You’re Being Controlled by AI And You Don’t Even Know It


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Controlled by AI

You guys are being controlled by AI yeah. That’S right! You guys are being controlled by all the AIs in the world by the way one world trade center corporations are: AI.

Corporations are artificial intelligence and i know i sound like a crazy lunatic with a beard, i’m just really [ __ ] cold. Now, i’m out here in new york enjoying my favorite area of the city right by the hudson river. It’S the only place where you can get a little nature other than central park, which is uh pretty nice too. I like that, but hudson river seems to be my go-to it’s great for running, as you guys always see, but i wanted to talk about the real ai in the world. People don’t really talk about.

This corporations are entities in the us and the world. They are their own entities with their own needs, wants desires, their own laws, they’re considered people, they have the rights of people. Why is this significant? Who the [ __ ], cares right? A corporation is a an artificial intelligence with you know who the [ __ ] cares. Stop being a sheep!

Well, the thing you’ve got to understand if there were people walking around that were built solely to take advantage of everybody around them. If there are people walking around that were super powerful, sociopathic creatures that were designed to suck the money, the livelihood and the time out of everyone around as fast as they can and propagate themselves everywhere, that’ll be pretty [, __ ], crazy right, that’d be pretty [. __ ], nuts and we’d probably want to get rid of those people right, and there are people like that. Hitler, osama bin laden, all these crazy [, __, ], kim jong il or oon or whatever this name is now. We try to get rid of those people cause they’re, nuts and they’re, killing people and they’re starving them and whatever well here’s the thing corporations i’m pointing because we’re in new york, i hate new york by the way new york’s, a cool city, i’m like a nature.

Guy right, i like being out in nature, i like money. The point is, you need to understand that corporations are not your friends. These are sociopathic creatures designed to control you without letting you know, you’re being controlled. The best way to control people is never let them know, they’re being controlled. Big daddy, john here, not big telling you. Stop being a sheep!

You are being controlled, [, Music ]. If you are earning an hourly wage or a monthly salary you’re in the system, man there’s no way for you to get ahead. You’Ve got to take your life into your own hands. Corporations are thinking, they’re living beings and, when you’re, interacting with the corporation, when you’re being hired by a company, whatever you’re doing you can’t just think of the person that your boss, the management or the executive or whatever you’ve got to think about the corporation you’re dealing With itself, what is the corporation gon na want, if you have an arrangement with the company, i don’t know what some of you are really successful consultants or whatever you’re doing when you’ve got an arrangement with the company. Maybe you really like the executive you’re working with, or your boss or whatever you’ve got to think about the company as a like an entity you are dealing with with its own mind and desire and sociopathic creature that has no respect for humans.

The reason why i rack so much for corporations is because i think people are meant for more than what we are it’s so hard to get ahead in today’s world. If you are not working for yourself, i have so many friends who have gone down the path. They’Re working for companies they’re going nowhere in life everybody’s stagnant – they are all i don’t know, working insurance or real estate or law or whatever and they’re not making very much money. They’Re not getting ahead. They’Re, not building a future.

They don’t have a house, they don’t have a family. All. My friends are like 30 years old that these aren’t the people i hang out with, but all my old friends nothing’s happening in their life and i feel like there’s so many people out there. How many people know what i’m talking about by the way or you’re continually trying you’re working you’re doing good job you’re doing this you’re going about things with the right intention? You went to school, you went to college you’re, building skills and it’s going nowhere.

It sucks! That’S the way the world works, it’s being taken over by these ais, artificial intelligences, it’s already here. I think it’s here, so everybody just thinks it’s gon na be some like walking around robot that shoots people or it’s gon na be some computer program that takes over and is talking to you it’s already happening, but guys think to yourself think about who you’re dealing With get out of the system – and let me know what your guys thoughts are because this is a big topic of discussion. I know everybody’s talking about bitcoin and whatnot. Yes, that is a good way, investing and stuff like that.

That is a good way to get out of the system great way to get out of lots of good ways to get out of the system. That’S one of them, but the point is i’m trying to get people to make that first step and quit their job. Everybody’S chasing these little shiny objects, investing money, but they’re not quitting their job. You know they’re taking their life savings and they’re, throwing it into random business opportunities, but they can’t make the first step, which is transitioning out of their job and getting into something. That’S real. Stop being a sheep!

Stop Being a Sheep

Stop being a sheep

That make some money so guys, i’m off i’m gon na find a peach. I’M freezing and uh there’s got ta be pizza around here. So guys like subscribe, comment. I’Ll see you guys in the next video coming to you from the uh, smelly, cold city of new york, see you guys next video see ya. It’S been amazing.

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