – just don’t unders average folk, don’t understand what it is now, if you’re selling a trading and investing program, Yeah, but the easy, if you want to make money with investing uh, probably the best i mean, there’s a lot of ways. You there’s a lot of people doing it, there’s a lot of ways to make money investing the easiest way. The most proven way that i see people doing it is they become influencers.

They recommend uh. They find some like niche currencies right like alt coins and crypt. You know kind of like altcoin, crypto type currency or they create their own otc investments um and they kind of pump them up right. They they tell their audience about them, and, what’s great is that half of your audience will make some money and the other half of your audience will just lose a ton so either way you end up having a lot of happy people with that have made money. Very easily and uh, you have a lot of happy testimonials and you make a lot of money very easily uh it is.

It is uh. I can’t recommend doing that, but i’m just saying that is a very common model that people do um, take it or leave it. I know i know how people make money. I just i don’t try to go over the line anymore, um yeah, move on. Why don’t you answering me uh kosra?

I i just. I am right now, okay, more true! I actually didn’t see that till i started marketing. Is there a ps gift card? Yes, um need ad templates for produce markets.

Okay, carmen carmen wright. We will slate produce markets for for that. Okay, let’s go into another. Let’S, let’s uh, let’s go into another gift card: okay, another gift card did somebody say uh? What do we have?

We have a subway. We have door dash, we have uh lyft. We have western union uh or paypal, western union or paypal. These are reloadable card, folks, so type in which you’d like me to give away western union or paypal money, western union or paypal money, western union paypal, western union. I need more comments than this folks.

I’M not gon na give away any money. I’M gon na i’m gon na give you a subway gift certificate. If you guys keep giving me okay, we’re doing paypal, let’s do it. This is a reloadable card folks! So uh would i be careful about reloading it because uh other people might have access to the same card and might just snipe they might just snipe whatever money you load into it.

Okay, so again be be careful with reloading these cards. Folks, uh, my audience has been known to be a pack of scoundrels to put it lightly. Okay, so how you activate it? This is how you activate your card, backslash prepaid, who here signed up for marketing tech by the way type, and i did if you signed up for marketing tech.

Also, i encourage you to join the uh. I encourage you to join our discord. Uh our discord channel, we uh i’ll, be uh getting more active on our discord. Channel join the discord forum, okay, uh, so we’re again we’re getting close on the software, so we’re gon na i’m gon na be more involved in the community to help you guys make more money with it. It’S pretty exciting!

Okay! Here we go. Here’S the paypal! Okay! There you go reloadable credit card for you just for you.

Let me know if you got it. Let me know if that helps out. Let me know if it gives if it adds a little joy, what you’ll be spending it on. I used to run an ad for a pizza restaurant david paradise right into my support. I’D love to hear from you if you can use our software to make money.

I’D, love, i’d, love to uh help you out. Okay, i’d love to even talk to you to learn about um. You know just what questions they asked or what not we’re developing the software again we’re only five percent of the way there and i need feedback on the ground. I have the vision, but i need the people is affiliate. Marketing dead in 2021.

Not at all is what are you talking about? Okay, let’s do some case studies. Okay, you you guys you’re. What is it raja is annoying me. There used to be some annoying indians.

I went to college with they always made curry and it stunk up the entire hallway. It smells awful, no offense, but curry is just not like comes out in the sweat it’s awful. So let’s talk about. Let’S talk about some affiliate marketing right here, i’m going to show you a case study of some affiliate marketing, guard and answer. This is free affiliate marketing that is done by a youtuber, lauren laboutier, and you see in this video she’s talking about gardening.

685. 000 views on a video for planting a cottage garden as opposed to just a garden: okay, nothing complicated here, she’s, just showing plants and fertilizer and pajamas or different different plants notice. All of these links right here folks. This woman is doing affiliate marketing for plants, more links, video gear, she’s, affiliate marketing for video gear, okay, and she even lists the company she’s doing affiliate marketing with proven winners. A spom of gardening blondie, whatever affiliate marketing, is the easiest way to make money online and it’s the it’s the basic way of making money online.

It is the standard you sell, other people’s products, it’s just the basic way of making money online. Let’S look at another case study who here el, who, who else here thinks affiliate marketing is dead. It’S dead right, dead done no nobody’s buying products online through links anymore. Nobody right, it just went away all of a sudden, well, here’s another person. This is an example of a youtuber pewdiepie right he’s, not an affiliate, who here thinks of pewdiepie as an affiliate marketer, who here had their mind blown that pewdiepie is an affiliate marketer, who here just likes pewdiepie, i think, he’s a funny guy.

