The Hidden Traffic Source Nobody Knows About

Biggest Secret Ever

I love working when i’m away because it gives me a chance to just have zero distractions. Just be me in my hotel room or wherever i’m staying just grind out. The traffic source i came across is massive, and it’s going to make me tons of money, and i would call it a trick. It’S like a really the way. I’M getting.

The traffic is a trick, there’s really no expenses. On my end, it’s just a lot of profit and it’s very scalable. What i’ve realized from my years of doing affiliate marketing is the harder you work, the more consistently you spend thinking about traffic thinking about how to get more people to your website, figuring out how to drive sales, the more chances, the more opportunities for success you create. I’M sure some of you are saying, john, what’s the traffic source, what’s the traffic system, i’m not gon na go into that! It’S not about what my technique is.


It’S not about what specifically i’m doing, give a man a fish feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish beat him for a lifetime. The point is, i could give you my traffic source. You probably would do nothing 99 chance. You’D, do nothing very, very small sliver of a chance. Somebody would go out.

Take my traffic source do exactly what i’m doing get the money before i do. This is not something in particular i’d share, and i hope you understand this is massive amounts of money, millions of dollars that this will generate for me in commission how to get these sorts of opportunities. How to get these special situations, where you end up finding out about something that nobody else has a clue about? How do you get in these situations where you find out about bitcoin in 2011? I don’t know if you guys saw a video

I did a few days ago i bought bitcoin at three dollars, three dollars and 82 cents. How did i put myself in that situation? You should be asking, or i just found, a traffic source which is going to be i’m hoping, i’m hoping, i’m testing it out. Preliminary results are very, very good, but basically i found out about a traffic source which is going to make me like i’ll run it for millions of dollars. How do i put myself in these situations?

I’Ve already done this multiple times. How did i think about going into info products, and the fact of the matter is to put yourself in these situations: You’Ve got to be constantly pushing the boundaries of marketing. You’Ve got to be playing at the edge. You’Ve got to be consistently working if you’re just focused on copying other people and not using your brain you’re, never going to find these sorts of opportunities.

Let’S say you’re doing facebook ads and everybody says right, not everybody, but if you’re, smart and you’re doing facebook ads that you should uh do lookalike audiences based around your clickers or based around your email list or your buyers, but try something else. Do that and try new things, but always be experimenting and the more you’re playing at the edge and experimenting the more success. You’Ll have now an example of one thing i did a while back was when lookalike audiences came out. Everybody knew they worked very well, but the problem was not. Everybody had a list of buyers, product purchasers. I had never sold weight, loss pills ever in my life or skin care.

I didn’t have an email list to put into facebook to have them sync up, and i asked some people and i said: where do i get these email lists? I asked other affiliates right. I said: where do i get these email lists of buyers and they said no man, you just have to build the pixel yourself. I said i’m going to try something different, i’m going to go out to the product owners and actually ask them for their buyers list. I’M just going to ask a bunch of product owners for their buyers lists.

I had to go through it multiple times because the customers of a company – it’s like that’s the money right, the money’s in the list. Most companies won’t get that information out, but i ended up doing this number of times. I emailed a lot of different product owners found a lot of different emails. I met people at conferences. I worded my emails other ways, but i really worked the angles to get these lists of buyers, because if i knew, if i could put in a list of buyers into facebook facebook as such a good algorithm, i would be able to be matched up with lots Of other buyers, that’s how i made 2

Million dollars in a year because i was experimenting at the edges – Look-Alike audiences were fairly new, not that many people were talking about them in 2014 and i went a step beyond and i said i believe in this and i’m going to get some buyers lists from The product owners and then i started running ads and it was Just like it was insanity because i was just getting buyers buyers. I was getting a thousand buyers each day get like about fifty dollars. Commission do the math right. These are a big big days that i’m pulling down when i’m getting a thousand buyers in a day that got me to 2

Million in a year, There are a lot of these sorts of things you can get from playing at the edges. Long story short get focused play at the edges test things push the boundary grind use your head, though, use your head not using your head. If you’re, not critically, thinking you’re, just looking for other people to hand feed you, everything that you’re doing you’re not going to Be very successful, Take what other people give you and then take it to the next level. You’Ll end up finding what i call really easy money. Yes, success comes through hard work, but the little secret i don’t talk a lot about is, if you’re working hard easy money will find you that’s how almost every successful business owner i know came across an easy money situation somewhat early on

I think that’s what separates the true boys from the men, because that easy money that’s created in the beginning gives you this motivation just to go crazy. Hopefully that helps guys good talking to you coming from trump soho in new york hanging out interneting, with my amazing alienware computer love. That thing it just makes me money. That is my money machine. You like that.

That is my money. Machine go get yours, I didn’t really believe it at first, but then i did more research and did it myself and you know, worked i’ve been struggling to pay my bills, and now i have an internet business and within two days i got my first sale. Hi john, I wanted to take a quick moment to give you a quick, testimonial uh. Yesterday i made my first online affiliate commission. I am absolutely totally excited and for the first time i really see that you know i have a future in this and i have someone who has my back so again, john just thank you so much for your time to just uh help everybody in the group And just to give us, you know nothing but but value week after week after week, again

Thank you so much

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