He has great beer and you’ll see. Look at all these affiliate links. Let’S look at his video pewdiepie just plays video games and makes annoying comments. Look how dumb this video is he’s walking around as a two-bit character. This video, by the way, has 14 million views.

So 14, if you think people aren’t interested in weird stuff, pewdiepie playing a game that two-year-olds play, 14 million views, it’s one percent of the entire pop. Oh wait! It’S not! No! It’S a lot of people and if we look even and during the during the video he talks about look, he says i drink g-fuel, he even says affiliate.

Link right, he’s got he’s got his chair again. Another affiliate link he’s got his headset razor headset he’s doing affiliate marketing for these headsets again he used an affiliate link. So if you buy that this headset he makes money, he makes 10 or 20 dollars. It’S not complicated makes a lot of sense. People don’t even know what an affiliate link is: expedia, raja rashi, who asked no offense, but the dumb question of his affiliate marketing dead.

I don’t know man look at Do they own any airlines? Do they own any any hotels or car?

I i mean look, look at this: are they making money? How would they make money if they don’t have hotels, they don’t have flights and they don’t have rental cars. It’S because they are affiliates for all of these travel companies. That is the basic way to make money online. Are you kidding me that guy is loaded and what’s funny, though, is you look at folks like pewdiepie and worth tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars and uh?

You know this. If we look at his videos, where is it he’s not he’s he’s not wearing fancy designer clothes? He’S not he’s not in a monster mansion? He lives in a small house in bristol um, because people who, like money they keep it. They don’t spend it.

Okay, if you like money, always remember, keep it first, your money is not useful if you spent it so keep it, keep it safe, don’t play games with it. Keep it because, eventually, that money that you’re saving now can be used to give you a permanent retirement, and you deserve that we’re not meant to work until age 65. That’S called slavery. The average human lifespan, a hundred hundred or two hundred years ago, was forties. Nowadays, people are expected to work until they are 65.

doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t make sense. Give yourself the focus. You need. Don’T allow social media to poison your mind, to destroy and sabotage your focus. Most of you sitting here have short attention spans because you’re addicted to social media, you’re addicted to your phone you’re addicted to your notifications.

I don’t have internet on my phone. My phone doesn’t ring, my phone doesn’t make a noise and the reason it doesn’t make a noise is because i won’t allow my phone to control to make me react to it. I’M a man and as a man other you know when i’m doing business, other people or just as a business person. Other people should react to you, not your phone, your phone shouldn’t control, you one thing i do to practice. Long-Term focus is i practice i read.

I read a lot, i call it the bicycle for the mind. It creates long-term focus, because if you can focus on an 800 page book, you can focus on anything and you can think longer term big things. You don’t make lots of money from you can’t measure. If you want to become rich, if you want to make, if you want to retire, you have to think longer term than you’re, currently thinking most people just think a week or two weeks ahead. That’S why most people are just over broke, but the more long-term you think, the better and more successful you can be right now, for instance, you don’t you don’t.

You know i don’t concern myself with how much my company profits anymore, because we’re becoming a software company and i’m going to sell my company for hundreds of millions of dollars in a few years. That’S like five million dollars a month if we were to profit. If i were to try to achieve that same amount of numbers on a monthly basis, but again, if you think about it on a monthly basis, it doesn’t make sense, think longer term. Okay, folks, i had a great time with you all today: um we’re going to give away one last piece of money we’re going to give away the western union card right here. Um i’ve enjoyed spending our time together.

I hope you learned something from this. I hope you got a p.., Oh ps, gift card, okay, never mind we’re gon na give away the playstation gift card. Sorry about that omar.

Okay, i’m gon na scratch off the back, but i enjoy our time together. I want to see each one of you become successful or just add a little bit of income to your monthly um. Okay. Well, the wait. Wait, let’s see, okay!

Well, i’m going to show the i don’t know how to add it in, but you guys can figure it out how to get this playstation money. Here’S the redemption instructions look forward to seeing you. I will be doing these weekly. I look forward again if you want to continue the conversation. I encourage you to look through my other videos on my channel or join the chat.

Join the discord. We’Re going to be i’m going to be active there we’re changing things around as we speak by the end of this week. The discord will be about marketing tech and we’ll be working together and discussing how we can use this to make more money. Your minds are going to be blown with how easy we make it for you to make money with marketing tech. This is just the inception right now.

The functionality is dope, but we’re gon na. We we continually work to make it easier and easier and easier and easier and we’ll be updating you every step of the way marketing tech is going to process payments. For you, it’s going to advertise on google facebook instagram youtube we’re adding more local business types. Every single day we’re going to make this huge folks and we’re going to make money together, i’m giving you this free. I hope you take the opportunity and make some money with it.

Folks, all the best have a good day talk to you soon, um and yeah i’ll see you around bye.

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